Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 888

Chapter 888 Asura Mode Activate

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“Give the list to me!” Ye Yuan did not explain anything and just said calmly.

Sun Qi’s heart turned cold and knew that Ye Yuan already made up his mind. No matter how he urged, it was also useless already.

Sun Qi did not dare to dawdle and could only give this name list of 20 people to Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan took the name list and came straight to the fight arena.

“I want to activate the Asura Mode. This is the name list I want to challenge.”

Ye Yuan found the fighting arena’s in-charge, a middle-aged man dressed in a gray robe. Ye Yuan handed the name list to him.

The gray-robed middle-aged man was in charge of the third level’s fighting arena’s matters and naturally knew who Ye Yuan was. But when he heard that Ye Yuan wanted to activate Asura Mode, he was still taken aback from fright.

“Do you know the consequences of activating Asura Mode?” the middle-aged man asked solemnly.

Ye Yuan nodded his head and said indifferently, “I naturally know. I haven’t fought a single match in the third level yet, so my ranking should be very far back. On the name list are all top 100 martial artists. I should have the qualifications to challenge.”

Asura Mode was known as Suicide Mode in the Asura Arena!

Martial artists who proposed activating the Asura Mode could only challenge people ranked higher than them. The number of people challenged had to be no less than 20. One must kill all of these 20 people in 24 hours, which was also within a day, before considering challenging Asura Mode to be successful and directly obtain the qualifications to advance to the next level.

If one did not complete the task within the designated time, they would be directly blotted out by the Asura Arena!

This was a rule compelling slaughter within the Asura Arena. The ones being challenged had to accept the challenge straight away and were not to decline for any reason.

Normally, if there wasn’t deep-seated hatred, nobody would propose activating Asura Mode at all.

Of course, some bloodthirsty people with formidable strength who wanted to advance to the next level as soon as possible, as well as to collect sufficient Slaughter Concept, would also activate this mode.

However, those able to complete this mission in the Asura Arena were extremely, extremely few!

In these 30 thousand years, only a mere two people completed the Asura Mode.

And the martial artists that these two people challenged, without exception, were only martial artists 20 places higher than them.

Those who survived in the Asura Arena were all not simple people. Wanting to battle across 20 ranks was a very challenging matter.

Even if one really had that strength, wanting to kill 20 opponents within a day, one’s essence energy was simply insufficient to support it.

Generally, those who activate Asura Mode all had deep-seated hatred and were hell-bent on dooming the other party to death. Furthermore, it was under the circumstances where the other party did not accept the challenge.

Because under the situation where the difference in strength was not big, wanting to kill the opponent on the fighting arena was very difficult. As long as the other party admitted defeat, it could not continue anymore.

Want to kill the enemy, there was only using this sort of deathmatch! Points gamble fight required the other party to accept the challenge before it could be carried out. Therefore, this Asura Mode was the only avenue for those who had formed an irreconcilable grudge.

Of course, one generally paid the price with their own deaths, even if you killed the opponent.

The gray-robed middle-aged man took a look at the name list, his expression could not help changing, as he said to Ye Yuan, “Ye Yuan, I know that your strength is decent, but are you sure that you want to challenge Yan Shan and Bai Meng? The two of them, their strengths are probably not beneath yours! If you’re unable to kill them within 24 hours, you’ll be directly obliterated by the Asura Arena!”

Ye Yuan said coolly, “Do I look like I’m joking? Get started!”

The gray-robed middle-aged man’s expression changed several times, but he finally heaved a long sigh, turned around, and left.

“Ye Yuan activated Asura Mode. Hua Jun, Wan Ziheng … Yan Shan, Bai Meng!”

Up in the third level’s sky, a melodious female voice sounded out, immediately stirring up a commotion.

“Somebody activated Asura Mode! Someone activated Asura Mode! Ye Yuan? Who is Ye Yuan?”

“Your news is also too out of touch! Ye Yuan is the man of the hour in the first level and the second level these days. He’s a formidable person who directly got a wipeout in the first level and brutally pummeled Leng Qing in the second level!”

“Being extraordinary at the first and second level, can he also be extraordinary when he reached the third level too? Leng Qing can’t even rank into the top hundred when placed in the third level, this boy has lost his mind, right?”

“En? You listen … He wants to c-challenge Yan Shan! B-Bai Meng! Crazy! This guy is utterly insane!”

Someone activating Asura Mode was a piece of big news to begin with, but this person actually directly challenged the third level’s number one person! This was an even more explosive major news!

All at once, the entire third level burst into an uproar!

Those martial artists all put down the matters in their hands, and all sprinted to the fighting arena one by one.

This kind of great battle was not a common occurrence.

Inside a restaurant in the third level, several people were currently drinking large bowls of wine and eating meat in large mouthfuls.

The voice sounding out, one person said, “Hua Jun, somebody wants to challenge you! Asura Mode! Tsk tsk, you got to be careful!”

Hua Jun’s expression changed, and he immediately burst into laughter and said, “Where did this fool come from, becoming tired of living at this time! Boss, save this table of alcohol for this Lord. Wait until I kill that blind punk, I’ll come back and carry on drinking!”

Inside a top-tier cultivation chamber, Wan Ziheng slowly opened his eyes when he heard this pleasant-sounding voice, and slowly walked out of the cultivation chamber.

Inside a room, a man and a woman were currently having a ‘flesh-to-flesh great battle’ when a pleasant-sounding voice echoed.

“Goddammit! What a bummer! Go, go to the side, wait until this Lord kills that blind punk! I’ll come back and continue!”

The man kicked the woman to the corner with one foot and swiftly wore his clothes and sped out of the door.

The same thing happened in every corner of the third level.

When these people heard the summons, they all did not dare to disregard it, hurrying to the fighting arena one by one.

A short one hour’s time and the third level’s fighting arena was packed full with people.

In the center of the fighting arena, a youth stood with his hands behind his back. He was currently resting with his eyes shut, quietly waiting for his opponents’ arrival.

“Hey, did you all discover or not? The opponents that this Ye Yuan is challenging are all in Exalt Heavenly Hedonist and Exalt Blazing Fire, these two people’s camps.”

“Like that needed you to say it? But this boy’s head definitely has a problem. Even if challenging these two mighty exalts’ camps, he should also pick the soft persimmons to squeeze! You look at the people he’s challenging; all powerhouses ranked in the top hundred of the Earth Carnage Proclamation!”

“This boy still has some ability. He allegedly beat Leng Qing until he could not raise his head in the second level.”

“So what? Leng Qing’s ranking is merely around 150th place. The Earth Carnage Proclamation’s top hundred martial artists are much stronger than the 150th place! Even if this boy has Earth Carnage Proclamation top hundred strength as well, can he kill these 20 people within a day’s time? In my opinion, this boy is tired of living, to actually activate Suicide Mode!”

“What do you know? I heard that this brat has some friendly relation with Demon King. Don’t you know that the Demon King was beaten to an inch of his life several days ago by Yan Shan? This boy is definitely here to take revenge for Demon King!”

The fighting had yet to begin, but inside the fighting arena was already clamoring with discussions.

Regardless of what reason Ye Yuan was doing it for, activating Asura Mode was no different from committing suicide too.

Yan Shan already arrived. He looked at Ye Yuan, a hint of a cold sneer hung at the corners of his mouth.

Right at this time, a disturbance stirred in the fighting arena. A young man dressed in white slowly stepped into the fighting arena.