Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 892

Chapter 892 Ye Yuans Trump Card

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“Bai Meng’s fleshy body has actually broken through to Tier 8 already. How to fight? Ye Yuan was too impulsive. It was fine if he challenged Yan Shan, he shouldn’t have thrown in Bai Meng!”

“With Bai Meng’s strength, he can enter the fourth level long ago! It’s just that he’d rather be the head of a chicken than the tail of a phoenix, that’s why he stayed in the third level. He’ll only enter the fourth level when his essence energy cultivation realm breaks through to Phaseless Realm.”

“Ye Yuan is already very strong! He carries the dragon race bloodline, and his fleshy body is powerful beyond comprehension. But facing the Tier 8 fleshy body Bai Meng, he can only die aggrieved.”

Ye Yuan cut down Yan Shan. This made many people look forward to his showdown with Bai Meng.

But now, facing such a powerful Bai Meng, they could not see the tiniest scrap of chance of Ye Yuan winning at all.

A streak of fresh blood flowed out from the corners of Ye Yuan’s mouth. Clearly, that punch earlier already damaged his insides.

But this bit of injury did not count for anything to Ye Yuan at all. He revolved the Tyrant Dragon Regeneration Art and this bit of injury recovered in a blink of an eye.

Ye Yuan loosened up his body and said with a smile, “Tier 8 is it? A little interesting! At least, it can make me get serious! If you’re as weak as that trash just now, that will be too meaningless!”

Bai Meng’s expression fell, and he said disdainfully, “Still planning on holding strong? Boy, I’ll give you another chance, end your own life. Otherwise, once I make a move, it won’t be that easy for you to preserve an intact corpse.”

But Ye Yuan said with a laugh, “Looks like you’ve stayed too long in the third level and became somewhat arrogant and conceited! Enough crap, bring it!”

“Humph! You’re courting death yourself, can’t blame me for it!” Bai Meng gave a cold snort and suddenly vanished from sight.


Ye Yuan was struck flying by Bai Meng once more with a punch!

This time, Bai Meng did not pause. He wanted to dispose of Ye Yuan in one go.

Ye Yuan felt like the bones in his entire body was going to fall apart. He clashed a punch with Bai Meng just now, but the other party’s fist was seriously too powerful, making him actually somewhat unable to hold his own.

Bai Meng attacked again. Ye Yuan did not dare to spurn it. Lifting his hand, it was another punch!


Ye Yuan was struck flying once more!

The current Bai Meng was just like a war chariot; crushing Ye Yuan frenziedly. Ye Yuan was like a sandbag under his hands, being hit flying around everywhere by him.

But what made Bai Meng depressed was that no matter how he exerted strength, he was unable to thoroughly dispose of Ye Yuan.

He could feel that Ye Yuan’s fist was likewise incomparably tough; absolutely not inferior to his fleshy body. But Ye Yuan’s entire body’s strength was unable to keep up, resulting in him being at an absolute disadvantageous position in terms of strength.

Ye Yuan revolved the Tyrant Dragon Regeneration Art to the limits once more, healing the wounds on his body constantly, so as to deal with Bai Meng’s next attack.

Under Bai Meng’s attacks, Ye Yuan was weak like a leaf floating along with the wind; without the slightest strength to retaliate at all.

In a twinkle, Bai Meng unleashed a hundred punches but was forcefully withstood by Ye Yuan.

Bai Meng did not hold back in the slightest. These hundred punches, he poured in every last ounce of strength but was unable to take Ye Yuan down.

“Huff, huff, huff …”

Bai Meng finally ceased his attacks, Ye Yuan’s pants were like puffing bellows.

Bai Meng’s condition was slightly better, but from the sweat drops at the sides of his head, one could also tell that his exhaustion was likewise not little.

“Haha, j-just this bit of strength? Didn’t you say that once you make a move, I won’t have the chance anymore? Turns out that your bragging abilities are much more formidable than your actual skills!” Ye Yuan gasped for air, but his words were full with ridicule.

