Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 873

Chapter 873 Overpowering With Strength

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After 30 thousand years of development, Asura City was extremely prosperous.

Streams of people bustled about on the streets, crowded with horses and carriages, seemingly not much different from cities outside.

But in the distance, there were currently several people chasing and slashing at each other. That was clearly not some game.

This place was the Chaotic Devil Sea. Killing could be seen everywhere.

But killing on the streets did not have much help to one’s own Slaughter Concept.

Want to obtain the other party’s Slaughter Concept, one must enter the Asura Arena.

Ye Yuan did not wish to cause trouble and headed straight to the center of the city. That was where the Asura Arena was at.

Walking to the central area, there was only a structure there. It was an Asura Arena with a majestic and imposing manner. Entering this region, Ye Yuan felt his own glabella heating up and was seized with a sudden impulse to want to kill people.

“Indeed, well-deserving of being a land of killing. The air is pervaded with the scent of slaughter!” Ye Yuan praised.

Paying the entrance fee, Ye Yuan brought Tan Si into the Asura Arena.

The moment he entered the Asura Arena, Ye Yuan felt like his divine soul was being surveyed by some kind of existence. He knew that this was the Absolute Kill Token he refined playing tricks.

“Entering the Asura Arena, the Absolute Kill Token will automatically activate Slaughter Mode. The fighting arena will arrange fights for you every day. The first level fighting arena, you can only avoid at most three times. If you still don’t accept the challenge the fourth time, you’ll be directly blotted out!” Tan Si warned him.

Under such rules, nobody dared to have any hint of slacking off. Each person was desperately improving themselves, then exerting the utmost effort to kill the opponent.

Ye Yuan shot him an indifferent glance and said, “With your strength, you would be able to make it through the first level, right?”

Tan Si gave a cold snort but did not say much.

“Go to the fighting arena first to take a look.”

Ye Yuan walked over towards the fighting arena in an ostentatious manner. Tan Si followed behind like a bullied little wifey.

“Kill, kill kill! Wang Dong, kill that rookie!”

The moment they entered the fighting arena, the martial artists inside were all roaring like they were injected with stimulants, shouting at a martial artist on the stage to kill his opponent.

The strength of that martial artist called Wang Dong was very formidable. His opponent was not on the same level as him at all. He was just toying with the opponent.

Bang! Wang Dong raised his hand and punched, directly blasting his opponent into dregs.

Seeing this bloody scene, the audience below the stage were incomparably excited, shouting Wang Dong’s name loudly.

“Wang Dong! Wang Dong!”

“Wang Dong, I love you to death! Come to my room tonight!”

Wang Dong himself was also incomparably pleased with himself, waving his hand in the direction below the stage non-stop to send his greetings.

This place was a paradise for the strong. As long as you had strength, you could obtain everything you want. Essence crystals, women, all that you desire!

“Yo, a fresh rookie? Only Second Level Heaven Enlightenment strength. Tsk tsk,wonder how many days he can last!”

“Haha! I bet that he’ll be finished off in the first fight four days later! What do you think?”

“That will have to depend on luck. If he also runs into a rookie, he might be able to live for a few days more.”

Ye Yuan this new face drew other people’s attention very quickly. But clearly, nobody was optimistic about him.

There were newcomers here every day. But those truly able to keep a foothold were less than 10%. The vast majority of the people could not survive past the first three showdowns, which was also around a month’s time.

A Second Level Heaven Enlightenment like Ye Yuan virtually did not have the possibility of surviving past the first match.

“Too weak! Is there still anyone stronger coming up to let the exalted me enjoy myself to my heart’s content?”

Wang Dong did not leave the fighting arena immediately but started taunting others to come up the stage. But regarding him provoking so haughtily, there was actually no one who dared to respond. Clearly, his strength was part of the very formidable existences in the first level.

Ye Yuan looked over and discovered that Wang Dong was similarly a three-star soul general. And on his forehead, the fourth star was faintly discernible. Clearly, he was already not far from four-star condensation.

Three stars to four stars was a threshold. When the fourth star appeared on the forehead, the martial artist would be able to comprehend the first-stage Slaughter Supreme True Intent.

Which was also to say that Wang Dong’s concept comprehensions were going to breakthrough to supreme true intent level very soon.

Suddenly, Ye Yuan floated up and landed in the fighting arena.

When Wang Dong saw a young man fly in, he could not help having an astonished look. He burst into laughter soon after and said, “Boy, it’s your first day here, right? Overconfident fool. With just this bit of strength, you actually dare to provoke this honorable self?”

The audience below the stage guffawed with laughter too.

“Brat, hurry up and concede. Wang Dong is in a good mood. Maybe he will spare you from death!”

“That brat, Wang Dong is a strong competitor ranked tenth in the first level. If you go up like this, you’ll die very horrible!”

“Sigh, there are so many idiots nowadays! Coming to the Asura Arena, they don’t find out about the situation a little either, before going up to seek death impetuously. Really, enough is enough!”

There was no big deal in taking the initiative to admit defeat in the fighting arena. It was just that the loser’s Slaughter Concept would have a portion extracted and enter inside the other party’s Absolute Kill Token.

Of course, the prerequisite was that you had the ability to take the initiative to admit defeat.

Some people did not even have time to say admit defeat, these two words, on the fighting arena before they were one-shotted.

Wang Dong was already late-stage Heaven Enlightenment Realm. His realm was similar to Tan Si’s. In other people’s view, killing a Second Level Heaven Enlightenment Realm was too effortless.

Ye Yuan extended a finger and said indifferently, “With one move, I’ll send you to the western paradise.”

Wang Dong’s expression changed, and he said with a cold smile, “Arrogant punk! You’ll be the same as that person just now, being blown apart by me!Argh!”

Wang Dong gave a howl, both fists akin to flood dragons heading out to the sea, charging straight at Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan just stood where he was and did not move a muscle, quietly awaiting Wang Dong’s arrival.

Just as Wang Dong’s fist arrived in front of Ye Yuan, Ye Yuan suddenly threw a punch out.

Two fists collided. A tremendous impact force bombarded Wang Dong akin to mountains toppling and the earth splitting.


Wang Dong’s body exploded like a watermelon, his death state virtually identical with that martial artist he killed previously.

“N-No way, right? Pulverizing Wang Dong with one punch. How can this brat be so strong?”

The originally excited audience were currently all spaced out like wooden chickens.

The contrast between reality and their imaginations was too great, resulting in them not reacting to it for a moment.

An expert ranked tenth on the first level was actually finished off by someone with one punch?

Ye Yuan extended a hand to grab, and Wang Dong’s storage ring landed in his hand. While Wang Dong’s Absolute Kill Token floated in the air silently. A wisp of red smoke slowly spilled out from it and flowed into Ye Yuan’s body.

“This is the Slaughter Concept? Mm … To actually be able to materialize a concept, this Chaotic Devil Sea is really a magical place,” Ye Yuan said with vicissitudes of emotion.

Possessing the Absolute Kill Token, Ye Yuan could distinctly feel that his comprehension of the Slaughter Concept was currently rising.

With a whoosh, Wang Dong’s Absolute Kill Token flew into the air and finally vanished from sight.

“Anyone else still coming up? If there’s nobody, I’ll come again tomorrow,” Ye Yuan said coolly.

It was silent beneath the stage. That punch earlier was too shocking, resulting in no one daring to go up the stage to challenge Ye Yuan.

Suddenly, a big and tall man leapt up the ring and said icily, “Brat who is still wet behind the ears. What are you being cocky about? Watch your Lord Hu take care of you!”