Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 876

Chapter 876 Exalt

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Seeing Ye Yuan make a move, Tu Gang did not get mad. He was delighted instead and said with a big laugh, “Came right on time!”

This punch of Ye Yuan’s was not fast, looking not much different from ordinary Second Level Heaven Enlightenment Realms.

Therefore, the way Tu Gang saw it, Ye Yuan was purely asking for a beating here!

Tan Si shook his head and said with a sigh, “Another dunce seeking death!”

When that attendant girl heard Tan Si’s sigh, her eyes were filled with confusion.

She thought that Tan Si would make a move and help. After all, Tan Si’s strength looked to be much stronger. But Tan Si did not have the intention of taking action at all, and instead, he mocked Tu Gang.

These two people wouldn’t be fools, right? thought the attendant girl in her heart.

Tu Gang also suddenly brandished his fist, his speed incomparably abnormal. It actually reached first despite launching after Ye Yuan!

A faint mocking smile hung at the corners of his mouth; it was as if already seeing the appearance of Ye Yuan kneeling on the ground and begging for mercy.

But right at the moment the two fists intersected, Ye Yuan’s fist suddenly vanished from sight.


Tu Gang was originally standing. This punch of Ye Yuan’s hit right on his temple, directly inverting his body, smashing a hole into the floorboards.

The Asura Shop had some customers in the first place. Seeing that conflict happened over here, they were naturally happy to watch it for fun. Of course, they were laughing at Ye Yuan.

A newcomer dared to provoke a second level’s Earth Carnage Proclamation expert, this was simply utterly foolish.

But when they saw this scene before their eyes, each and every one of them was baffled.

This newcomer … was too violent!

“Rank 405 is it? Indeed have some skill, to actually still be able to preserve an intact corpse,” Ye Yuan shook his head and said with a sigh.

Hearing Ye Yuan’s words, everyone could not help being speechless.

Tu Gang was evidently completely dead already. Beating a strong opponent around Earth Carnage Proclamation rank 400 to death in one punch and he was actually still not satisfied with this battle result?

Those who lived in the Asura Arena were long used to seeing life and death. Killing people this kind of thing, they were long numbed to it.

But an Earth Carnage Proclamation expert being beaten to death by someone in one punch, this kind of spectacle was still overly shocking.

“Now, can I buy this piece of Grayflame Earth Sun Gold?” Ye Yuan could not be bothered to look at Tu Gang and immediately asked that female attendant.

“You … You really have slaughter points?” The female attendant finally knew that this youth in front of her was not as simple as he looked on the surface.

In truth, this Asura Arena was a lair of hidden dragons and crouching tigers. Who would really be simple?

Those powerhouses ranked to the front of the Earth Carnage Proclamation were all very low-profile. But their strength was unfathomable!

These people completely could not be measured using the standards of ordinary martial artists.

The female attendant originally would not make mistakes at this sort of thing. It was just that Ye Yuan was too young. Moreover, he was a newcomer, resulting in her overlooking many things.

Ye Yuan nodded his head and took out the Absolute Kill Token.

That 20 slaughter points already arrived inside his Absolute Kill Token after he advanced.

When the female attendant examined Ye Yuan’s Absolute Kill Token, she could not help having a look of astoundment, “2-20 slaughter points! Milord got a wipeout at the first level?”

Ye Yuan said curiously, “Why? Is it very hard to believe?”

“N-No! I’ll exchange the Grayflame Earth Sun Gold for Your Excellency right away!” the female attendant hurriedly said.

You have got to be kidding. Even the second level’s Tu Gang was one-shotted. What was strange about getting a wipeout at the first level?

It was just that this Asura Arena’s first three levels were all Heaven Enlightenment Realm martial artists. Those able to survive in the first level were all absolutely not mediocre.

Wanting to kill until other people did not dare to take the field, this was a very difficult thing. Let alone that Ye Yuan was only Second Level Heaven Enlightenment Realm.

Very soon, the female attendant deducted 15 points from Ye Yuan and returned the Absolute Kill Token to Ye Yuan.