Grabbing hold of this gap, Ye Yuan also crazily urged his Tyrant Dragon Regeneration Art, restoring his internal organs’ wounds.

Ye Yuan felt like his entire arm was already no longer his. He practically did not even have the strength to lift his arm.

But what made Ye Yuan excited was that his fleshy body was becoming stronger bit by bit. It was already not far from breaking through to Tier 8!

Ye Yuan was obviously not a fool. The reason why he took a beating like this was that he discovered that this kind of limit fighting style could squeeze out the potential of the primeval dragon bone, making his refinement become even faster!

This short while’s time was sufficient to match up to a hundred days of his bitter cultivation already.

At present, people able to make Ye Yuan fight under this kind of extreme state was really very seldom-seen.

Without a doubt, Bai Meng had this strength.

Encountering an opponent with such a powerful fleshy body was indeed very hard.

Hearing Ye Yuan’s words, Bai Meng’s expression was incomparably ugly.

He could tell from Ye Yuan cutting down Yan Shan that although Ye Yuan’s fleshy body was strong, he was absolutely not his match.

But this brat was actually very spooky. He really could not do anything about him for a short while.

Seeing Ye Yuan taunt, Bai Meng’s face was black like the bottom of a wok.

“Whether it’s bragging or not, you’ll know right away! But I have to admit, you’re already rather impressive to be able to force me to use this move!”

Only to see Bai Meng roar. The garment on his upper body immediately exploded, his entire body’s explosive muscles exposed in front of everyone.

The seven stars on his glabella gradually hid from view, turning into clouds of black gas, revolving around Bai Meng.

“Black Demon Tyrannical Martial Fist!”

A horrifying aura reverberated on the fighting arena. Even when separated so far away from Bai Meng, everyone on the grandstand could still sense the might of this punch.

They were all sighing endlessly in their hearts. If Ye Yuan did not go and provoke Bai Meng, maybe he could still hang on for a while.

But now, Bai Meng was enraged!

Under this one punch, Ye Yuan had no chance to be spared.

When Sun Qi saw this scene, his expression could not help changing drastically, and he said to Nalan Chu, “Lord Demon King, this … what to do about this?”

Nalan Chu’s face still had a ghostly pale look but did not panic or lose his head at Ye Yuan’s circumstances.

Hearing that, he replied with a smile, “If Bai Meng is only at this level, he’s dead for sure. Although I don’t know why Ye Yuan dragged until now, this punch should be able to force out Ye Yuan’s trump card!”

Sun Qi’s expression changed as he looked at Nalan Chu in disbelief.

Could it be that fighting until now, Ye Yuan actually had not brought out his most powerful trump card yet?

In the fighting arena, Ye Yuan drew out the Starmoon Sword neither too quickly nor too slowly. A faintly discernible sword intent started rising in the field.

This sword qi was not strong. It was not as peerless as Bai Meng’s move. But it was like a stubborn little grass in the cracks of a rock on a cliff; very tenacious!

“Will … Soaring … to the Skies!”

Ye Yuan lightly slashed a sword out, without any flashiness, without the slightest threat. The way the vast majority of the martial artists saw it, it was even somewhat hilarious.

But when the gray-robed middle-aged man at the side of the arena saw this scene, his expression changed!

This sword intent was condensed and did not radiate. But the powerful strength contained within, he sensed it vividly!


Under everyone’s disbelieving eyes, this sword easily cleaved apart that indomitable fist of Bai Meng’s. After that, the remaining force did not reduce, splitting Bai Meng’s entire person into two halves!

Bai Meng’s corpse that collapsed on the ground still had wide circles for eyes. Clearly, he could not believe everything that happened before his eyes.

He had clearly occupied the absolute initiative, why did he die in a wink of an eye?

“H-How can it be like this? How can this flimsy slash possibly cut down the Tier 8 fleshy body Bai Meng?”

This was what everyone thought at this instant.