Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 879

Chapter 879 Timely Rain

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On the second day, the fighting arena was packed full of people. The news of Ye Yuan and Lu Licheng’s points gamble fight caused an uproar in the second level.

But what made them even more concerned was the Heavenly Sea Spirit Brimstone Pill in Ye Yuan’s hands.

The allure of this medicinal pill was seriously too great.

“Lu Licheng’s luck is seriously too good. There’s actually a fool who’s giving him a Heavenly Sea Spirit Brimstone Pill. Why do I not run into this kind of good thing?’

“Screw off, you! Even if you obtained the Heavenly Sea Spirit Brimstone Pill, can you defend it?”

“Heh, that’s true! Forget about me, even Lu Licheng himself might not be able to protect it too. Ah, Heavenly Sea Spirit Brimstone Pill, I don’t believe that those few have no interest!”

“Shhh … You don’t want your life anymore? You mustn’t anyhow say such things!”

Right now, Ye Yuan was just like a little child carrying a gold piece and walking around on the bustling streets in the eyes of the second level’s martial artists. Everywhere were ferocious looks.

One had to admit, Ye Yuan’s strength was very formidable. But to Lu Licheng this level of existence, he was definitely still too weak.

On the fighting arena’s grandstand, in an inconspicuous corner, an elderly person and a youth were currently standing with their hands behind their backs.

“Old Zhu, looks like you’re hell-bent on the Heavenly Sea Spirit Brimstone Pill as well!” said the youth with a sarcastic smile.

The elderly person’s face was cold as he said coolly, “The pot calling the kettle black. If you’re not interested, you won’t show up here either.”

“Heh, the Heavenly Sea Spirit Brimstone Pill is a legendary medicinal pill. Even you, Old Zhu, were moved. How can I, a junior brat, not be moved? It’s just that after today, whose hands this medicinal pill lands in will have to depend on each one’s ability,” the youth said.

The old man shot the youth a scornful glance and said, “Bullying this old man, is it? This time, for the sake of the Heavenly Sea Spirit Brimstone Pill, I want to take a look at your, Feng Shao’s, means!”

The youth smiled but did not speak. But the two persons’ gazes turned toward the fighting arena. In the fighting arena, Ye Yuan and Lu Licheng’s life and death battle was able to start.

“Brat, before dying, I still have to give you thanks, for delivering to me such a precious medicinal pill!” Lu Licheng looked at Ye Yuan and said with a pleased expression.

Ye Yuan still had that indifferent look as he said, “Your esteemed self is really a timely rain. You know that this Little Lord, I, am lacking points, and you delivered yourself to my doorsteps the moment I came up. Really endlessly grateful.”

Lu Licheng smiled coldly and said, “Brat, you don’t know the immensity of heaven and earth. Your Uncle Lu will let you take a look today at what the true strength of a second level martial artist is!”

Done talking, the five stars on Lu Licheng’s glabella suddenly lit up. A furious killing intent wreaked havoc on the field and was actually even more violent compared to Tan Si.

A long halberd brandishing, killing intent was piercingly cold!

“Lu Licheng’s second-stage Slaughter Supreme True Intent is already approaching the great circle of perfection and is already not far from third-stage! This boy’s strength is obviously not weak. But he only has less than four stars on Slaughter Concept. I want to see what methods he has to deal with the situation,” on the grandstand, the youth was filled with anticipation as he said.

“I heard that this brat’s fleshy body is extremely formidable. When he was at the first level, he directly blew up his opponent with one punch. I reckon that this should be his greatest reliance,” the elderly man said.

Looking at news from all-round, Ye Yuan’s strength was definitely not what ordinary martial artists could compare to.

Although the specific circumstances inside the Asura Shop did not spread out, without a doubt, Ye Yuan’s strength in itself could not be underestimated to be able to kill Tu Gang.

It was just that in comparison, Lu Licheng this veteran expert was clearly more promising.

