Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 890

Chapter 890 True King Bloodline

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Fighting, not his match! Fleeing, nowhere to run!

Apart from Bai Meng and Yan Shan, the gazes the rest of the people looked at Ye Yuan with were filled with despair.

Besieging the Nalan Chu line, they all more or less took part in it. It was just that they never thought that the consequences would be so severe.

They very much wanted to flee the fighting arena. But once Asura Mode activated, no means of escape would work.

Either one killed their opponent or be killed by their opponent.

The opponents after that, regardless of whether they broke down completely, or turned to desperate measures in distraught, they were all clay chickens and pottery dogs in front of Ye Yuan!

Finally, 18 people were already killed. The next one was going to be Yan Shan.

The people knew that the fighting had only just begun.

Yan Shan slowly fell out of the ranks and said to Ye Yuan calmly, “Brat, I admit that you’re very capable. But there’s nothing worth showing off by finishing off those trash. In front of the Earth Carnage Proclamation’s top ten, everything is futile! Prepare for a reckoning!”

Ye Yuan looked at him calmly and said, “Demon King was injured by you?”

“Heh, that fool, living in his own fantasy world and still thought that I wasn’t his match. Now, he’s tormented by my Profound Dark Force until he’s almost dead, right? Brat, are you very furious? Do you want to kill me very much? Hahaha! Rest assured, I’ll make you die in agony like him!” Yan Shan became more pleased with himself as he talked, finally bursting into laughter.

At this time, a voice came from the grandstand, “Sorry to disappoint you. I’m afraid that the one dying today is you!”

Yan Shan’s expression changed as he searched for the owner of the voice in disbelief. Indeed, he saw Nalan Chu appear on the grandstand under Sun Qi’s support.

“How is that possible? My Profound Dark Force is incomparably abstruse. How can … How can you still stand up?

Yan Shan was very confident in his Profound Dark Force. Once it entered the other party’s body, it would continuously wreck the other party’s internal organs, all the way until it utterly destroyed the other party’s bodily functions.

Demon King had already gotten hit by it for several days. Logically speaking, he should be almost dead right now. How could he possibly appear here?

Looking from far away, apart from some paleness on Demon King’s face, there did not seem to be any issue out of place.

“Profound Dark Force? What is that? As long as he still has one breath left, saving him is nothing difficult for me,” Ye Yuan said scornfully.

Yan Shan’s expression darkened, and he said coldly, “Is that so? I want to see if you can bring a dead person back to life! Profound Dark Nether Dream Kill!”

A palm smacked towards Ye Yuan, seemingly looking slow, but it was swift to the extreme in reality.

Ye Yuan had purged the Profound Dark Force within Demon King’s body before and was naturally aware of the prowess of this palm art.

Within this palm technique contained extremely powerful hidden force; it was incredibly hard to guard against. However, Ye Yuan had nothing to fear. His Void Dragon Shadow Punch was extreme indomitable yang. It was the jinx to this type of gentle yin palm force.

If Yan Shan was Phaseless Realm, Ye Yuan would really have some dread. But he was only Heaven Enlightenment Realm. Ye Yuan had nothing to fear at all.


The fist and palm clashed. Yan Shan was directly pushed back several dozen steps.

His expression changed, and he said in terror, “Scorching Supreme True Intent! Your Scorching Supreme True Intent is only first-stage! How can it possibly be stronger than my Profound Dark Nether Dream Kill?”

Ye Yuan fused together dragon wave and supreme true intent. It could be said as pioneering the start of a paradigm. Yan Shan not recognizing was also normal.

This two things fusing together was not just as simple as one plus one equals two.

“Very surprised? Since you can’t figure it out with one punch, then I’ll beat you until you understand!”

Ye Yuan gave a light cry. Origin Magnetic Field opened up fully. Dragon wave and Scorching Supreme True Intent also revolved to the limits.

This time, he pulled out all the stops!

With the pinning down of the Origin Magnetic Field, it was as if Yan Shan sunk into a bog. Even essence energy circulation was not that smooth anymore.

Ye Yuan’s fist shadows landed like raindrops. Yan Shan had nowhere to run and could only meet the attacks passively.

What Yan Shan’s palm force relied on was hidden force. It was not suited for this kind of frontal-clash in the first place and was beaten back under Ye Yuan’s fist shadows repeatedly.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Yan Shan’s strength was indeed incomparably formidable. Under Ye Yuan’s berserk attacks, he could actually still barely manage to hold on and not be defeated.

If it were some other people, they would have long been pulverized into minced meat.

“Truly didn’t expect that this brat’s strength was actually so formidable! Those fools in front actually didn’t even force out half of his strength! Looks like there’s no choice but to use that move! Although I’ll suffer a great loss of vitality after using it, it’s better than dying!” Yan Shan secretly pondered.

Ye Yuan was currently bombarding savagely when all of a sudden, warning bells suddenly sounded. A feeling of immense danger surged in his heart.


A light flashed. A strip of clothing in front of Ye Yuan’s chest was shredded into ribbons. Ye Yuan relied on the recoil force and narrowly avoided this attack.

“What happened? Why did Yan Shan’s aura suddenly change drastically, his strength increasing so much all of a sudden?”

“You guys, look at his hand! It actually grew out sharp talons!”

“My God, how did Yan Shan turn into a monster that is neither a person nor a ghost?”

The Yan Shan currently, both eyes revealed a scarlet red color. A pair of tusks actually grew out of his mouth. His four limbs bulged up, his hands becoming claws.

That appearance was just like a human-shaped leopard.

Although he became like this, his entire person’s aura strengthened several times all at once, giving people a feeling of incredible danger.

“Stinking brat, to actually force your Uncle Yan Shan to this extent! Savor it well, you damn punk!” Yan Said said savagely.

Yan Shan’s figure swayed, his entire person vanishing from everyone’s line of sight. He was actually inconceivably swift.


Without the slightest hesitation, Ye Yuan threw a punch out, slamming together with Yan Shan.

But this time, it was Ye Yuan who was sent flying out far away by the tremendous recoil force. The Origin Magnetic Field was actually unable to restrain Yan Shan’s speed!

After landing, Ye Yuan heaved a slight sigh and said coolly, “Turns out that its Old Freak Wei’s experimental subject. But looking at your appearance, his experiments seemed to have some breakthrough!”

Yan Shan was currently pleased with himself. When he heard that, his expression could not help changing drastically once again: “You … How did you know?!”

Ye Yuan looked at Yan Shan pitifully and said, “What I know is way more than you imagine. Looking at your appearance, you should have been implanted with the Thousand Mile Cloud Chasing Leopard bloodline. It’s just that looking from the bloodline’s strength, you’re still far too lacking! Makes sense, a trash like you, fusing with a first-rate bloodline is a waste too.”

Ye Yuan spoke with confidence and composure, making critical remarks about Yan Shan as if looking at a defective product.

Yan Shan was incomparably shocked in his heart. But Ye Yuan’s words deeply wounded his pride.

True, with his strength, it was simply insufficient to let that old freak implanted a first-rate bloodline in him.

“Stop pretending! My Thousand Mile Cloud Chasing Leopard bloodline is plenty enough to kill a rookie like you!” Yan Shan said in a violent rage.

Ye Yuan shook his head and said with an emotional sigh, “Since you fused with bloodline power, then I’ll let you take a look at what’s called true king bloodline power!”

As he was talking, Ye Yuan’s aura billowed to the skies. The martial artists’ expressions all changed. It was as if they heard a series of dragon roars!