Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 894

Chapter 894 Proclamation Coming Out

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“The latest issue of the Earth Carnage Proclamation is freshly out! Everybody, quickly come and take a look!” On the streets, someone started crying out.

The Heaven’s Secret Tower would issue a Heaven Carnage Proclamation and Earth Carnage Proclamation list once every half a year, publishing and binding into a book, and issuing to all corners of the Chaotic Devil Sea for free.

Being in a favorable position, Asura City was naturally the place to obtain the proclamations first.

Whenever this time came, many martial artists would all abandon cultivation in order to take a look at the list, to see if they were ranked on the list or not.

This list was very authoritative. Basically, the difference in ranking on the Earth Carnage Proclamation determined the depths of each one’s strength.

Just like assessing the Ten Great Divine Kings back then, there were naturally people who were unconvinced by this ranking. They would go and challenge martial artists ranked higher than them on the Earth Carnage Proclamation, so as to prove that this proclamation was utter rubbish.

But the final result was that nine out of ten challengers all failed.

In the end, it naturally proved that this list was not completely correct. But the authority of this list was also established from then on.

Close to two months time had already passed since Ye Yuan killed Bai Meng. This period of time, Ye Yuan had always been in closed-seclusion inside the top-tier cultivation chamber, turning a complete deaf ear to the various exalts’ roping in of him.

And today, was the day a new issue of the proclamations were issued. The martial artists in the entire city were all craning their necks in anticipation.

“This half a year, my strength advanced greatly. Quickly help me see if I made it on the list or not!”

“Let me take a look … uh, already checked until 450th place already. Doesn’t seem like there’s you!”

“No way, right? I … I actually failed again!”

Asura City, just inside the Asura Arena had several tens of thousands of martial artists. Furthermore, all of them were formidable rivals. Wanting to slaughter into the top 500 was absolutely not an easy thing.

Although everyone was all energetic and in high spirits, the final results were mostly disappointment.

After the disappointment, the people were more zealous about those powerhouses’ ranking changes.

And the one receiving the most attention among them was undoubtedly the Ye Yuan who cut down Bai Meng not long before.

Before that, they were all spreading that Bai Meng would be able to climb to the number one position this time. Since Ye Yuan killed Bai Meng, number one should be something without the least bit of suspense, right?

“Quickly flip ahead, take a look if number one is Ye Yuan or not!” Someone urged.

“En? Number one … is still Mu Yang! It’s actually not Ye Yuan!”

“No way, right? Did you see wrongly or not? Bai Meng’s fleshy body broke through to Tier 8, Mu Yang shouldn’t be Bai Meng’s match! Ye Yuan slew Bai Meng, how can he possibly not be on the Earth Carnage Proclamation?”

This person clearly did not believe it and snatched the list over. Focusing his eyes and looking, indeed, he saw that the number one name was still Mu Yang.

What was recorded on the Earth Carnage Proclamation was the entire Chaotic Devil Sea’s experts and not all of the experts in the Asura Arena. This Mu Yang was not inside the Asura Arena, but he overpowered Bai Meng to become the Chaotic Devil Sea’s number one.

Now that Ye Yuan slew Mu Yang but was still unable to surpass Mu Yang, could it be that this Mu Yang’s strength was already daunting to this sort of degree?

“It’s not right! You look downwards some more, even if Ye Yuan isn’t first place, he can at least rank into the top ten, right?” This sentence reminded everyone. They hurriedly looked downwards.

But from first place to 20th place, there was still no sight of Ye Yuan’s name.

These people were unreconciled to it and continued to look down. But the more they looked down, the more disappointed they got. They looked all the way to the 300th place but still did not see Ye Yuan’s name.

With this, everyone was depressed.

“What kind of lousy Earth Carnage Proclamation! Heaven’s Secret Tower that bunch of fools, they are messing with us here, right? Someone as powerful as Ye Yuan actually can’t even get on the Earth Carnage Proclamation?” That martial artist threw the Earth Carnage Proclamation onto the ground and said disdainfully.

