Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 880

Chapter 880 Ignoring

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No need to have talent, no need to comprehend; as long as one triumphed over their opponents continuously, they could comprehend a supreme true intent. It was indeed too alluring.

Even if one did not comprehend to the great circle of perfection realm, the power of a supreme true intent was also unparalleled.

Breaking through to four-star soul general at this moment, Ye Yuan had an additional supreme true intent out of thin air just like this.

Counting the previous two, Ye Yuan already possessed three supreme true intents at present!

In this Asura Arena, it was probably a one of its kind.

And the shock that Ye Yuan set off was still continuing. Everyone was all somewhat uncertain what it meant and totally did not understand what on earth happened.

Currently, Zong Ta and Jiao Chong were also below the stage, the expressions on their faces wonderfully fascinating.

Especially Jiao Chong, recalling those words said to Ye Yuan previously, he could not help sweating profusely.

He only came back to his senses at this time. Turns out that Ye Yuan was not joking previously. He was actually being serious!

With Ye Yuan’s strength, if he really joined, who would be the boss if he did not become the boss?

Zong Ta’s strength was neck-to-neck with Lu Licheng. The two people’s ranking was also very close. For Ye Yuan to be able to kill Lu Licheng so easily, he naturally had the strength to kill Zong Ta too.

Thinking up to here, Jiao Chong could not help secretly rejoicing about Lu Licheng suddenly popping out at that time.

If not for Lu Licheng, if he compelled Ye Yuan to join the team back then, his corpse would probably be strewn on the streets already.

In the corner, the youth’s expression had indescribable solemnness as he said, “Old Zhu, saw it clearly?”

Old Zhu slowly nodded, his gaze likewise unbelievably somber as he said with a nod, “Absolutely the Origin Magnetic Field, no mistake! Moreover, looking at it, the power of his Origin Magnetic Field is not small. Forget about you and me, even those freaks on the third level would likely suffer considerable hindrance too.”

“Him possessing the Origin Magnetic Field is practically in an undefeatable position already! Unless one’s strength far surpasses his, one can only be led by him by the nose!” the youth said.

“Not just that! Did you see clearly that move he killed Lu Licheng with? It looked like he relied entirely on the strength of the fleshy body, but at that instant of final eruption, it absolutely still contained an extremely powerful concept of fire! If I didn’t see wrongly, it should be the extremely hard to comprehend Scorching Supreme True Intent!” The more Old Zhu talked, the more alarmed he became inwardly.

The youth suddenly could not help laughing in spite of himself as he said, “To think that you and I were still having designs on the Heavenly Sea Spirit Brimstone Pill. Thinking about it now, it’s really a joke! Such an opponent, better to provoke less!”

At this point, these two people were clearly incredibly wary of Ye Yuan already.

No wonder Ye Yuan dared to take out the Heavenly Sea Spirit Brimstone Pill without fear for anything. Turns out that he really had this strength!

“Hey, is there still anyone coming up? This second level should also be consecutively winning 20 matches to advance, right?”

Ye Yuan’s indifferent voice sounded out in the fighting arena. But what replied him was silence.

He said these words incomparably haughtily. But at this moment, not a single person felt that he was arrogant. Although he won very bizarrely, Ye Yuan’s strength left no room for doubt!

Those martial artists glanced around, looking at each other. But who would dare to go up the stage at this time?

Ye Yuan only killed a martial artist ranked ten plus at the second level. There were still over a dozen existences stronger than Lu Licheng in front.

But at this instant, these ten over people all collectively lost their voices.

“This points gamble fight is rather interesting. Is there still anyone continuing?” Ye Yuan looked at the audience and said again, “I believe that everyone also knows, I have a Heavenly Sea Spirit Brimstone Pill in my hands!”

The current Ye Yuan was just like a bad uncle kidnapping kids. That appearance was detestable to the extreme.

But under this sort of situation, no one dared to go up the stage to fight with him.

What a joke? Points gamble fights could only be determined with life and death. Who dared to go up and seek death?

Time slowly trickled by, looking as if Ye Yuan was going to get a wipeout once again soon.

“I’ll challenge you!”

Right then, a voice sounded out. A youngster dressed in black tight-fitting clothes went up to the fighting arena.

Ye Yuan looked over and discovered that this youth’s face had unswerving determination, his momentum quite imposing. He was absolutely an expert.

“Good. How many points do you have? I’ll bet all of it!” Ye Yuan said very interestedly.

But that youth shook his head and said, “I’m not having a points gamble fight with you, just purely challenging you!”

When the youth went up to the stage, below the stage was actually already whispering around in subdued voices. They were clearly very surprised by this black-clothed youth going up the stage.

But the moment those words came out, everyone’s jaws hit the ground.

“No way, right? The Leng Qing who has made a clean sweep of all obstacles in the second level actually capitulated! He doesn’t dare to have a points gamble fight with Ye Yuan!”

“I truly didn’t expect that this Ye Yuan actually hauled Leng Qing out. He has already not taken action for very long. He’s the only expert in the second level to enter the Earth Carnage Proclamation’s first 150th place and has already been without any challenges and battles for a very long!”

“The second level’s number one expert actually don’t dare to say to definitely win Ye Yuan either?”

Turns out that this black-clothed youth was actually the second level’s number one expert, Leng Qing! Except, when Ye Yuan suggested a points gamble fight, Leng Qing actually backed off!

Very clearly, Leng Qing did not have the confidence to win Ye Yuan at all. The reason why he went up the stage to challenge Ye Yuan was just that he encountered an opponent he was interested in. He wanted to come up and compare notes a bit; that was all!

If a points gamble fight was carried out, then there was no leeway to maneuver. The two people must carry out a life and death great battle, all the way until one side dies.

When Ye Yuan heard that, he said with a regretful look, “How boring to not gamble points. Then forget it, not fighting anymore today!”

Finished talking, under everyone’s stunned gazes, Ye Yuan actually left the fighting arena directly.

Ye Yuan already fought a match today and could totally not accept Leng Qing’s challenge.

The second level’s rule was that a match must be fought every three days. After this match, Ye Yuan could await the battle arranged by the Asura Arena three days later.

Leng Qing was the synonym for invincibility in the second level. There had never been anyone who dared to speak this way to him before!

Everyone did not think that today, Leng Qing was actually ignored by someone!

Yet, Leng Qing’s face did not have any look of unhappiness at all. He said coldly, “Fine. Three days later, we’ll fight again!”

Ye Yuan was slightly stunned, then waved his hand and left.

“Tan Si, who’s that kid, so arrogant? He can have a showdown with me if he wants to fight me? Isn’t the arrangement of the fights decided by the Asura Arena?” on the way back, Ye Yuan asked Tan Si.

Tan Si could not help being speechless when he heard that. Talking about arrogant, was there anyone more arrogant than you today?

“At every level, the people ranked in the top ten all have special privileges. Because their strength is sufficient to enter the next level. So whether they fought or not, it is already not important. And behind them, there are people backing them up. Although I don’t know who is supporting them, arranging one match, I think it shouldn’t be a problem. Also, that black-clothed youth is called Leng Qing. He’s the second level’s strongest person! Beating him, you’ll be the second level’s boss!” Tan Si said.

But Ye Yuan smiled when he heard that and said, “What does the second level’s boss count as? Those guys in the third level are the Heaven Enlightenment Realm’s true geniuses! If my conjectures are right, there are probably quite a few people who comprehended two supreme true intents! Only by fighting with these true geniuses can one find some pleasure.”