Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 88

Chapter 88: Definitely Take Your Head Within a Year!

Only after seeing Ye Yuan's injuries swiftly recovering did Feng Ruoqing felt at ease.

She stood up and said to Su Yubai, "Elder Su, the Disciplinary Hall places the greatest emphasis on the word 'Justice.' But actions today have failed justice and failed the hearts of the public!"

Su Yubai was originally very displeased seeing Feng Ruoqing talking intimately with Ye Yuan like nobody else was around.

But he was highly fearful of Feng Ruoqing's identity, which was why he did not make a move.

Now that Feng Ruoqing was rebuking him publicly, Su Yubai naturally could not pretend to be mute anymore.

"Snort! This old man is exterminating fiends and protecting the Dao. How did I fail justice? Teacher Feng is only momentarily hoodwinked by this fiend; that's why you are openly defending him. Why haven't you retreated yet?! Otherwise, don't blame me if I accidentally injure Teacher Feng later," Su Yubai snarled.

It was also because Su Yubai was filled with trepidation about Feng Ruoqing's status that his words were filled with caution.

If somebody else were to do what Feng Ruoqing did just now, he would have definitely turned violent already.

However, Feng Ruoqing had no scruples about this. "I know all about the sequence of events for this matter. Although Ye Yuan's way of doing things wasn't appropriate, there was indeed a reason for this whole thing! Does Elder Su have selfish motives for wanting to indiscriminately finish him off ruthlessly?"

Feng Ruoqing's words stirred up everyone's appetites.

It had already been many years since anyone dared to kill people publically in the academy. Just what in the world did Lin Tiancheng and Zhang Heng do to have forced Ye Yuan to this step?

"What a joke! Ye Yuan violated the academy's rules and killed two people consecutively. This old man suspects that he's someone from the demonic path and moved to strike him down. What selfish motives are there?" Su Yubai naturally had selfish motives, but he was being persistent.

However, Feng Ruoqing continued nonchalantly without changing her expression. "Some things become meaningless when it's exposed in front of so many people."

When Feng Ruoqing's words came out, Su Yubai was startled.

He had always believed that Feng Ruoqing was an alchemy idiot and did not care about other things. Who would have thought that her heart was as clear as a bright mirror!"

This lass was so astute to actually see through his thoughts!

On the surface, the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion and Drunken Star Manor were irreconcilable. But in reality, it was still the Su Family who was exchanging blows with the Ye Family in the dark.

Ye Yuan's rise made Su Yubai sense an enormous threat. That was why he directly struck to kill.

These things did not seem strange to people involved in the affairs, but it was very hard to connect these things together for people outside the state of affairs.

Could it be that the Nanfeng Family had long taken precautions against the Su Family?

This was no auspicious omen!

"No matter what reason he has, rules are rules. How can violations be tolerated?" Su Yubai did not wish to hear any reason whatsoever.

"According to the rules, Ye Yuan should have been taking into custody temporarily after killing people and left to the dean and the Elders Council to make the final decision. Isn't Elder Su breaking the rules by directly killing people? I wonder what's the punishment for this in accordance with the academy's rules?" Feng Ruoqing did not give in in the slightest.

The Dan Wu Academy's rules were not directed at students only. The dean and elders similarly faced many restrictions.

Killing people without authorization as the Disciplinary Hall's First Elder, according to the academy's rules, was the stripping of the First Elder's position!

Of course, the dean was the paramount existence in the Dan Wu Academy!

Su Yubai was exasperated. This little lass kept opposing him in every way, and now, he was actually reverse checkmated!

Looks like it was impossible to kill Ye Yuan now. But his thoughts swirled, and he came up with another plan.

"Humph! Since you say that I'm not acting in accordance with the rules, fine! I'll do things based on the rules right now! Men, escort Ye Yuan to the Assembly Hall behind the mountain. Inform the two deputy deans and all the elders to come to the Assembly Hall for a joint hearing!" Su Yubai suddenly changed his tune out of the blue.

Feng Ruoqing frowned and thought to herself that this Su Yubai was really hard to deal with. It looks like he was determined to sentence Ye Yuan to death today!

She could not reject Su Yubai's request. Otherwise, it would really become defending a demonic spawn.

