Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 875

Chapter 875 Loophole

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One should not look at how Tan Si was beaten by Ye Yuan until he could not even raise his head. His strength still stood head and shoulders above the others at the first level.

He took on eight opponents in a row on the stage. Finally, no one dared to go and challenge him anymore.

Tan Si’s attacks were still incomparably vicious. Toward opponents who were slightly weaker, he would always directly blot out.

Except, just talking in terms of the spectacle, Tan Si was far from as shocking as Ye Yuan.

But two experts emerging consecutively within one day still caused quite a bit of a stir.

It was just that these did not have anything to do with Ye Yuan. Leaving the fighting arena, Ye Yuan started strolling idly in this Asura Arena.

The Asura Arena was very large. The fighting arena was only a small part of it.

Regarding that Asura Shop that gray-robed middle-aged man talked about, Ye Yuan was rather interested. Inquiring about it, Ye Yuan and Tan Si actually directly entered the Asura Shop through a transmission array.

“Welcome, guests. May I ask if you need anything?” a beautiful female came up to welcome and asked politely.

“Mmm, we’re just casually looking around.”

This woman’s attitude had nothing to nitpick about. But a look of disdain was concealed in her eyes.

In a place like the Asura Arena, snobbery was inevitable.

Ye Yuan and Tan Si were clearly newcomers at one glance, and the likelihood of newcomers obtaining slaughter points was very low.

Newcomers like Ye Yuan they all would generally come and look around after hearing about the Asura Shop’s reputation.

After these people came here and walked one round, they would be endlessly covetous towards the things in the store. But without slaughter points, they could only stare greedily.

Forget about the first level’s newcomers, even to the second level, third level’s powerhouses, slaughter points was also an extremely scarce resource.

In this female’s eyes, Ye Yuan and Tan Si clearly belonged to this type of newcomers.

“This way, please. Our Asura Shop is divided into essence crystal area and points area. The essence crystal area’s things only need essence crystals to purchase. Of course, points can as well. But the things in the points area can only be purchased with slaughter points,” the beautiful lady introduced to them.

“Oh? In that case, the points area’s things should all be good stuff?” Ye Yuan indeed became interested upon hearing.

The female smiled slightly and said, “That’s hard for this lowly one to say. This Lord will know once you see it.”

Truly a brat who did not know the immensity of heaven and earth. Slaughter points were extremely hard to come by things, let alone that you’re a newcomer. Many martial artists who have toiled for many years in the Asura Arena might not even have it.

Although the woman was smiling, the way she smiled, it was very fake.

Ye Yuan was naturally aware of what this woman was thinking, but he was unconcerned. There was no need to stoop the level of a minor character like this.

Under the woman’s lead, Ye Yuan and Tan Si came to the points area.

Casually sweeping a glance, Ye Yuan could not help being somewhat astonished too. The points area really had quite a number of good stuff.

Earth Net Essence Element, Sky Grand Flower, Nightend Spirit Word …

These spirit medicines were virtually very hard to come upon in the outside world. But the points area displayed them all. But once Ye Yuan saw the price of the spirit medicines, he could not help going into a daze as well.

These extremely rare spirit medicines, the prices basically only varied from three to ten slaughter points.

Regarding the value of slaughter points, Ye Yuan also had a clear understanding. 20 slaughter points were indeed not considered little already.

These spirit medicines, when placed in the outside world, would all start from 500 million earth essence crystals. And this was still with demand, but no supply.

Calculating like this, 20 slaughter points was worth at least several billion earth essence crystals. Moreover, these spirit medicines were utterly not what earth essence crystals could buy. Only slaughter points could buy it!

The points area still had some completed products. The prices were even more ridiculously expensive.

Looking at Ye Yuan’s appearance of judging each and every one of them, the woman was even more disdainful in her heart.

Just looking and not buying, putting on an act for what!

