Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 891

Chapter 891 Formidable Bai Meng

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“True dragon bloodline! This Ye Yuan actually carries true dragon bloodline!”

Inside the fighting arena, cries of exclamations sounded out all around.

True dragon bloodline itself was nothing much. There were quite a number of human clans that possessed true dragon bloodline.

But Ye Yuan’s terrifying dragon pressure made clear to all the purity of his bloodline.

Under such dragon pressure, Yan Shan’s body was actually trembling!

Although he tried his very best to control himself to not tremble, that sort of desire to submit originating from the bloodline made him lose control over himself.

“You guys, look! Ye Yuan he … actually cultivated dragon blood to the boundary of dragon transformation!”

At this moment, Ye Yuan’s right arm actually thoroughly transformed into a dragon claw!

The all the way unmoved like an ancient well Bai Meng finally revealed astonishment in his eyes at this time. But his astonishment only flashed past before fading, recovering composure very quickly.

“Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm!”

The fleshy body strength of the right arm which turned into a dragon’s claw rose by goodness knows how many times. Using the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm at this time, the power was unparalleled!

It was as if an azure dragon was going to crush a myriad life on earth. What did a puny little Yan Shan count as?


Under a palm, Yan Shan was directly smashed into a blurry mess of flesh and blood!

It was also that Yan Shan fused with the Thousand Mile Cloud Chasing Leopard bloodline and his fleshy body was likewise incredibly powerful, that he could barely manage to maintain a human form.

“How … How is this possible?” Yan Shan looked at Ye Yuan, still unwilling to believe this fact until now.

“There’s nothing impossible! Old Freak Wei is too extreme and already offended the entire Demon Region! Moreover, whether or not this extraction and refinement method can obtain genuine divine beast blood essence is also something that cannot be known. At the very least, it won’t be much easier than breaking through to Deity Realm.” Ye Yuan said coolly.

Yan Shan had shock written all over his face. He did not think that Ye Yuan actually knew so many things.

Old Freak Wei was an extremely mysterious genius figure. Apart from those major powers in the Divine Realm, very few people were aware of his existence.

This fellow did not follow conventional thinking and loved to capture members of the demon race to extract and refine divine beast bloodline, wanting to obtain genuine divine beast blood essence through this sort of method.

It was just that divine beast bloodline extracted and refined with this kind of method was too heterogeneous. Experimental subjects like Yan Shan would basically all be reduced to half-human, half-beast lunatics in the end; a tool that that only knew how to kill people.

Old Freak Wei had killed god knows how many demons and already became the public enemy of the demon race.

If not for the human race was too powerful, a war between the two races would probably have already occurred at this point.

Even so, the Holy Region had no choice but to represent humans to declare Old Freak Wei wanted at large. Only then did it calm down the fury of the Demon Region.

This guy was simply a troublemaker!

“Apologies. The nonsense is a little much. I’ll send you on your way right now!”

A cold light flashed. Yan Shan’s head directly flew out. This third level’s powerhouse who rose sharply was killed by Ye Yuan just like this.

On the grandstand, when Nalan Chu saw this scene, he was unbelievably agitated.

When he woke up and heard that Ye Yuan started Asura Mode, he was anxious until he nearly jumped up. But the Asura Mode had already been activated. He could do nothing but bite his nails as well.

Helpless, he could only make Sun Qi help him to the fighting arena, but just happened to see Yan Shan and Ye Yuan face off.

Regarding Ye Yuan killing Yan Shan, Nalan Chu was not very surprised. What he was truly worried about was Bai Meng!

Bai Meng this guy, his strength was unfathomable. No one in the entire third level knew his depths.

Although Nalan Chu was very confident in Ye Yuan, facing an enigmatic guy like Bai Meng, he still had no confidence in his heart.

“Next, Bai Meng!” The gray-robed middle-aged man’s words were still calm. But that slight tremor still betrayed his state of mind at this time.

Ye Yuan and Bai Meng’s showdown should be the pinnacle battle of Heaven Enlightenment Realms. Just who was strong and who was weak between the two people, this was something that everyone was waiting to see.

Bai Meng slowly stepped forward. Looking at Ye Yuan, he said coolly, “You’re very strong!”

Speaking until here, Bai Meng paused a bit, seemingly waiting for Ye Yuan’s response. Yet … Ye Yuan did not give him the slightest reaction.

“However, you’re not my match! Take your own life, I can leave you an intact corpse!”

Bai Meng’s words revealed powerful self-confidence. After watching Ye Yuan’s exaggerated fight and still being able to say this kind of words, if Bai Meng was not a moron, then he was powerful until it made one’s hair stand on end!

Very clearly, Bai Meng this powerhouse who domineeringly occupied the third level’s number one belonged to the latter.

Bai Meng’s words aroused a wave of commotion. Quite a few people were all very stunned.

“Bai Meng is really too confident! Ye Yuan’s performance is already sufficient to shock people’s hearts. He actually did not take it to heart at all.”

“The strength that Yan Shan displayed is much stronger compared to when he battled with Demon King! Ye Yuan was able to utterly crush him. Could it be that he still doesn’t have the qualifications to face-off with Bai Meng?”

“Heh heh, Bai Meng is Bai Meng, he’s indeed my idol! I believe that he’s absolutely not bragging, but have sufficient strength to kill Ye Yuan!”

In the crowd, some people had doubts about Bai Meng’s words. There was also a portion of the people who felt that Bai Meng had a well thought out plan.

But no matter what, Bai Meng’s strength was sufficient to threaten Ye Yuan. This point, nobody doubted it at all.

“The matter of besieging Demon King, you should have participated as well, right?” But Ye Yuan gave an answer which was irrelevant.

Bai Meng smiled slightly and said, “This sort of trick, I’m actually very disdainful. But a puny little Demon King is not worthy of me making a move yet. So … I let the people below go and play on their own.”

Bai Meng did not have the slightest intention of denying it. He had no need to deny it either.

In his eyes, Ye Yuan was already a dead man. He had no need to mind a dead person’s attitude.

Hearing that, Ye Yuan’s nodded his head slightly and said, “Very good. Begin then!”

Bai Meng smiled as he said, “I knew that you won’t be willing to submit. But once I make a move, you probably won’t have the chance anymore!”


While everyone had yet to react to it, Ye Yuan’s body already flew out like a cannonball, slamming heavily onto the grand array.

Seeing this scene, everyone drew a cold breath.

“What happened just now? Did you guys see clearly?”

Everyone on the grandstand exchanged glances, all not quite certain of what happened.

The two people were clearly still talking the previous moment, why was Ye Yuan sent flying suddenly?

A faint smile still hung on Bai Meng’s face as he said, “I said before, once I make a move, you won’t have the chance anymore! Your fleshy body is indeed not bad, but in my view, it’s completely not worth mentioning! Do you know why I remained in the third level? Simply because my cultivation realm hasn’t broken through to Phaseless Realm yet! But … my fleshy body has already broken through to Tier 8 long ago!”

Tier 8 fleshy body!

This was still Ye Yuan’s first time encountering a human martial artist stronger than him in body refinement!

That punch earlier, Ye Yuan used his right arm to protect his whole body at the most critical moment, blocking Bai Meng’s attack.

Otherwise, whether Ye Yuan could stand right now or not was an issue!

Ye Yuan’s right arm fused with the primeval dragon bone. In terms of strength, it could absolutely reach Tier 8. But his body’s other areas did not break through to Tier 8.

Even so, Ye Yuan felt like his right arm was about to break.

The might of this punch was seriously too powerful!

Ye Yuan himself also did not expect that this Bai Meng would actually be so strong!