Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 878

Chapter 878 Heavenly Sea Spirit Brimstone Pill

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After hearing this, Ye Yuan finally figured out this bunch of fellows’ intention for coming.

He did not expect that his actions in the Asura Shop actually made these people give rise to the idea of soliciting him to join their side.

Except, Ye Yuan did not have plans on joining.

“Your meaning is to pull me into a partnership?” Ye Yuan said.

Jiao Chong saw through Ye Yuan’s thoughts too and said with a smile, “I know that your strength is decent. It’s just that the second level’s situation is very different from the first level. Without a major figure shielding you, you’ll die very horribly!”

Ye Yuan said with a laugh, “It’s also not impossible for me to join in, but …”

The moment Jiao Chong heard that there was a chance, he could not help being secretly pleased. This boy’s strength was not weak; likely not beneath his. Settling this errand, Lord Zong Ta would definitely reward greatly.

Was still wondering how proud this boy was, looks like it was also just like that.

As for Ye Yuan wanting to state conditions, it was within reason too. Raising his status a little, this supported the argumentation of the main topic.

“But what?” Jiao Chong asked.

“But it will only work if I become the boss. I don’t have the habit of being sheltered by others. It has always been me covering others,” Ye Yuan looked very calm as he said.

Jiao Chong’s expression changed when he heard that. He even thought that this fellow was quite astute. But he did not expect that Ye Yuan actually did not know how to appreciate favors!

“You become the boss? What a joke! Boy, don’t think that you’re amazing with a bit of strength! Let me tell you, without Boss Zong Ta’s care, you’ll be eaten in this second level until not even any scraps remain! Moreover, have you thought it through? You already offended Lu Licheng terribly by killing Tu Gang. Offending us further, you’ll find it difficult to advance even a step in the second level!” Jiao Chong said with a solemn face.

Ye Yuan gave him a glance and said with a regretful expression, “Is that so? Looks like we can’t reach an agreement. Then there’s nothing good to talk about. Make way, don’t block the path.”

Ye Yuan reached his hand out and pushed aside. But this time, Jiao Chong was prepared and wanted to embarrass Ye Yuan.

But he did not think that the force of Ye Yuan’s light push was actually extremely strong. His body was pushed to one side involuntarily.

Looking at Ye Yuan’s departing back view, Jiao Chong’s expression was ugly to the max.

But Ye Yuan barely walked a few steps when he had his path blocked by another group of people again. Seeing this scene, a delighted expression showed on Jiao Chong’s face.

Lu Licheng actually personally moved out!

“Punk, you finally came up! Your Uncle Lu has waited very long for you!”

Lu Licheng swept a glance at Jiao Chong ferociously. Clearly, he did not think that he came even faster than him.

“A good dog won’t block the path! Get lost!” Ye Yuan said coolly.

“Heh, what an arrogant brat! In this second level, no one dares to talk like this to your Uncle Lu! I think, since you came up to the second level, you’ve already come to understand, right?”

Lu Licheng had an appearance like he got Ye Yuan and did not place Ye Yuan in his sights at all.

Ye Yuan could not help finding it funny when he heard that. This was really any random guy would all feel good about themselves!

“Of course. My awareness has always been very high,” Ye Yuan said with a guileless look.

“Very good! Tomorrow, fighting arena, the two of us have a points gamble fight! If you dare to not agree, I’ll kill you right now!” Lu Licheng said with unparalleled overbearingness.

Ye Yuan’s brows jumped up when he heard that and said, “Points gamble fight?”

The Tan Si by the side moved closer and explained, “Points gamble fight is when both parties each put forth a portion of points and carry out a deathmatch. They must determine life and death in the fighting arena! The victor can obtain the other party’s points.”

The moment Ye Yuan heard, he could not help getting very interested and asked Lu Licheng, “How many points do you have?”

Ye Yuan showed an excited look, but it made Lu Licheng stunned.