According to the academy's rules, the Elders Council could jointly decide significant matters when the dean was not around!

But in reality, even if Jiang Yunhe was in the academy, the Elders Council was the one deciding on the academy's matters most of the time.

Jiang Yunhe rarely showed his face in front of everyone.

Under Su Yubai's orders, two disciplinary hall's students wanted to take Ye Yuan into custody and headed for the Assembly Hall behind the mountain.

Ye Yuan's eyes suddenly snapped open, and he said coldly, "I have my own legs to walk with. Get lost!"

The two disciplinary hall's students' strength was beneath even Lin Tiancheng's. Even though they knew that he was already an arrow at the end of its flight, seeing Ye Yuan's outburst still stopped them in their track in fear.

After he said that, Ye Yuan got up. There was no problem with his mobility already!

This scene left everyone dumbfounded once again. What kind of recovery medicine could have such immediate effects?

Ye Yuan was seriously too lucky to take these unheard of pills and eating them like candy. He was merely like a cockroach that would not die!

Of course, they were unaware that Ye Yuan was once an Alchemy Emperor! If an Alchemy Emperor could not eat transcendent-grade pills like candy, then Ye Yuan this Alchemy Emperor would really be unworthy of the name.

"Insolence! You're a sinner right now! Who permitted you to walk on your own?" When Su Yubai saw that Ye Yuan still dared to be so arrogant, he flew into a rage.

Ye Yuan glanced at Su Yubai coldly. "I'll remember this, you old fart! I, Ye Yuan, will repay today's grudge a hundredfold in the future! I will definitely take your head within a year!"

When these words came out, the crowd was stunned.

A year? Take the head of a half-step Crystal Formation Realm powerhouse?

This was a complete fantasy!

"This Ye Yuan has such killing intent! He hasn't really cultivated some demonic path cultivation laws, right?"

"Bullshit! Didn't you hear Teacher Feng? There's definitely more than meets the eye about this! Change the scenario, if somebody nearly slapped you to death with one palm, would your killing intent be huge or not?"

"Urh. That's true. But, I wouldn't dare to spew this sort of nonsense. Taking Elder Su's head within a year? How's that possible?"

"Yeah. Essence Qi Realm is easy to pass, but Spirit Condensation Realm is hard to advance to! You have to expend ten times the effort each time you advance one minor realm in the Spirit Condensation Realm when compared to the Essence Qi Realm. Even then, you still have to rely on lucky chances to breakthrough. It has already been two years since Senior Apprentice Brother Long stepped into the Spirit Condensation Realm, right? He's still stuck at the Third Level Spirit Condensation Realm till today!"

"Ye Yuan might be a genius, but I don't believe that he will have the strength to kill Elder Su within a year even if you beat me to death! After all, he's only at the Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm!"

"Although I don't believe it either, then again, it seems like Ye Yuan only spent a month to go from the First Level Essence Qi Realm to the Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm!"

"That . . ."

Everyone naturally treated Ye Yuan's proud words like a joke.

Advancing realms in the Spirit Condensation Realm was too difficult!

The amount of essence energy required to advance a minor realm was extremely horrifying! No matter how much of a genius Ye Yuan was, it was impossible to break through to the peak Spirit Condensation Realm within a year.

Furthermore, it would become even more challenging to jump ranks to battle in the Spirit Condensation Realm!

Even if Ye Yuan was genius, he had to be at least at the Ninth Level Spirit Condensation Realm to defeat Su Yubai, right?

Did he not see the peak Spirit Condensation Realm Huyan Yong vomiting blood after one palm by Su Yubai?

In other words, the Spirit Condensation Realm and the Essence Qi Realm were two entirely different levels!

Even Su Yubai was stunned, and he immediately erupted!

What he was incensed by was not that Ye Yuan said he would take his head, but because he was scolded 'old fart.'

Su Yubai had exceedingly high status in the academy and had real power. Who would be disrespectful when meeting him?

Since when had he been pointed in the nose and scolded 'old fart'?

"Bastard! You dare to scold me?!" In his rage, Su Yubai wanted to attack.

But right at this moment, Ye Yuan did something which made everybody's eyes fall out.

With a dive, he fled behind Feng Ruoqing and cried out seemingly innocent, "Teacher Feng, this old fart wants to hit me!"