Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 89

Chapter 89: Nine Heavens Road

One moment ago, Ye Yuan was still exuding awe-inspiring righteous pride and crowed about taking people's head.

Yet right now, he was hiding behind a woman. Simply shameless to the extreme.

But this move was really useful.

No matter how insanely Su Yubai's flames of wrath burned, he did not dare to attack Feng Ruoqing!

Ye Yuan had long seen through this point. This also made him curious about Feng Ruoqing's identity. She was definitely not as simple as an ordinary instructor.

However, Ye Yuan scoured his memories, and he could not think of any great family in the State of Qin with the Feng surname.

"Teacher Feng, I want to go to the Assembly Hall on my own. Is there any problem?" Ye Yuan said with a straight face.

Feng Ruoqing sighed and nodded lightly.

Even though Feng Ruoqing was elegantly beautiful, she was born with the arrogance of the Imperial Family in her bones. She did not know why, but she just could not refuse this young man in front of her.

Having received repeated blows, Su Yubai no longer wished to lose face in front of everyone.

He snorted coldly and turned around and left.

He believed that they would not dare to not go to the Assembly Hall!

After Su Yubai left, Ye Yuan gave Huyan Yong a deep bow. "Many thanks to Teacher Huyan's life-saving grace!"

Huyan Yong waved his hands dismissively and said casually, "No need to thank me. If you want to thank someone, then thank the dean. Before the dean left, he specifically instructed me to not let anything happen to you and to take good care of you, "

Ye Yuan was dazed and completely baffled by this dean whom he had never met before.

"Actually, strictly speaking, you saved yourself." Feng Ruoqing suddenly opened her mouth.

"Oh? How so?"

"I told the dean all about your performance during the alchemist test. The appreciation of a genius arose in the dean's heart, and that's why he arranged for Teacher Huyan to come to protect you," Feng Ruoqing explained.

Only now did Ye Yuan came to a realization. But he begged to differ from what Feng Ruoqing said.

Saving means saving. This favor that Ye Yuan owed was too great!

Ye Yuan was not an ingrate. This favor naturally had to be returned.

"Teacher Huyan, after Ye Yuan breaks through to the Spirit Condensation Realm, today's grace will definitely be returned!"

Ye Yuan gave Huyan Yong a promise that sounded like in the indefinite future, but Huyan Yong could naturally sense the sincerity in it.

It was just that he was still unaware of how heavy this promise of Ye Yuan's was!

Jiang Yunhe only instructed him to protect Ye Yuan well before leaving. He did not know for what reason and thought that Jiang Yunhe had a change of heart.

"It's not necessary. I'm not doing this for any repayment. Today's round isn't considered over yet. It looks like Su Yubai still wants you dead!" Huyan Yong thought that Ye Yuan was only expressing words of gratitude, and he did not take it to heart.

Feng Ruoqing faintly guessed something, but her eyes lit up unwittingly. But she did not expose it.

She began to unwittingly look forward to just what level Ye Yuan's alchemy skills would reach after breaking through to the Spirit Condensation Realm.

"Ye Yuan, I saw how Su Yubai looked like just now. He's confident in settling this matter in stone at the Elders Council. You had best be cautious. Once the Elders Council sentences you to immediate execution, we can't go against it either," Feng Ruoqing frowned and said.

"The Elders Council is that powerful? Didn't you say that there was an exception, Teacher Feng? How did that person escape with his life?"

"You are talking about Mo Yuntian, right? Although he escaped punishment, it was likewise almost certain death!" Huyan Yong interrupted.

"Oh? Can Teacher Huyan enlighten me?"

However, Huyan Yong shook his head and said, "You can't follow Mo Yuntian's path. Give up! Right now, the only method is to delay time at the Elders Council and wait for the dean to return!"

The more Huyan Yong would not say, the more curious Ye Yuan got.

Since Huyan Yong would not say, he might as well ask Feng Ruoqing. "Was there something behind it?"

