Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 889

Chapter 889 Kill Until Blood Runs Cold

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“It’s Bai Meng! He entered closed-seclusion for quite a few months this time. Right now, his strength is probably even more unfathomable, right?”

“They are all discussing that the next time the Earth Carnage Proclamation comes out, Bai Meng will probably be reaching the summit!”

“No idea where Ye Yuan’s courage came from, to actually dare challenge Bai Meng. This kind of suicide style is seriously too heroic.”

Bei Meng’s appearance caused a considerable sensation.

He ranked third on the Earth Carnage Proclamation and first place on the Asura Arena’s third level. His strength was incomparably formidable.

Even if one activated Asura Mode, no one would be foolish enough to go and challenge him. Yet, Ye Yuan did that.

In the eyes of everyone, he was naturally a fool.

Bai Meng’s might was deeply-rooted in people’s hearts. Even if Ye Yuan’s battle results were glorious, it was also not possible to take his place.

Moreover, under the Asura Mode, whether Ye Yuan could live to see Bai Meng or not was a matter worth discussing.

Yan Shan glanced at Bai Meng, his eyes showing some dread as well. Clearly, he was incredibly wary of Bei Meng.

Ye Yuan challenging Yan Shan in order to take revenge on Demon King’s behalf, this was justifiable. But challenging Bai Meng, that was purely seeking death.

The people being challenged all turned up. The gray-robed middle-aged man came to the center of the fighting arena and opened his mouth to say, “Ye Yuan is challenging the Asura Mode. It officially starts now! The first battle, Hua Jun!”

Hua Jun came in front of Ye Yuan with an amused look and said with a cold smile, “Boy, you really don’t know how high the heaven is, and how thick the earth is. Today, let your Grandpa Hua come and teach you …”

Hua Jun was talking halfway when a stream of light in Ye Yuan’s hand flashed and disappeared. Hua Jun’s voice cut off abruptly.


Ye Yuan’s nonchalant voice sounded out, like the curse of a death god, making the fully occupied field of martial artists feel a chill run down their backs.

“Spout …”

Fresh blood gushed out like a fountain. Hua Jun had yet to figure out what was going on and already went to meet King Yama.

Adding it all up, it was less than a second.

This sword was swift like lighting. Everyone did not react to it. They also completely did not expect that Ye Yuan actually did not even say hello and directly drew his sword to kill people!

Too unreasonable! Too arrogant!

With a thud, Hua Jun collapsed onto the ground and breathed his last, leaving only behind fountain like blood still spraying wildly.

“Dumb*ss! Once the Asura Mode starts, that’s a life and death match! He actually still had time to talk rubbish with that punk!” Yan Shan said with a solemn face.

Regarding Ye Yuan’s one-hit-certain-kill, Yan Shan did not mind. Killing someone at Hua Jun’s level, he could similarly do it.

“Next one, Wan Ziheng!” The gray-robed middle-aged man’s voice sounded out once again, icy cold without the slightest emotion.

But in the depths of his eyes, a hint of astonishment still flickered across.

Other people could not see through, but he perceived it. This move of Ye Yuan’s earlier was not some brilliant martial technique, but the not-considered-profound divine soul mystic art, Sword Driving Technique!

The Sword Driving Technique was not considered very brilliant for divine soul mystic arts. But Ye Yuan killed an Earth Carnage Proclamation’s top hundred expert skillfully without much effort. How powerful a foundation did this require?

The way the gray-robed middle-aged man saw it, Ye Yuan chose the most effort-saving and effective way to kill off the opponent.

This also indicated that Ye Yuan’s control of battles was precise to the extreme!

Such an adversary was truly very frightening!

The moment Wan Ziheng took the field, Ye Yuan suddenly erupted, rumbling over towards him with a punch.

Wan Ziheng’s expression changed. Without even thinking, it was a palm when he raised his hand.


Wan Ziheng was smashed flying ruthlessly, slamming onto the grand array, and no longer breathed.

“Next!” Ye Yuan’s voice was still ripple-less like an ancient well, not carrying the slightest hint of emotion.

But regardless whether was it the surrounding martial artists, or the targets being challenged, they all could not smile.

If let’s say there were still suspicions of a surprise attack for Hua Jun, then Wan Ziheng was a frontal-battle. Ye Yuan directly annihilated Wan Ziheng with absolute, tyrannical strength!

They never would have thought that Ye Yuan was actually fearsome to this sort of extent!

“Next, Cao Chen!”

“Next …”

The gray-robed middle-aged man announced name after name. These people’s strength were each stronger than the other. But under Ye Yuan’s hands, their best situation also did not pass three moves!

“T-Too strong! How can this brat be so powerful?”

“Those are all top experts on the Earth Carnage Proclamation! They actually can’t even survive three moves under Ye Yuan’s hands!”

“Who freaking said that this brat was here to commit suicide? This guy is clearly a killing god himself!”

The martial artists on the grandstand were all incomparably shocked. Looking at those legendary figures fall down one by one, their hearts twitched repeatedly, and actually somewhat could not breathe anymore.

While those challenge targets not yet called, each and every one of their faces became incomparably ugly.

To be able to reach their level, which one did not have a heart of stone? But seeing people whose strength were roughly around the same as theirs collapse one by one, that sort of impact was still too intense.

They … were afraid!

Ye Yuan’s incomparably overbearing method of killing made each and every one of them feel terror!

“Next, Guo Ziming!”

Being called, Guo Ziming trembled without rhyme or reason, and actually kept on did not dare to step forward.

“Next, Guo Ziming!”

Guo Ziming’s Earth Carnage Proclamation ranking was 53rd place; around the same as Sun Qi. This was already considered a very impressive existence among Heaven Enlightenment Realms.

But facing such a powerful Ye Yuan, he actually did not dare to take a step forward!

Only to see him shudder all over, not daring to stride a foot out at all.

“Next, Guo Ziming! Ten breaths of time, still not taking the stage, you’ll be blotted out!” The gray-robed middle-aged man’s voice sounded out a third time.

Guo Ziming quivered and involuntarily took a step forward.

It was just that after this one step, he still did not dare to go forward.


After ten breaths, Guo Ziming’s entire person blew up. Very clearly, he was directly obliterated by the Asura Arena.

Seeing this scene, people’s expressions became even uglier.

Being killed was not scary. But this feeling of waiting to be killed was seriously too distressing.

“Next, Qi Hao!” The gray-robed middle-aged man’s countenance did not change in the slightest and continued to call the next name.

Qi Hao’s expression darkened. Seeing Guo Ziming’s wretched state, he did not dare to deliberately delay anymore, arriving in front of Ye Yuan with a leap.

Ye Yuan did not have the intention of talking crap. It was the Sword Driving Technique the moment he made his move.

Qi Hao’s strength was not what Hua Jun could compare to. His figure flashed, and he directly avoided this sword.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

After one attack, Qi Hao completely refused to come into contact with Ye Yuan. He intentionally pulled apart the distance from Ye Yuan in order to not give Ye Yuan any opportunity that could be taken advantage of.

Very clearly, he wanted to use this sort of method to delay the time.

“Humph! If I don’t fight you head-on, even if your strength is any greater, what can you do to me?” Qi Hao laughed coldly in his heart.

But the next instant, his expression instantly froze on his face.

Under Ye Yuan’s Origin Magnetic Field, his figure abruptly turned languish. After that, he was no longer alive.

“Want to kill my, Ye Yuan’s, brother, you’ll have to be mentally prepared to get killed!” Ye Yuan’s words seethed with killing intent, making everyone shudder at it.