Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 893

Chapter 893 Snatching People

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“What a terrifying sword! This brat’s sword intent has probably already reached the sixth-stage! How in the world did he comprehend it at this young age?”

When the gray-robed middle-aged man saw this sword, he had an indescribable shock in his heart.

To be able to comprehend a supreme true intent to the level of sixth-stage, they were basically all some famous old monsters.

Like Ye Yuan this age, that was virtually something impossible.

The comprehension of a supreme true intent, the further back, the more arduous. The greater the power too. But wanting to cultivate a supreme true intent to the level of the great circle of perfection, that was absolutely as hard as ascending to the heavens!

But Ye Yuan already comprehended sword intent to such a level at such a young age. Cultivating to the great circle of perfection seemed like it was just a matter of time too.

“Bai Meng … died just like this? I still can’t believe my eyes right now.”

“Ye Yuan he … succeeded in challenging Suicide Mode? Furthermore, who he challenged was even the third level’s number one person!”

“My God! He succeeded in challenging Asura Mode. How many years has it been since this sort of thing happened in the Asura Arena? Ye Yuan, he created a miracle!”

At this time, some people finally realized that Ye Yuan was challenging Asura Mode.

This challenge that went by Suicide Mode was actually completed by Ye Yuan!

These Heaven Enlightenment Realm peak geniuses were actually slaughtered cleanly by Ye Yuan within a day just like this!

This kind of battle result was seriously too heaven-defying!

On Ye Yuan’s glabella, the sixth star was currently condensing and forming. Killing 20 people in one go, furthermore, they were all opponents ranked extremely highly.

The Slaughter Concept’s values on their bodies were very high, especially Bai Meng. A large portion of the Slaughter Concept would enter Ye Yuan’s body after their death.

The gray-robed middle-aged man came in front of Ye Yuan and opened his mouth to say, “Ye Yuan, you succeeded in challenging Asura Mode and will obtain 500 points as a reward! Additionally, top-tier cultivation chambers are free for you to use for one month!”

Ye Yuan nodded his head and said, “Many thanks!”

Finished talking, Ye Yuan was just about to turn around and leave when he was stopped by the gray-robed middle-aged man.

“I’m the Seventh Slaughter General, Mo Shang, under Exalt Netherkill’s command. I wonder if you’re interested to join Exalt Netherkill’s command and became the Ninth Slaughter General? Don’t worry, the Exalt rarely makes the slaughter generals do things. You can have more time to cultivate. Furthermore, apart from the regular points and essence crystals incentives, you’ll obtain every month, you’ll even have more authority!” The gray-robed middle-aged man suddenly said.

“Exalt Netherkill?” Ye Yuan’s brows furrowed. Clearly, it was his first time hearing of this name.

“Exalt Netherkill is the most mysterious existence among the 12 Exalts. Even us Eight Great Slaughter Generals have never met him before either! It’s precisely because so that he normally rarely intervenes in our, slaughter generals’, affairs, and also rarely orders us to do things. Furthermore, he’s extremely stringent in selecting slaughter generals. The number of slaughter generals under his command is also the least. But each of us slaughter generals can fight one on two!”

Mo Shang explained, clearly very proud about becoming a slaughter general under Exalt Netherkill’s command.

“Oh? Since that’s the case, you can make this decision on Exalt Netherkill’s behalf?” Ye Yuan said with a smile that was not a smile.

But Mo Shang said solemnly, “If even you don’t have the qualifications either, then nobody is qualified! In these 10 thousand years, you’re the first martial artist to succeed in challenging Asura Mode! Furthermore, your challenge is different from the rest. The people you challenged were all the strongest batch in the third level!”

But when Ye Yuan heard that, he started to ruminate. Mo Shang did not interrupt him either. He just quietly waited for his reply.

But the martial artists on the grandstand all burst into an uproar.

“Did you guys hear it? Lord Mo Shang is actually inviting Ye Yuan to become a slaughter general under Exalt Netherkill’s command!”