Feng Ruoqing hesitated for a second, but she still answered. "Back then, Mo Yuntian was number one on the academy's Martial Roll of Honor, Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm! When he was admitted, his close friend was unable to keep up with his footsteps. At that time, he was only a Black Rank student. But then, a student manager from the General Affairs Department was unaware of their relationship and he caused endless troubles for Mo Yuntian's close friend. Finally, the guy turned him into a cripple. In his rage, Mo Yuntian murdered that student manager!"

Hearing that, Ye Yuan snickered coldly. "Looks like the General Affairs Department is truly a place where talents gather, and their 'virtue' was inherited!"

Feng Ruoqing sighed as she continued explaining, "There are too many people in the Dan Wu Academy. Using students as managers are also something that cannot be helped. Not only do instructors have to teach classes, but we also have to cultivate. If we are bothered by too many miscellaneous stuff, our cultivation would have been bound to be delayed. Hence, the general affairs had always been a place where the authority was the greatest. Therefore, it was also natural to breed these conceited students."

Ye Yuan nodded to show his understanding. Instructors were also martial artists, and they pursued the martial path. They were obviously unwilling to be distracted by these mundane matters.

Only by letting those students with insufficient talent managed the rest could the true geniuses have the time to cultivate. This was an acceptable method.

"Then what happened?"

"Then Mo Yuntian did not wait for the academy to deal with him. Alone, he walked to the Nine Heavens Peak at the back of the mountain and stepped onto the Nine Heavens Road, which is almost a certain death. But he passed through it! However, the Nine Heavens Road is absolutely not something that the current you can charge through!" Huyan Yong followed up.

"That's to say, the Elders Council can't do anything to me once I pass through this Nine Heavens Road?" Ye Yuan ignored Huyan Yong's words and replied with a question.

"Theoretically, yes. But you have to know that when Mo Yuntian made it pass the Nine Heavens Road, he was already at the Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm. Since the establishment of the Dan Wu Academy, there has been a total of 237 people who attempted the Nine Heavens Road. Among them were 194 Spirit Condensation Realm students and 43 Essence Qi Realm students, but only a measly five people made it through. In these ten years, only Mo Yuntian alone made it! Students who failed to make it either died directly on the Nine Heavens Road or lost their minds, and became a complete lunatic ever since. But most importantly, none of the 43 Essence Qi Realm students survived!" Huyan Yong seemed to have also become jumpy, talking about the Nine Heavens Road.

"Just what is on the Nine Heavens Road?" Huyan Yong's words seemed to have not changed Ye Yuan's mind.

"Nobody knows what's on the Nine Heavens Roads. It's because before entering the Nine Heavens Road, students must swear a Heavenly Dao Oath to never reveal any information encountered on the Nine Heavens Road," Huyan Yong explained.

"Like that huh? Fascinating! Teacher Huyan, just now that old fart is surnamed Su. Is he someone from the Su Family?" Ye Yuan suddenly enquired.

"That's right. Su Yubai is the second brother of the Su Family's Family Leader, Su Yulin!"

"So that's the case. No wonder he had such thick killing intent towards me. Since that's the case, then I will go and try out this Nine Heavens Road!"

Huyan Yong was stunned by Ye Yuan's words. Was the long time he spent talking wasted?

Seeing Huyan Yong's expression, Ye Yuan smiled and said, "Just think about it, Teacher Huyan. Su Yubai wants me dead. He definitely has a way of making the Elders Council impose the death penalty on me. Since that's the case, why should I seek my death? I know that Teacher Huyan wishes to drag things out until the dean is back, but will Su Yubai grant you your wish?"

Hearing Ye Yuan's analysis, Huyan Yong's expression turned stiff.

These few years, the dean stood aloof above worldly considerations and did not manage most of the academy's matters, letting Su Yubai fill in the void. The Elders Council was almost mostly his people already.

Just as Ye Yuan said, going to the Elders Council now was no different from going to be killed.

"So, the Nine Heavens Road is my only way out!"