Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 883

Chapter 883 Earning Points

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“Wind-Movement Shadow Kill! Netherworld Hundred Kill Saber!”

This time, Leng Qing struck first to gain the initiative. His opening move was two mighty supreme true intent martial techniques!

A swift to the extreme movement technique and an unrivaled saber art, the two gave people an incredible visual impact sensation.

“Leng Qing unleashed his ultimate move! In this second level, how long has it already been since anyone could force him to go all out?”

“With this, someone can finally pose a threat to Ye Yuan, right? After all, Leng Qing strength would also be rather decent even when placed in the third level.”

“This Ye Yuan is too arrogant! I want to see how he’ll still be cocky if he can’t keep up with that swift to the extreme speed of Leng Qing!”

But that one elderly and one youth shook their heads endlessly on the grandstand. This Wind-Movement Shadow Kill was the martial technique they had the biggest headache over.

Coupled with the Speed Supreme True Intent, Leng Qing was fast beyond imagination.

But they knew that Ye Yuan still had the Origin Magnetic Field that was not unleashed yet!

This was speed’s greatest jinx.

Leng Qing’s figure suddenly burst out, directly vanishing before everyone’s eyes.

But everyone all knew that it was not that he disappeared, but he was fast until the naked eye already could not see.


Everyone saw Leng Qing display his figure, flying out backward, and slamming fiercely onto the grand array.

Following that, Ye Yuan pounced forward and chased after in Leng Qing’s direction.

Leng Qing’s strength was clearly much stronger compared to Lu Licheng. Although he suffered a punch, he did not lose combat capability.

Seeing Ye Yuan chase after, he was greatly alarmed and hastily deployed his movement technique, wanting to escape Ye Yuan’s pursuit.

Ye Yuan laughed and smiled. “Want to run? How can it be that easy?”

Origin Magnetic Field deploying, it was like Leng Qing fell into a quagmire, his speed falling drastically.

Bang! Another punch.

But Leng Qing’s speed was indeed very fast. He avoided most of Ye Yuan’s force before barely managing to not be crippled.

The power of Ye Yuan’s one punch was seriously too fearsome.

The martial artists on the grandstand were already struck dumb with astonishment. On the fighting arena, one chased and one ran, completely not like fighting. It was more like a game of cat-and-mouse.

What was damnable was that the one being chased was the second level’s number one person, Leng Qing!

This scene seriously made people feel too subverted.

Leng Qing’s strength was clearly much stronger than Lu Licheng’s. But facing Ye Yuan, he was likewise being pummeled until he could not raise his head.

This guy’s strength was truly ridiculously powerful.

“I concede!”

This was an unequal fight and was long unable to continue already.

Except, Leng Qing only found a trace of opportunity to catch his breath now, and said the words to admit defeat.

Following Leng Qing admitting defeat, his Slaughter Concept flowed over towards Ye Yuan’s body. The sixth star became much dimmer all at once.

The higher the rank of the soul general, the more Slaughter Concept lost after defeat. All at once, the fourth star on Ye Yuan’s forehead became bright.

Advancing another step and the fifth star would be appearing.

At this moment, Leng Qing felt like his entire person was on the verge of falling into pieces. There was not one spot that did not hurt from head to toe.

Even if his willpower was firm, he was injured until he contorted his face in pain at this time.

“M-Many thanks for Brother Ye for showing mercy,” Leng Qing sucked in cold breaths as he said.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “You and Lu Licheng are different. Your offense didn’t deserve death.”

That Tu Gang and Lu Licheng clearly gave rise to killing intent towards Ye Yuan. So Ye Yuan cut them down mercilessly without any politeness.

Although Leng Qing forced Ye Yuan to fight with him, Ye Yuan could sense that he was only tempering himself through battles. There was a fundamental difference in-between this.

Towards such an opponent, Ye Yuan did not mind sparing his life.

It was just that Leng Qing’s compelling method made Ye Yuan somewhat displeased. So that was why he would make a move to mete out punishment.

The people on the grandstand were stunned long ago already. The ever-triumphant Leng Qing was actually defeated so utterly. He even needed Ye Yuan’s charity before he was able to escape with his life by luck.

A Third Level Heaven Enlightenment was actually daunting to this sort of extent. This was an extremely rare thing in the Asura Arena.

At least, they had not seen such incident before.

Even the second level’s strongest, Leng Qing, became Ye Yuan’s vanquished opponent. Ye Yuan naturally obtained the qualifications to advance to the third level.

But Ye Yuan was not in a hurry. To him, the pressing matter on hand was to get enough points to exchange for the Slaughter Sword Art.

After the battle with Leng Qing, Ye Yuan immediately entered seclusion and started refining pills.

Five days later, Ye Yuan exited seclusion and directly went to the Asura Shop.

When Ye Yuan placed nine small bottles in front of Si Yin, her mouth opened into a circle shape, and she did not recover to her senses for very long.

“Mouth opening so big, it can stuff a fist in already,” Ye Yuan said with a snide smile.

Si Yin froze and finally came back to her senses. This time, her shocked expression was not feigned but genuine astonishment.

Ye Yuan purchased a total of 30 over spirit medicines and actually refined nine completed medicinal pills!

Of course, if she knew that what Ye Yuan refined was far from just nine, who knew what she would think.

Ye Yuan obviously would not tell her that his success rate of refining pills was a hundred percent. It was just that out of fear that it would be overly shocking, that he only took out nine medicinal pills!

In truth, Ye Yuan was in seclusion for five days and refined a total of 18 Tier 7 medicinal pills. They were all peak Tier 7 medicinal pills.

And what he took out was just half of what he refined.

“The other medicinal pills, you just purchase them according to the price of 50 points will do. As for this Seven Aperture Exquisite Pill, I think a price of 150 points isn’t considered expensive, right?” Ye Yuan said coolly.

Si Yin nodded her head mechanically. Suddenly recalling something, she asked, “These … These medicinal pills were all refined by you?”

“You just have to care about getting them. As for whether or not it’s refined by me, what does it matter?” Ye Yuan said.

Si Yin’s question for very amateurish. A seller bringing medicinal pills, as for where it originated from, one logically should not ask too much.

But Si Yin was too shocked right now. Furthermore, these medicinal pills were clearly refined and formed using those spirit medicines that Ye Yuan bought.

Then … just how high was Ye Yuan’s alchemy level?

“Ah! Sir, Si Yin didn’t mean that. Please don’t be mistaken. It’s just … It’s just that Si Yin was too surprised! This is a Seven Aperture Exquisite Pill! Even an Alchemy Emperor might not be able to refine it if he takes action. Sir only bought two portions of materials and actually refined one! This is simply too phenomenal!”

Si Yin’s emotions had no idea how it should be described. This kind of freak was simply not able to find an adjective to describe!

Except, the Seven Aperture Exquisite Pill that Ye Yuan refined was not one, but two!

The Seven Aperture Exquisite Pill was one of the hardest Tier 7 medicinal pills to refine. After consuming, it could permanently increase the martial artist’s cultivation speed by several times. It had the same profundities of achieving the same results with different means with the ‘Bing’ character Ye Yuan cultivated.

The valuable aspect of the Seven Aperture Exquisite Pill lied in that it was not only effective to Heaven Enlightenment Realm martial artists, but it was also similarly effective on initial-stage Phaseless Realm martial artists.

It was just that its effect on Heaven Enlightenment Realm martial artists was the greatest, so that was why it was classified as a Tier 7 medicinal pill.

In reality, forget about Alchemy Saints, even Alchemy Venerables had very few people able to refine successfully too.

Therefore, Ye Yuan stated a price of 150 points.