Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 881

Chapter 881 Slaughter Sword Art

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“This Slaughter Concept is really mystical. It’s actually like it’s inscribed in my body. There’s not much difference than the supreme true intents I comprehended myself.”

Ye Yuan slowly opened his eyes, the killing intent in his eyes gradually faded.

These three day’s time, he had constantly been understanding the Slaughter Supreme True Intent that he had just obtained.

Ye Yuan discovered that this Slaughter Supreme True Intent could be released and withdrawn freely. It actually did not have a shred of stagnant feel. He could not help sighing in admiration at these mystical aspects.

To any martial artist, concepts comprehension involved patience and painstaking work. Not a hint of choosing the easy way was permissible.

But this Slaughter Concept was the only supreme true intent that could be grasped without needing to comprehend. It was precisely because of so that the Divine Realm would have so many young talents that came to the Chaotic Devil Sea and entered the Asura Arena.

Among these, there were quite a number of people who have already comprehended a supreme true intent. Adding in another Slaughter Supreme True Intent, their strength would have a substantial increase within a short period.

But Ye Yuan discovered that this Slaughter Concept was linked in many ways to the Absolute Kill Token. It seemed to rely on the Absolute Kill Token to exist.

Looks like this Absolute Kill Token was the inherent law holding up the Asura Arena’s operations! But was there really such a good thing?

Regarding this Absolute Kill Token, Ye Yuan kept on having a strange feeling. But as for where it was strange specifically, he could not pinpoint it either.

He once used all kinds of methods to examine the Absolute Kill Token before. But could not find any trace of improperness.

However, regarding this supreme true intent that was practically picked up for free, Ye Yuan still continued to have some suspicions.

“Acquired the Slaughter Concept. But I’m still lacking a martial technique to match it. Looks like I got to make a trip to the Asura Shop again.”

Seeing Ye Yuan enter the Asura Shop once more, the one receiving him was still that female attendant from last time. It was just that this time, she became very warm.

“Si Yin congratulates Sir for overpowering all heroes at the second level! Did Sir come this time in order to select a slaughter martial technique?” the female attendant said.

Ye Yuan was greatly surprised. Clearly, he did not expect that this lady actually guessed his intention for coming.

Seemingly seeing through Ye Yuan’s thoughts, Si Yin said, “Generally, martial artists who just became four-star soul generals would all come to the Asura Shop to choose martial techniques.”

Only then did Ye Yuan come to a realization. He said, “Then is there any impressive martial techniques at your place here?”

“There naturally is. But the formidable martial techniques are all housed in the inner-pavilion. It’s just that …” Talking until here, Si Yin could not help hesitating for a moment.

“You’re worried that my points aren’t enough?” Ye Yuan said rather surprisedly.

Since the female attendant knew that he had a points gamble fight with Lu Licheng, she presumably should know how many points he had.

He had 40 points in his hands right now. It was actually not enough to buy a set of martial technique?

The female attendant nodded and said, “Ordinary martial technique, I believe Sir won’t take fancy of them. The truly powerful martial techniques of the Slaughter Concept require at least 80 points. Those even more powerful techniques require more than 200 points!”

Ye Yuan could not help drawing a cold breath when he heard that too. A martial technique selling at such a horrifying price, this was also too absurd, right?

“Bring me in to take a look first!” Ye Yuan said coolly.

Following Si Yin into the inner-pavilion, Ye Yuan also jumped in fright. Martial techniques related to the Slaughter Concept was actually as many as several dozen copies, from Tier 7 to Tier 9.

But there was one point; the prices of these martial techniques were all very high.

Even the price of the most inferior Tier 7 martial technique reached 20 to 30 points.

As for the Tier 9 martial techniques, they basically all started at 50 points.

Ye Yuan swept a glance, but his gaze stopped on a martial technique right in the middle.

“Isn’t the price of this Slaughter Sword Art a little too absurd, yeah?” Ye Yuan pointed at this martial technique and said speechlessly.

This martial technique named Slaughter Sword Art actually needed a horrifying 500 points!

Si Yin smiled and said, “This Slaughter Sword Art is our Asura Shop’s supreme store treasure. It’s said that this martial technique cultivated to the extreme can even be on par with the Ten Great Divine Kings! Doesn’t Sir feel that it is worth this price?”

Upon hearing, Ye Yuan could not help becoming interested too. If a martial technique could reach the level of the Ten Great Divine Kings, forget about 500 points, even 1000 points were not considered expensive too.

It was just that these words being uttered out of the mouth of a puny little female attendant, how much credibility did it have?

“Ten Great Divine Kings? Huhu, in the entire Chaotic Devil Sea, are there existences rivaling the Ten Great Divine Kings?” Ye Yuan said with a smile that was not a smile.

Si Yin looked at Ye Yuan with a slight smile as she said, “There are goodness knows how many divine kings in the Divine Realm. But those able to become Ten Great Divine Kings existences, are only those 10 people after all. No matter how strong the martial technique is, it also requires the person training in it to be strong. Other people can’t cultivate to the Ten Great Divine Kings’s boundary, doesn’t mean that Sir can’t as well. Don’t you agree, Sir?”

Si Yin finished talking and discovered that Ye Yuan’s gaze was currently looking straight at her. He said with a half-smile, “Looks like, Miss hopes for me to cultivate this martial technique very much!”

A trace of bewilderment flashed across Si Yin’s heart. She did not expect that this boy in front of her was actually so sensitive.

“N-Not at all? It’s just that Sir asked, this maidservant is just answering Sir’s question,” Si Yin hurriedly said.

“Heh, even if you have a trap, what do I, Ye Yuan, have to fear! This cultivation method, I want it! But … can Miss Si Yin teach me how to obtain even more points or not?” Ye Yuan said.

Ye Yuan browsed through all of the cultivation methods. Very clearly, this Slaughter Sword Art was the most suited to him.

Ye Yuan could feel that behind this Asura Arena, there was a pair of large hands manipulating in secret.

Regardless whether was it Slaughter Concept or martial techniques, it could all be a trap.

But to be able to toy with so many geniuses in the palm of his hand, behind this definitely had an earth-shaking plot!

To Ye Yuan, to be able to live harmoniously in peace was naturally the best. If the other party did not have eyes and wanted to play some tricks on him, he would return it tit for tat without the slightest politeness too!

Although Ye Yuan felt that it was not proper, he similarly yearned immensely for strength.

To Ye Yuan, having one more supreme true intent was obviously something that he wished for.

Him coming to the Chaotic Devil Sea, on the one hand, it was for the sake of the Skandha Divine Stone. The other was for the sake of this supreme true intent.

Now that there was a heaven-defying martial technique on par with the Nine Suns Burning Heaven placed in front of him, Ye Yuan saying that he was not moved was fake.

Si Yin laughed coldly in her heart. The Asura Arena has existed for so many years! The geniuses are not just you alone! Having an unduly high opinion of one’s self, this is a common failing for geniuses! In the end, you still can’t resist the temptation of power!

“There are many ways to obtain points. But there’s one thing, that is to have some contribution to the Asura Arena. I heard that Sir has a Heavenly Sea Spirit Brimstone Pill in possession. If Sir is willing to transfer possession of it to the Asura Shop, we’re willing to purchase it at the price of 50 points.” Si Yin said.

Ye Yuan did not reveal a surprised look. He said with a smile, “Just the Heavenly Sea Spirit Brimstone Pill will do? Then if I refine other medicinal pills, can it also be exchanged for points?”

Si Yin said, “That will have to depend on what kind of medicinal pills sir refine. If it’s like the Heavenly Sea Spirit Brimstone, however many you have, we want as many!”