Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 886

Chapter 886 12 Exalts

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Looking at this debris all over the floor, Sun Qi could not help opening his mouth wide.

He originally thought that Lord Demon King calling Ye Yuan over was just because he admired Ye Yuan and wished to take him under his wing.

He did not expect that this Ye Yuan’s strength was actually this powerful!

Lord Demon King was actually defeated at Ye Yuan’s hands!

Nalan Chu’s title of Demon King did not appear out of thin air but was fought out match by match.

To be able to slaughter into the third level’s top five, it could be seen how powerful Lord Demon King’s strength was.

But such a Lord Demon King actually still lost to Ye Yuan!

Just what background did this Third Level Heaven Enlightenment brat have?

“Compared to before, you’re indeed much more powerful! It was absolutely impossible for the past you to force me to use Will Soaring to the Skies!” Ye Yuan said with a laugh.

“Will Soaring to the Skies! A fine Will Soaring to the Skies! Your sword intent is indeed already riding above the ninth layer of heaven! A sword like this is simply as the saying if gods block, kill gods, if Buddha blocks, kill Buddha!” Nalan Chu said with vicissitudes of emotion.

Nalan Chu had a deep understanding of Ye Yuan’s prowess after exchanging blows with Ye Yuan.

The last time, Ye Yuan using his most powerful Rending the Sky already shocked him.

Training and tempering these few years in the Asura Arena, Nalan Chu had always chased after Ye Yuan as his goal. His improvement was tremendous.

At one point, Nalan Chu also felt that he was already very close to Ye Yuan. But upon seeing today, Ye Yuan’s strength was still far above his!

This stance, Will Soaring to the Skies, truly rode above the ninth layer of heaven. He could not think of any strategies to resolve it at all.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Wait until the day my sword intent reaches major accomplishment, maybe it can really kill gods if gods block, kill Buddha if Buddha blocks. But right now, it’s still somewhat lacking.”

Nalan Chu also smiled and said, “That’s just a matter of time. Alright, this place isn’t a place to talk. Sun Qi, we’ll go to your residence.”

Sun Qi bowed and said, “Yes, Your Excellency!”

When Ye Yuan walked past him once again, the feeling in Sun Qi’s heart was completely different.

This young man’s strength was too terrifying!

Only after having some small talk with Nalan Chu did Ye Yuan know that Nalan Chu’s these two years of training and tempering was also rather not easy.

Nalan Chu had a warm-hearted and compassionate personality too. En route his training and tempering, he encountered an unjust matter.

A Rank Seven Holy Land’s junior disciple was in the process of violating a woman. Nalan Chu killed that person in his rage, then incurred endless pursuit. Along the way, he was forced into hopeless situations several times and narrowly lost his life, but he still pulled through in the end.

Rank Seven Holy Lands were not what the Crimson Afterglow, that sort of Rank Nine Holy Lands, could afford to provoke. Nalan Chu did not dare to expose his identity. Being forced against his will, Nalan Chu fled to the Chaotic Devil Sea.

As luck would have it, he obtained an Absolute Kill Token. Hence, he entered the Asura Arena.

Nalan Chu did not think that after he experienced life and death several times, his entire person underwent a complete transformation, integrating into the fighting ways of the Asura Arena very quickly.

In this place, he advanced with leaps and bounds. Not only he almost became a seven-star soul general already, but his Light Supreme True Intent also broke through to the third-stage!

“On that day, I heard that the second level had an upstart who is called Ye Yuan too. Moreover, his strength was overwhelming in the second level. I thought about whether or not there was such a coincidental thing. Later, I obtained the recording of you and Leng Qing fighting, before discovering that it’s actually really you!”

Running into an old friend in a foreign land, Nalan Chu was clearly very excited too.

These two years plus time, regardless of whether was it strength or temperament, Nalan Chu underwent a tremendous change.

Demon King this title was not given randomly. This was simply unimaginable for the former Nalan Chu.

Ye Yuan also talked about the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land’s recent developments with Nalan Chu. Nalan Chu sighed endlessly when he heard it too.

But he was also very happy when he was informed that Tu You broke through and that the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land was promoted to a Rank Eight Holy Land.

“Ye Yuan, since you’ve already advanced to the third level, isn’t it time to choose a camp?” after the small talk, Nalan Chu said.

“Choose a camp?” Ye Yuan had a perplexed look.

Nalan Chu nodded his head and explained, “This Asura Arena is actually controlled by the 12 Great Exalts. Martial artists from the first level to the sixth level, regardless of whether Heaven Enlightenment Realm or Phaseless Realm, they actually all belonged to one of the 12 Great Exalts.”

Hearing Nalan Chu say so, Ye Yuan revealed a look of realization: “No wonder Leng Qing really got his wish when he wanted to fight with me!”

“Above Leng Qing is Exalt Heavenly Hedonist of the 12 Great Exalts. The exalt I belong to is Exalt Zhuo Yan. If my conjectures are right, Exalt Si Yin has probably got an eye on you already. Seems like she wants to pull you under her command,” Nalan Chu said.

Ye Yuan was stunned. Si Yin’s face emerged before his eyes.

“You’re saying that female attendant in the Asura Shop is one of the 12 Exalts?”

Ye Yuan had a blank look. Hearing Exalt Si Yin this name, he finally came back to his senses.

Si Yin calculated a myriad of things, but she did not calculate that Ye Yuan actually had a personal friendship with this Lord Demon King.

Nalan Chu smiled and said, “The 12 Exalts’ statuses in the Asura Arena are all different. The area Exalt Si Yin is in charged of is precisely the Asura Shop!”

Ye Yuan had a speechless look. That young lady was also a bit too capable at acting, right? Although Ye Yuan had suspicions long ago, he also did not think that this young lady was actually one of the 12 Exalts.

“Like this huh? What if I don’t join their camps?” Ye Yuan pondered about it and said.

“Not joining their camps, unless you have heaven-defying strength, otherwise, you can only be erased by them! Of course, they can’t violate the Asura Arena’s rules either. But they can utterly wipe you out within the permitted boundaries of the rules!” Nalan Chu said.

Regarding the rules, Nalan Chu said, Ye Yuan understood it. No matter which level Ye Yuan was at, they could arrange stronger opponents to deal with him, it was roughly like this.

“Heh heh, want to wipe me out, huh? Let them go ahead! Just hope that they don’t break off their front tooth!”

Ye Yuan did not wish to be anyone’s underling. He was him, a former peak Alchemy Emperor, a present genius youth!

Trifling 12 Exalts, what right to come and control him, Ye Yuan?

Seeing Ye Yuan’s attitude, Nalan Chu could not help saying with a bitter smile, “I knew it! No matter what, we jointly came out of the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land. Furthermore, you’re the right and proper young lord! Whether professionally or privately, even if I die, I have to ensure your safety too!”

Ye Yuan was rather surprised when he heard that, but said with a smile, “You can’t even beat me, what do you have to protect my safety? Forget it, these things don’t need you to come and worry. At least at this third level, there isn’t anyone capable of harming me yet!”

Nalan Chu shook his head but did not know what he should say.

Actually, before finding Ye Yuan, he already mentally prepared himself. Other people, he dare not say, but Ye Yuan, he knew a little.

Want to make Ye Yuan bow and scrape as someone’s lackey, that was absolutely impossible.

“Huhu, Brother Ye, don’t talk about other things first. The 18 days top-tier cultivation chamber I promised you is already prepared. I know that Brother Ye should have just chosen a Slaughter Concept’s relevant martial technique. What you need most at this time should be closed-seclusion,” Nalan Chu said.