Being experienced, the female attendant had seen many grand spectacles before. At this time, she already recovered back to normal and ordered people to get rid of Tu Gang’s corpse. Coming in front of Ye Yuan, she said with a broad smile, “Milord is a young hero, to actually be able to kill Tu Gang with one punch! However, Tu Gang isn’t alone in the second level. He and the second level’s rank seven, Lu Licheng, has a very good relationship. Milord still need to be a little more careful after you enter the second level.”

Ye Yuan received the Absolute Kill Token and Grayflame Earth Sun Gold and said with a smile, “Just some dancing clowns. No need to take notice.”

The female attendant just smiled when she heard that and did not say anything else.

On top of the Asura Shop’s corner tower, a middle-aged man in brocade watched Ye Yuan’s departing back view and said to the woman beside him,”Exalt 1 , this boy’s strength is unfathomable. The next issue of Earth Carnage Proclamation, maybe he can charge into the top ten! What makes people even more astonished is that his fleshy body is actually even more formidable than his essence energy cultivation realm! Letting him grow up for some time, he might be able to be of some help to our plan.”

The Exalt the man was talking to was precisely that female attendant who served Ye Yuan.

The man’s attitude was very respectful toward her. This unassuming female attendant actually had an extraordinary status.

The Exalt’s temperament currently was like two different people from before; her face had an indescribable frostiness.

“The Asura Arena’s rule is that people of the second level are not allowed to kill first level martial artists. But it didn’t stipulate that first level martial artists can’t kill those at the second level. This loophole was probably a loophole deliberately left behind by the Sovereign. But those able to make use of this loophole are a scanty few. This young man is indeed not simple!” the Exalt said.

The man in brocade nodded and said, “It wasn’t that first level martial artists killing second level martial artists didn’t happen before. But there absolutely would not be people so neat and tidy like him! Furthermore, his opponent is even a character close to rank 400 on the Earth Carnage Proclamation!”

The Exalt said, “It’s still this boy’s first day entering the Asura Arena, and he actually has such strength already. There’s a possibility that he’s a genius junior groomed by some super holy land. We need to investigate his origins clearly first before making a decision! This matter will be handed to you.”

The man in brocade bowed and said, “Yes!”

Leaving the Asura Arena, Ye Yuan rented a residence in the Asura Arena and started to help the Origin Magnetism Spirit Wood absorb the Grayflame Earth Sun Gold.

This Grayflame Earth Sun Gold contained extremely strong powers of goldelement 2 . Using it to refine into a holy artifact could make the martial artist’s attack even stronger.

But Ye Yuan had the Starmoon Sword on hand and was not overly concerned regarding the need for holy artifacts.

Rather, the Origin Magnetism Spirit Wood, using it well would absolutely be a form of enormous assistance. Therefore, he let the Origin Magnetism Spirit Wood absorb the powers of gold element inside the Grayflame Earth Sun Gold without the slightest hesitation.

Just as Ye Yuan was refining the Grayflame Earth Sun Gold, an uproar already utterly broke out at second level.

The news of Tu Gang being finished off by a newcomer spread like wildfire at the second level. This sort of thing truly made all the martial artists’ jaws drop.

Quite a few people were gasping in admiration at this newcomer’s powerful strength. But the vast majority of the people still mocked Tu Gang’s incompetence.

To be able to survive in a cruel environment like the Asura Arena, every person had tremendous self-confidence. Being killed could only show that Tu Gang’s strength was lacking.

Of course, the one who lost the most face was still Lu Licheng.

Tu Gang was his subordinate and also his right-hand hired thug. He did not think that Tu Gangwas actually killed by a second level’s punk 3 . This was smacking his face!

“Investigated properly yet? Just what origins is that punk?” Lu Licheng asked his subordinate with a grim look.

“Yes, we investigated his background. That boy just entered the Asura Arena today and directly got a wipeout at the first level! Tu Gang had long eyed the Asura Shop’s Grayflame Earth Sun Gold, but he did not have sufficient points. This time, he finally managed to amass enough points to go buy it. Didn’t expect that he actually got killed by this newcomer!”