Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 877

Chapter 877 Addressing Each Other As Brothers

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“Humph! Does that punk called Ye Yuan really think that he’s invincible? In this Asura Arena, even a dragon has to coil up!” Lu Licheng said with a cold snort.

In this Asura Arena, there had never been a lack of geniuses.

These Earth Carnage Proclamation’s experts, which one of them was not peerlessly talented, with strength far surpassing those in the same level?

“That punk probably also knew that he got into trouble. After leaving the Asura Shop, he actually chose to enter seclusion and did not enter the second level,” the subordinate said.

“Humph! He may get off today but not tomorrow! Keep a close eye for me! When he arrives at the second level, report to me immediately. I want to let him take a look at this Asura Arena’s brutality!”

“Yes, Your Excellency! It’s just …”

“If you have something, just say it. Don’t hem and haw!”

“There are quite a few rumors out there right now. Especially Lord Zong Ta there. They are all laughing at us.”

Upon hearing this, Lu Licheng’s expression became even more overcast.

That Zong Ta was similarly a heavyweight-class figure in the second level. Regardless whether was it strength or forces, it was not at all inferior to him.

Making such a big fool of himself this time, Zong Ta would naturally grab hold and not let go, and give a good mocking.

“This damn brat, causing me to lose so much face! I must tear him from limb to limb!” Lu Licheng gnashed his teeth in hatred, hating Ye Yuan to the bones.

Regarding the things that happened in the second level, Ye Yuan was naturally unaware. Even if he knew, he would not care either.

He set up an array formation to help the Origin Magnetism Spirit Wood absorb the powers of gold element inside the Grayflame Earth Sun Gold, while he himself entered inside the Vast Heaven Pagoda to cultivate.

The likelihood of Ye Yuan making progress in supreme true intent was not too high within a short time. Therefore, Ye Yuan placed the focus of cultivation on the advancement of cultivation realm.

At present, titanic transformations already happened to Ye Yuan’s body. Even if he did not borrow the powers of medicinal pills, his cultivation speed was very fast too.

Ye Yuan was currently comprehending the ‘Bing’ character in the Nine Characters True Word Formula. After violent essence energy went through the Vast Heaven Pagoda’s tempering, it was absorbed by Ye Yuan into his body.

After entering the Heaven Enlightenment Realm, each time Ye Yuan advanced a minor cultivation realm, it required massive amounts of essence energy.

But ever since cultivating the ‘Bing’ character, Ye Yuan’s cultivation speed was several times faster compared to before!

Same as the ‘Lin’ character, the ‘Bing’ character similarly seized the good fortune of heaven and earth. But the effects of the ‘Bing’ character was completely different from the ‘Lin’ character. It was able to make martial artists become more sensitive toward the energy between heaven and earth. Cultivation would also yield twice the results with half the effort!

For such a long time, Ye Yuan discovered that the effect of each word was different through comprehending this Nine Words True Character Formula.

But there was one point, each word contained extremely profound maxims of the Great Dao. It could virtually let Ye Yuan reach the quintessence in an area.

And this ‘Bing’ character could let his cultivation speed increase tremendously.

Ye Yuan believed that if he could cultivate the ‘Bing’ character to an extremely high realm, his cultivation speed would probably be able to crush all of the Divine Realm’s geniuses!

Even using medicinal pills to pile up cultivation realm was probably nothing more than this too.

After advancing to Heaven Enlightenment Realm, Ye Yuan deliberately slowed down cultivation speed and fastidiously comprehended the powers of laws.

Although this way would make his cultivation speed become slow, it could let his comprehension toward Heavenly Dao become even clearer and more comprehensive.

After Heaven Enlightenment Realm, the most important was still comprehending the laws of heaven and earth, increasing concepts cultivation all-round.

If one did not pursue combat power, there naturally was no problem getting help from medicinal pills. But Ye Yuan was re-walking the Martial Path presently. This step was indispensable.

The Upper Three Realms could be said to be even more important than the six major cultivation realms before added up.