“Heavenly Halberd Frenzied Slaughter!”

Lu Licheng gave a fierce roar. The long halberd drew a massive semi-circle and directly cleaved down towards the top of Ye Yuan’s head.

The long halberd had an overwhelming momentum and incredible power. This move encompassed an overwhelming tremendous force and actually pierced through the array formation, blowing up gusts of fierce wind on the grandstand.

Facing this staggering move, Ye Yuan actually did not move a muscle, allowing Lu Licheng to do as he liked and what he liked!


The long halberd landed on the ground, smashing out an enormous pit on the earth’s surface. Debris scattered around, smashing onto the array formation, turning into a pile of dust.

A portion flew onto Ye Yuan’s body, likewise, turning into a pile of dust.

Everyone was stunned, not understanding what happened.

“What the hell is Lu Licheng doing? Testing moves? Started off with a bang and ended with a whimper. This move also deviated too far off the mark, right?”

“Odd! Too strange! Lu Licheng isn’t someone who shows mercy. Why was this move so off-form?”

“When I saw Lu Licheng’s move just now, it frightened me badly. His strength is clearly even stronger than before. But this result …”

Lu Licheng’s move smashed the fighting arena into a mess. It was just that although this move’s destructive power was shocking, it was too far away from Ye Yuan. The move was completely unable to cause any substantial damage.

From beginning to the end, Ye Yuan stood there not moving a muscle, as if he had not done anything at all.

This kind of scene was too bizarre.

Ye Yuan looked at Lu Licheng and said with a smile, “I didn’t expect that in this Asura Arena, there’s still such a polite opponent! Not easy, oh, not easy! In order to express respect towards your esteemed self, this punch, I’ll call forth all my power!”

How did the current Lu Licheng still have any hint of the composure from before? His gaze when looking at Ye Yuan was filled with apprehension.

Because of the isolation of the array formation, the people on the grandstands completely did not know what happened in the arena. But he was perfectly aware.

His move of his was launched aiming at Ye Yuan. Who knew that half-way, a massive force suddenly appeared, forcefully altering the trajectory of his attack, making a huge deviation occur between this move of his and the originally planned trajectory from there.

Under this enormous force, he actually had no command over himself!

“You … You … actually know Origin …”

Lu Licheng’s words had yet to be said finish when Ye Yuan moved!

A slow and average punch. It actually looked somewhat soft and lacking strength.

The feeling that this punch gave the martial artists on the grandstand was that, regardless of who was on the field, they could easily avoid it, and even counter-kill Ye Yuan.

But Lu Licheng felt completely different facing this punch!

Facing this neither too slow nor too fast punch, he actually had nowhere to evade!

This was the moment of life and death. Lu Licheng urged his essence energy to the limits, wanting to avoid this punch of Ye Yuan’s.

However, right at this time, that strange force appeared once more.


Ye Yuan’s punch suddenly vanished before his eyes. That hoarse and exhausted shout suddenly stopped.

Under everyone’s stares, Lu Licheng was pulverized into a scattered mess of flesh and blood by Ye Yuan with one punch, completely losing his human form.

The next instance, Lu Licheng’s Absolute Kill Token slowly flew out. Slaughter Concept slowly flowed towards Ye Yuan’s body.

The fourth star on Ye Yuan’s glabella became clearer and clearer, and it finally formed!

Lu Licheng’s Slaughter Concept was a lot. Ye Yuan also absorbed his fill in one go.

Apart from this, Ye Yuan also became aware that inside his Absolute Kill Token, 35 points appeared out of thin air.

All of a sudden, he owned 40 slaughter points.

Ye Yuan slowly opened his eyes and was rather surprised as he said, “Is this the Slaughter Supreme True Intent? Indeed impressive! No wonder this Asura Arena is so brutal, but so many geniuses flock to it like ducks!”

On the grandstand, that elderly person and the youth earlier exchanged a glance, both incomparably astounded.