Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 874

Chapter 874 Sweeping Away

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“Lord Hu actually made a move! Lord Hu is a genuine four-star soul general. He’s a strong contender ranked third on the first level!”

“Lord Hu has already won over a hundred matches in a row. There has never been a survivor under his hands. Winning 20 matches in a row can already go up to the second level. But he insists on remaining at the first level. Clearly, he wants to consolidate his strenght some more.”

“This boy is dead for sure, to actually provoke Lord Hu. Newcomers should be a little more low-profile. Isn’t being so wild courting death?”

The stalwart man appearing on the stage roused everyone’s spirits.

Ye Yuan’s blow earlier frightened everyone. But regarding Ye Yuan this new face, everyone all instinctively did not acknowledge.

At the first level, Wang Dong’s might was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Being finished off by Ye Yuan with one punch, everyone still felt that Wang Dong underestimated the enemy in their hearts.

This time came a Lord Hu whose strength was more than a level stronger. They naturally did not think that Ye Yuan would win.

Lord Hu held a pair of battle-axes, looking incomparably fearsome.

In truth, those able to force him to use a weapon were not many. If not for Ye Yuan’s punch earlier being too shocking, he would not possibly use his weapon the moment he went up.

Ye Yuan stood with his hands behind his back and said coolly, “Come on.”

Lord Hu’s face fell. Displeased, he said, “Brat, looking down on your Lord Hu, is it? Today, your Lord Hu will let you know, in this Asura Arena, be a little more low-profile!”

Done talking, Lord Hu’s two feet exerted strength. That tall and strong body soared into the air. The speed was actually inconceivably fast.

His axes swept up a fierce wind and cleaved down towards where Ye Yuan was standing at.

An earth-shattering axe!

This axe, he did not hold back in the slightest, urging essence energy to the limits. He figured that even if Ye Yuan’s speed was any quicker, it was not possible to fully dodge this axe either.

The only way was to contend head-on with him!


A massive blast of wind spread out, blowing until everyone could not open their eyes.

“Y-You have got to be kidding, right? He used his hand to receive this chop head-on?” One person rubbed his eyes, clearly not believing this scene he saw in front of him.

Lord Hu’s eyes stared like wide circles, feeling that this scene before his eyes was too unreal.

He did not underestimate Ye Yuan. This chop was virtually flooded with all of his essence energy, plus the augmentation of the four-star Slaughter Concept. It could be said to be an overwhelming force.

An axe like this, how could a person possibly use one hand to forcefully receive it?

That was right, Ye Yuan just used one hand and caught his axe!

Ye Yuan stood where he was and did not even budge an inch. This kind of showdown simply made people find it too difficult to believe.

One had to know that Lord Hu was an existence at the top of the first level. But he could not even break through one of Ye Yuan’s hands.

This gap … was too great!

How could they know that Ye Yuan who had fused with the primeval dragon bone, the strength of his arms already infinitely approached the level of a holy artifact?

These few days, Ye Yuan was still refining the primeval dragon bone bit by bit. The toughness degree of his arms had been rising non-stop.

Adding in the augmentation of the Scorching Supreme True Intent, it was nothing hard for him to receive this axe blow one-handedly.

Seeing this scene, the expression of Tan Si who kept silent below the stage all along also changed slightly.

Ye Yuan’s strength, he was completely unable to estimate it.

But the strength of Ye Yuan’s fleshy body was simply too outrageous. Bare-handedly catching this violent chop and not budging an inch, this Ye Yuan was simply a human-shaped lethal weapon!

With a whoosh, Lord Hu’s figure retreated explosively, directly retreating to the peripherals of the fighting arena.

He looked at Ye Yuan vigilantly, apprehensive of him to the extreme.

Ye Yuan said with a faint smile, “What? Still wanna go?”

Seeing as Ye Yuan did not have the intention of pursuing vigorously and pummeling fiercely, no idea why, Lord Hu actually secretly let out a sigh in relief.

He had already stayed at this first level for very long. This was still his first time encountering such a terrifying opponent.

“I … I admit defeat!” Lord Hu did not have any unwillingness to resign himself to it, this sort of emotion. Instead, he had a feeling as if he was freed from a heavy load.

This newcomer was seriously too scary!

Following Lord Hu’s ceding, his Slaughter Concept also slowly flowed towards Ye Yuan. With this, the fourth star on his glabella actually became somewhat dim.

While Ye Yuan’s glabella area, the fourth star was partially visible. It was actually on the verge of condensing into supreme true intent already.

“Where did this newcomer pop out from? Why have I never heard of him before in the past?”

“I saw earlier, he seemed to have just entered the Asura Arena!”

“His strength is totally not suitable to stay on in the first level. This kind of strength is simply making a clean sweep at the first level!”

The audience whispered in low voices, all having a clear understanding regarding Ye Yuan’s terror.

This newcomer’s age was unclear, his cultivation realm unclear. But his combat power was terrifyingly daunting.

They found it very hard to imagine why such a small body contained such tremendous energy!

“Uh … Is there still anyone coming up?” Ye Yuan asked with an innocent face.

Right then, a middle-aged man in gray robes came to the fighting arena and said in a clear voice, “Within an hour, if no one challenges Ye Yuan, he’ll directly obtain the qualifications to advance to the second level!”

Time slowly trickled by. An hour’s time passed very quickly. But no one dared to come up to challenge Ye Yuan.

That gray-robed middle-aged man said, “Congratulations, Brother Ye! A wipeout! You’ll directly obtain the opportunity to advance to the second level as well as 20 slaughter points!”

Ye Yuan said, “Just 20 slaughter points? Isn’t that a bit too little?”

Ye Yuan knew that this Asura Arena had some major rules. But the very specific matters, he was not clear. Slaughter point was one of them.

In Ye Yuan’s view, what was 20 slaughter points enough to do?

The gray-robed middle-aged man explained with a smile, “Brother Ye mustn’t look down on these 20 slaughter points. It can buy many things. Those able to obtain slaughter points at the first level can be counted on one’s fingers. You’ll know when you go to the Asura Shop to take a look. Additionally, these slaughter points are even able to exchange for cultivation sites as well as purchase some things that essence crystals cannot buy.”

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “Like this, huh? I understand. I wonder if I can delay a few days to enter the second level?”

The gray-robed middle-aged man nodded and said, “That’s of course! You can even choose to not enter the second level. Moreover, unless somebody challenges you, otherwise, you can not be arranged a match. This is all your freedom.”

Ye Yuan did not think that there was actually still such a good treatment. He nodded his head right away and said, “I naturally have to enter the second level. This first level is too boring. Presumably, the second level has as many experts as clouds. I’d better increase my strength a bit first.”

The gray-robed middle-aged man could not help being speechless when he heard that. That Lord Hu was completely unable to test Ye Yuan’s strength. Presumably, when he reached the second level, he was likely able to rank in the front too.

This fellow actually still said that he wanted to increase his strength.

But speaking of which, Ye Yuan’s cultivation realm was indeed a little low.

Exiting the fighting area, Ye Yuan came to Tan Si’s side and said to him, “Your turn. With your strength, getting a wipeout should be any problem, right?”

Tan Si gave Ye Yuan a glance and entered the fighting arena with a leap.