“How many points I have, you don’t need to care! You used 15 points at the Asura Shop. Right now, you only have five points on hand. Let’s bet five points!”

Ye Yuan shook his head when he heard and said, “Too little. I’m lacking points very much right now. How about this, I’ll raise the stakes, bet all of your points!”

The moment Ye Yuan’s words came out, the surroundings could not help being speechless.

“This guy is a moron, right? Just that bit of strength of his wants to bet with Lu Licheng all of his points?”

“Even Zong Ta dare not say to be able to retreat unscathed in a deathmatch with Lu Licheng either. This boy wouldn’t think that by getting a wipeout in the first level, he can also do whatever he wants coming to the second level, right? The second level’s martial artists, any random one that goes to the first level can also get a wipeout!”

“Haha! Maybe he thinks this way! The first level is already so weak, how strong can the second level be? There are idiots every year, this year is especially more.”

Jiao Chong was not far away. Hearing Ye Yuan’s words, he could not help holding his face with his face.

He finally understood why Ye Yuan would say that sort of arrogant and conceited words earlier. Could it be that this boy was completely a fool?

Jiao Chong’s strength was roughly the same as Tu Gang; also around Earth Carnage Proclamation 400th place.

But 400th place and 200th place, the gap in-between this was akin to a heavenly chasm!

Although similarly Heaven Enlightenment Realm, the two people’s strength simply had no way of mentioning in the same breath. If not for so, why would he, an Earth Carnage Proclamation expert, throw himself under a same-realm martial artist?

“Hahaha! Did you all hear it? He wants to raise the stakes and bet all of my points with me! Boy, your Uncle Lu has 35 points. Why don’t you say what you’ll use to make up for it! Don’t tell me that you don’t know how valuable these extra 30 points are!”

Lu Licheng was currently roaring with laughter when a medicinal pill was placed in front of him. His smile withdrew, the expression on his face gradually became solemn.

“This … This is a transcendent-grade Heavenly Sea Spirit Brimstone Pill?”

Recognizing the medicinal pill in Ye Yuan’s hand, Lu Licheng was no longer composed!

The Heavenly Sea Spirit Brimstone Pill was a top-tier Tier 7 medicinal pill for cleansing the marrow. It was a huge temptation to Heaven Enlightenment Realm martial artists. This is because it could help martial artists to break through the fetters of Heaven Enlightenment Realm, and then to step into Phaseless Realm!

Of course, with the strength of Earth Carnage Proclamation experts, breaking through to Phaseless Realm was not hard.

To them, what was truly hard was breaking through to Dao Profound later, reaching emperor realm!

The so-called Law-less and Phaseless were not just the martial artist’s comprehension on Heavenly Dao, but it was also on the fleshy body 1 .

Breaking through to Phaseless Realm, there was a process of cleansing the marrow. Remould the fleshy body anew, and from there, lay down the foundation for breaking through to Dao Profound Realm.

Then what kind of extent this marrow cleansing reached was very particular.

One could say that this process determined how far the martial artist could walk in the future to a very large degree.

The Heavenly Sea Spirit Brimstone Pill was of much higher rank compared to the medicinal pills on the market to help martial artists breakthrough to the Phaseless Realm! What was even more damnable was that this Tier 7 medicinal pill was too hard to concoct. Ordinary alchemists simply could not refine it!

Therefore, even though the Heavenly Sea Spirit Brimstone Pill’s reputation was out there, those truly able to obtain it were extremely, extremely few.

This was also why Lu Licheng would lose composure like so upon recognizing it.

This medicinal pill was extremely rare. Moreover, it had a demand, but no market. Valuing at 30 points was more than enough.

“At least you know about the good stuff. How is it? Can you bet all of your points now?” Ye Yuan kept the medicinal pill and said.

Lu Licheng sucked in a deep breath and finally calmed his state of mind. He switched to a cold smile and said, “Since you want to give such a valuable medicinal pill to me, what reason do I still have to decline?”