Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 887

Chapter 887 Name List

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“Killing Song of the Sword!”

Inside the cultivation chamber, killing qi overflowed.

A mass of black-colored sword qi was roaming around inside the cultivation chamber. The space of the places it passed by would have minute undulation appear, making the surrounding walls have intense undulation sounds appear.

“This Slaughter Sword Art is indeed well-deserving of its fame, to actually be able to unleash killing intent through such a method! One month passed and I actually only comprehended a smattering of the first level!”

Just 18 days were too short. After time was up, Ye Yuan extended another 12 day’s time. Only then did he barely managed to comprehend a modicum of the Killing Song of the Sword.

To Ye Yuan, using a month’s time to go cultivate a martial technique under the prerequisite of possessing the Slaughter Supreme True Intent and actually just comprehend a trace of the rudiments, this was a very seldom-seen matter.

This Slaughter Sword Art was very profound. The difficulty of comprehending was absolutely not beneath the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art’s auxiliary martial techniques.

It appeared that what Si Yin said was not false.

If this martial technique was cultivated to the limits, one might really possess strength comparable to the Ten Great Divine Kings!

It was just that if Si Yin found out about Ye Yuan’s cultivation speed, she would definitely be immensely shocked.

This martial technique, other people all cultivated with 10 years as units. Ye Yuan actually only used a month’s time to comprehend the preliminary rudiments. This comprehension ability was too terrifying.

The Ten Great Divine Kings were all staggering geniuses. But for them to reach this level, it requires over 500 years of time at the fastest too.

How could wanting to reach this sort of boundary be something overnight?

But Ye Yuan was still very unsatisfied with his cultivation speed.

“Time is pressing! This kind of cultivation speed is truly a little too slow. Looks like I got to think of ways to get some chaos gems.” Ye Yuan heaved a sigh and walked out of the cultivation chamber.

Exiting the cultivation chamber, Ye Yuan discovered that Sun Qi was actually waiting outside already. It was just that his gaze was somewhat evasive. Clearly, he had something he found difficult to express.

What kind of visual prowess did Ye Yuan have? He saw through that Sun Qi suffered considerable internal injuries at a single glance.

“What happened? You got injured during a fight? Where’s Demon King?” Ye Yuan frowned and said.

Nalan Chu did not use his original name here. Ye Yuan naturally would not reveal his unsavory background. It was just that Ye Yuan was quite surprised. If he had something to find him, there was no need to send an injured Sun Qi over, right?

“Lord Demon King he … he …”

Sun Qi words were vague, making Ye Yuan give rise to a hint of a foreboding premonition.


Sun Qi suddenly said with a look of righteous indignation, “Lord Demon King he … he was beaten to severe injuries by someone and is in danger of losing his life at any time!”

Ye Yuan’s expression changed, and he snapped, “When did it happen? Why did you come and inform me earlier?”

“I … I wanted to come and inform Lord Ye Yuan previously as well, but Lord Demon King he did not allow! He said that Lord Ye Yuan’s matters are greater than the heavens. Unless it was absolutely necessary, we’re not to disturb your closed-seclusion!” Sun Qi said with a bitter look.

“Bullsh*t! His little life is almost gone, what matter is even bigger than this?” Hearing this news, Ye Yuan could not help being somewhat moved in his heart, becoming abnormally irritated.

Ye Yuan was naturally aware of Nalan Chu’s thoughts. It was just that he did not expect that Nalan Chu was actually so foolishly loyal. He was going to be beaten to death in no time, and he actually did not allow his subordinates to come and inform him to exit seclusion in advance.

In Nalan Chu’s heart, Ye Yuan was the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land’s Holy Lord. He was the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land’s future.

Concerning martial artists cultivating, one of the greatest taboos was having a closed-door seclusion interrupted. Closed-seclusion suddenly being interrupted, if it was minor, it would make the things they comprehended be irrevocably lost. If severe, one would run amok, burying hidden dangers for breakthroughs in the future.

Nalan Chu did not wish to affect Ye Yuan became of him, that was why he did not let Sun Qi come and disturb Ye Yuan.