Ye Yuan wanted to pursue the pinnacle of the martial path. He would rather walk a bit slower.

But the ‘Bing’ character plus the remolding of the primeval dragon bone made his cultivation speed no worse than any genius in the Divine Realm.

Furthermore, along with the comprehension of the ‘Bing’ character, his cultivation speed would become faster and faster.

A month later, Ye Yuan finally broke through to Third Level Heaven Enlightenment.

When he went to check on the Origin Magnetism Spirit Wood, he discovered that the Grayflame Earth Sun Gold already turned into an ordinary chunk of rock. The power of gold element inside was already absorbed fully.

Ye Yuan discovered to his joy that the Origin Magnetism Spirit Wood had indeed advanced to Tier 7! With this, the power of the Origin Magnetic Field increased greatly.

“This slaughter points is really good stuff. I’m going to inquire about it later to see if there’s any way to obtain even more slaughter points. Mmm … It’s time to enter the second level.”

Ye Yuan had seen quite a number of good stuff in the Asura Shop’s points area. Even he was quite moved as well.

“Congratulations to Ye Yuan, Tan Si, for entering the Asura Arena’s second level!” a melodious voice sounded out in the second level. The entire Asura Arena all knew at once.

Ye Yuan could not help laughing as he said, “Just advancing to the second level. Is there a need to raise such a big rumpus?”

“The second level martial artists’ strength is very formidable. We got to be a little more careful. It’s said that the rank one, Zhan Wushuang, his ranking reached 150th place on the Earth Carnage Proclamation. His strength is very formidable! Still remember that Tu Gang you killed? Although his ranking wasn’t high, the backer behind him is ranked ten plus at the second level. His ranking on the Earth Carnage Proclamation is also as high as around 200!” Tan Si said.

This one month’s time, Ye Yuan was oblivious to the outside world. But Tan Si inquired about the second level’s situation very clearly.

That punch of Ye Yuan’s seemed to have poked the hornet’s nest. He would probably be targeted the moment he came up.

But Ye Yuan said totally unconcernedly, “I hope that he has some common sense and doesn’t come to provoke me like that idiot underling of his.”

The people in the Asura Arena, which one was not stained full of blood on their hands? Regarding killing Tu Gang and his like, Ye Yuan did not have any psychological burden at all.

Tan Si had nothing to say. He could not figure out where the limits of Ye Yuan’s strength lie either.

But very clearly, when killing Tu Gang, Ye Yuan did not use full strength.

Just arriving at the second level, Ye Yuan naturally had to stroll around a bit. But Ye Yuan barely walked two steps when he was stopped by a group of people.

“Boy, was it you who killed Tu Gang?” A burly man at the front questioned.

“What, are you all here to help him get justice?” Ye Yuan said with a smile that wasn’t a smile.

That burly man was originally still sinister looking. But he suddenly lopped an arm around Ye Yuan’s shoulders and said with a big laugh, “Hahaha! Well killed! Tu Gang that fellow, he has rubbed me the wrong way long ago! I’m called Jiao Chong. In the future, we’ll be brothers, so let’s get on more intimate terms!”

Ye Yuan still thought that he was here to find trouble. He did not think that this guy suddenly addressed him with great familiarity, looking not at all distant either.

Ye Yuan jerked lightly, directly bouncing Jiao Chong off and said coolly, “Not everyone is qualified to address me as his brother! Who the hell are you people? State your names.”

Being easily bounced off by Ye Yuan, Jiao Chong could not help being startled inwardly,

He originally thought that Tu Gang getting finished off was because he underestimated the enemy. But just that bit earlier, this boy’s strength could not be taken lightly!

“Heh heh, we’re Lord Zong Ta’s subordinates! You killed Tu Gang, Lu Licheng will definitely not be satisfied until he kills you. In the future, you follow Lord Zong Ta around. With him shielding you, Lu Licheng won’t even dare to let out a fart!” Jiao Chong laughed and said.