Ye Yuan browsed over each and every one. Suddenly, his footsteps paused, and he took up a piece of dark gold-colored ore.

“I really didn’t expect that there is actually Grayflame Earth Sun Gold inside this Asura Shop!” Ye Yuan said rather delightedly.

This Grayflame Earth Sun Gold was an extremely rare ore. It was a material that could be used to forge holy artifacts. But to Ye Yuan, the Grayflame Earth Sun Gold had one significant function, that was that it could let the Origin Magnetism Spirit Wood evolve!

These few years, Ye Yuan constantly nurtured the Origin Magnetism Spirit Wood diligently. But its rate of progress was still a little too slow. At present, it had only just broken through to Tier 6.

This kind of evolving speed was truly a bit too slow to Ye Yuan.

This chunk of Grayflame Earth Sun Gold was not small; sufficient for the Origin Magnetism Spirit Wood to evolve to Tier 7.

Making the Origin Magnetism Spirit Wood evolve to Tier 7, it could become a major assistance to Ye Yuan again!


A gust of wind howled past. A hand reached out from behind Ye Yuan and grabbed at the Grayflame Earth Sun Gold in Ye Yuan’s hand. Ye Yuan’s face fell slightly, his feet moving, directly disappearing from where he was at.

That person clearly did not expect that Ye Yuan’s movement technique would actually be so swift. He actually grabbed nothing all of a sudden, his body involuntarily stumbling.

This person was wearing black tight-fitting clothes, his expression abnormally cold and stern. One look and it was clear that he was not some nice person.

When the woman saw this man, she hurriedly gave a bow and said, “I’ve seen Lord Tu Gang!”

“Boy, you actually dare to dodge!” Tu Gang pointed at Ye Yuan and said solemnly.

Ye Yuan could not help laughing in spite of himself when he heard that and said, “What a joke! You didn’t even say hello before wanting to snatch my stuff. I’m not even allowed to dodge?”

“Humph! You’re a newcomer, right? Don’t even have slaughter points, what did you come here pretending to be some bigshot for?! Give the Grayflame Earth Sun Gold to me, then give two loud kowtows for your Lord Tu, and that matter just now will be considered settled. Otherwise …” Tu Gang looked at Ye Yuan with malicious intentions and said.

Ye Yuan looked at Tu Gang amusedly and said with a faint smile, “Otherwise what?”

“Although according to the Asura Arena’s rules, second level martial artists are not allowed to kill first level martial artists, there’s no problem at all in making you, this punk, lie down for a period of time!” Tu Gang said.

Hearing the meaning in Tu Gang’s words, he was a martial artist of the second level.

The first level and second level martial artists belonged to two different levels. Battles and living were all not together. Logically speaking, they would not have any interactions normally, but this Asura Shop was an exception.

The first three levels’ martial artists were basically all Heaven Enlightenment Realm. The goods they required were naturally more or less the same as well. Therefore, the first three levels’ martial artists shared an Asura Shop. This was also why Ye Yuan could only reach this place through a transmission array.

That woman could not refrain herself when she saw Tu Gang and Ye Yuan getting into a conflict. She warned Ye Yuan, “Little Brother, Lord Tu Gang is a well-renowned big shot in the second level. He’s an expert ranked 405 on the Earth Carnage Proclamation. Why haven’t you hurry up and apologized to him?”

The way the woman saw it, she was warning out of goodwill here already. A newcomer offending a powerhouse of the second level was not some wise thing.

But Ye Yuan chuckled when he heard that and asked, “Turns out that the Asura Arena still had such a rule? I wonder if the first level’s martial artists can kill the second level’s martial artists or not?”

The moment these words were uttered, the woman and Tu Gang both froze. But the Tan Si who did not speak the entire time opened his mouth, “The Asura Arena doesn’t have this rule. This should be a loophole.”

Ye Yuan smiled, smiled very happy, and suddenly threw out a punch explosively!