Seeing Ye Yuan fly off the handle, Sun Qi mumbled yes repeatedly by the side, and he did not dare to say anything.

Ye Yuan casually threw Sun Qi a medicinal pill and said, “Consume it. Take me to find Demon King!”

Sun Qi’s expression involuntarily changed when he got the medicinal pill.

Transcendent-grade Ling Hua Jade Dew Pill!

This was an extremely hard to come by Tier 7 healing medicinal pill; something that could not be bought on the market at all. Ye Yuan’s casual opening move was simply extravagant to the extreme.

Sun Qi consumed the medicinal pill and did not have time to refine the medicinal strength either, before bringing Ye Yuan to go find Nalan Chu.

Seeing lying on the bed was the unconscious Nalan Chu, Ye Yuan’s fury leaped up.

Nalan Chu’s heart meridians were virtually shattered; already at his last gasp, possible to die at any time. Ye Yuan even detected that within Nalan Chu’s body had a peculiar force that would cause immense damage to Nalan Chu’s internal organs.

Very clearly, the other party deliberately held back a trick or two just to torture Nalan Chu.

Competing in martial arts showdowns, death was a common occurrence. It was just that this kind of method was truly a bit too vicious.

The fury in Ye Yuan’s heart slowly rose!

But this kind of injury naturally could not stump the Alchemy Emperor Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan forced that power out of Nalan Chu’s body, then restored the wounds of Nalan Chu’s internal organs with essence energy. Finally, he let him consume a medicinal pill and helped him to refine the medicinal strength.

After a series of actions, Nalan Chu’s complexion gradually became rosy. His breathing became regular too.

Ye Yuan got up and made a hand gesture at Sun Qi, hinting for him to go out and talk.

Sun Qi was incomparably shocked looking at Ye Yuan’s actions by the side.

These few days, he had pulled who knows how many connections to invite God knows how many alchemists over. But they were all helpless on what to do regarding the Demon King’s injuries.

But the moment Ye Yuan came, he only used a short two hour’s time to drag Lord Demon King back from King Yama’s hall.

This level of means was simply a marvelous work of art!

“Speak, what on earth happened?”

Ye Yuan’s query was very calm. But beneath his calmness hid a monstrous fury.

Sun Qi calmed his emotions a little and explained the events that happened the other day.

Turned out, it had always been relatively balanced between the third level’s various major forces.

But not long after Ye Yuan went into seclusion, no idea for what reason, the two forces under Exalt Heavenly Hedonist and Exalt Blazing Fire actually teamed up to deal with Nalan Chu’s line.

The other party overwhelmed with superior numbers and challenged Nalan Chu’s side’s forces continuously.

With two major forces uniting together, their strength was simply not what Nalan Chu was able to withstand. In ten days, Nalan Chu suffered heavy casualties under his command. Even the Sun Qi with formidable strength was also beaten to heavy injuries.

It was naturally not possible for Nalan Chu to watch his own subordinates take a beating blindly. Hence, he came forward to challenge Exalt Blazing Fire’s subordinate, Yan Shan.

This Yan Shan’s ranking on the Earth Carnage Proclamation fell short of Nalan Chu’s. Originally, it should have been an almost guaranteed fight. In the end, an accident actually occurred!

The fight this time, Yan Shan’s strength unexpectedly advanced greatly. Furthermore, he even cultivated a strange power. Nalan Chu was affected by this force and was beaten to serious injuries in the end.

Ye Yuan was silent for a long time after hearing before saying to Sun Qi, “Take these two factions’ top 10, a total of 20 people, make a list and give it to me!”

Sun Qi’s expression changed and guessed what Ye Yuan wanted to do very quickly. He hurriedly said, “Lord Ye Yuan, a pair of fists are no match for four hands! I know that milord’s strength is powerful, it’s fine if it’s other people, but that Yan Shan and the Bai Meng under Exalt Heavenly Hedonist’s command, their strength is unfathomable! Especially Bai Meng, he’s even the third level’s number one powerhouse! How great his strength is, nobody knows at all.”