They all saw Ye Yuan’s strength with their own eyes. If even Ye Yuan could not get on the Earth Carnage Proclamation, then wasn’t these rankings on the Earth Carnage Proclamation sheer nonsense?

“Forget it! Everyone says that Heaven’s Secret Tower is omniscient. I think it’s also just like that! Forget it, forget it, better take a look at the Heaven Carnage Proclamation! If there are no accidents, the Heaven Carnage Proclamation this time should still be Dou Jue, right? I just wonder if any of those few that came out from the third level entered the Earth Carnage Proclamation this time or not.”

The moment these words came out, a bunch of people immediately became excited too, and took out the Heaven Carnage Proclamation and started looking.

“500th place, Zhen Hong. 499th place, Guo Xun. 498th place, Liu Ye. Heh heh, these few lords indeed got on the proclamation after half a year’s time of accumulation! En? 4 … 495th place, Y-Ye Yuan! N-No way, right?”

“Haha, are you teasing me? Ye Yuan is just Heaven Enlightenment Realm, how can he possibly get on the Heaven Carnage Proclamation? If you’re lying to Your Father, you should also use some brains, alright?” Another person said with a laugh.

“W-Who’s joking with you? If you don’t believe, see for yourself!” As he said, that person directly threw the list to the other party.

“Heh heh, I’ll look then! Your Father has never heard before that a Heaven Enlightenment Realm martial artist can even get on …”

He was just talking when his eyes also glimpsed the last few names on the Heaven Carnage Proclamation. Ye Yuan’s name was shockingly there!

“R-Really got on the Heaven Carnage Proclamation! This … How is this possible?”

Very soon, the news of Ye Yuan getting on the Heaven Carnage Proclamation swept across the entire Asura Arena’s third level like a tornado.

In the Asura Shop, Exalt Si Yin looked at the Heaven Carnage Proclamation list in her hand, her expression very ugly.

“Shao Kai, what do you think?” Si Yin asked the middle-aged man in brocade beside her.

“In this subordinate’s view, Ye Yuan definitely obtained a very big breakthrough in these two months of seclusion. Although he was also very strong when fighting with Bai Meng, he shouldn’t be powerful to a degree where he gets on the Heaven Carnage Proclamation. But it’s precisely because so that this Ye Yuan is even more terrifying! His growth rate is too fast!” Shao Kai said solemnly.

Under normal circumstances, after the martial artists on the Earth Carnage Proclamation broke through to Phaseless Realm, there would be a period of accumulation before they had a chance to get on the Heaven Carnage Proclamation.

After all, the people on the Heaven Carnage Proclamation were not to be trifled with. Even if those Heaven Enlightenment Realm geniuses were any stronger, it was also impossible to immediately surpass these Phaseless Realm seniors.

“As time passed, people’s understanding of the Heaven Carnage Proclamation and Earth Carnage Proclamation had also deviated. Actually, the Heaven’s Secret Tower issuing this proclamation was originally ranked according to strength and potential, and not at all divided according to cultivation realm. Normally speaking, the Heaven Carnage Proclamation is the real powerhouse list, while what the Earth Carnage Proclamation regards as more important is potential. However, Ye Yuan being able to ascend to the Heaven Carnage Proclamation with Heaven Enlightenment Realm cultivation, this is the first time since the two proclamations were published!” Si Yin said.

Shao Kai nodded his head rather approvingly as he said, “This Ye Yuan is truly remarkable! Sadly … it will probably not be easy for Lord Exalt to want to bring him under your command.”

Si Yin’s expression fell, clearly quite vexed.

Indeed, Si Yin was somewhat regretting now! Had she long known about today, she would have directly offered the points to help Ye Yuan buy the Slaughter Sword Art.

Delivering charcoal in the snow was more favorable than adding flowers to embroidery.

Wanting to rope in Ye Yuan now would probably need to expend a greater price.

“Heavenly Slaughter Pit is going to open very soon. We need Ye Yuan right now! No matter how great a price I spend, I must pull Ye Yuan over to my side!” Si Yin gritted her teeth and said.