“Yeah! Exalt Netherkill only has eight slaughter generals under his command. Moreover, each one of them is a peak Phaseless Realm powerhouse. Ye Yuan is merely just initial-stage Heaven Enlightenment Realm, and he’s actually invited to become a slaughter general already!”

“Although Ye Yuan’s cultivation realm is not high enough, his potential is too great! In this sort of place like the Asura Arena, leaping realms to battle is extremely seldom-seen. Ye Yuan is only Third Level Heaven Enlightenment, and he’s actually able to easily cut down the first place Bai Meng. This kind of genius is bound to be exceedingly popular!”

“Heh heh, it’s still Lord Mo Shang who is smart! After Ye Yuan exits this place, probably apart from Exalt Heavenly Hedonist and Exalt Blazing Fire, the other exalts will all send people here to snatch him. If Ye Yuan agrees, Lord Mo Shang would have performed an exceptional meritorious service!”

The people were currently discussing animatedly when a melodious female voice sounded out in the sky above the fighting arena.

“Mo Shang, Ye Yuan is someone that this exalt has taken fancy on. You actually dare to cut me off?” 1 The voice was very moving, but the tone was very unfriendly.

It was another wave of exclamations on the grandstands. People who dare to proclaim themselves as ‘this exalt’ were only exalts!

A lord exalt actually came personally to snatch people!

When Mo Shang heard the voice, his expression could not help changing!

“This … Mo Shang dare not! Mo Shang didn’t know that Ye Yuan was actually somebody that Exalt Si Yin has taken a liking to! But I think that Exalt Netherkill will definitely be very interested in Ye Yuan too.” Mo Shang hesitated for a moment and said.

“Insolence! Are you using Netherkill to pressure me here?” Si Yin reproached. A piercingly cold killing intent instantly enveloped the entire fighting arena.

Everyone’s hearts turned cold. It was as if they had their throats strangled, virtually unable to breathe.

Was this exalt-class killing intent? Too powerful!

“Mo Shang dare not! Exalt Si Yin, please calm your anger!”

Under Si Yin’s threat, Mo Shang had no choice but to lower his head.

How could a trifling slaughter general possibly be an exalt’s match?

The 12 Exalts were the Asura Arena’s real administrators.

Right at this time, another male voice sounded out.

“Si Yin, are you bullying juniors again? We had an agreement between us before, not to force the Asura Arena’s martial artists to choose camps, did you forget?” The male voice carried a smile as he said.

“Humph! Coldblood, when did I force Ye Yuan to choose camps? Mo Shang is just a slaughter general, could it be that this exalt can’t teach him a lesson?” Si Yin said with a cold snort.

This male voice should be Exalt Coldblood.

Exalt Coldblood descending at this time, his goal naturally could be understood without further explanations as well!

Now, there were actually three big camps coming to snatch Ye Yuan! This glory, likely no one in the Asura Arena had it!

Coldblood said with a smile, “Huhu, good that you didn’t force! Ye Yuan, this exalt is one of the 12 Exalts, Exalt Coldblood. Right now, I want to recruit you to become a slaughter general under my command! As for the terms, 100 points every month, in addition, 50 heaven essence crystals. You can invoke top-tier cultivation chambers to use as and when you like. How’s that?”

The moment Coldblood’s words came out, everyone all sucked in a cold breath.

This treatment was way better than ordinary slaughter generals.

“Ye Yuan, you should have guessed who this exalt is, right? Serve under my command. I’ll give you 200 slaughter points every month and 100 heaven essence crystals! Apart from this, when you buy things in the Asura Shop, 50% discount without exception!” Exalt Si Yin said coldly.

Two mighty exalts actually started losing all decorum in front of Ye Yuan!

Ye Yuan suddenly smiled when he heard that and opened his mouth to say, “Two Lord Exalts, junior suddenly had some enlightenment in the battle just now and need to enter closed-seclusion to meditate over it. I’ll take my leave first!”

Done talking, Ye Yuan swaggered off.