Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 895

Chapter 895 Crucial Role

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Just as the outside world expected, these two months time, Ye Yuan’s strength increase was all-round!

Experiencing Bai Meng’s battle, Ye Yuan finally found the opportunity for body-refinement to breakthrough to Tier 8.

After half a month, Ye Yuan drew support from the power of medicinal pills and broke through to Tier 8 in one stroke!

Breaking through to Tier 8 brought tremendous changes to Ye Yuan.

The primeval dragon bone’s energy was released further, making Ye Yuan’s cultivation realm rise a great deal too, directly bursting through the Fourth Level Heaven Enlightenment’s bottleneck, finally reaching Sixth Level Heaven Enlightenment.

What made Ye Yuan even more surprised was that his dragon wave finally broke through to middle-stage spirit rank after the breakthrough this time!

Ye Yuan’s talent in dragon wave, even Long Teng marveled greatly with admiration. But after he broke through to spirit rank, the rate of progress had always been very slow.

The power of the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm, Ye Yuan had always relied on the advancement of the fleshy body to increase it.

All the way until this time, Ye Yuan’s dragon wave finally broke through the bottleneck.

After breaking through to middle-stage spirit rank, the power of Ye Yuan’s Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm had an extremely great increase.

Ye Yuan also became aware that after his dragon wave was cultivated to spirit rank, the frequency of that sort of vibration reached a very terrifying level. Wanting to make any more advancements were countless harder than before.

This was also the reason why he had always been unable to break through the middle-stage bottleneck.

With the strength of Ye Yuan’s Tier 7 fleshy body, wanting to reach that sort of vibration frequency was virtually something impossible.

This time, Ye Yuan broke through to Tier 8, the strength of his fleshy body had a tremendous increase. Only then did it let him break through the bottleneck in one stroke.

Of course, the increase in dragon wave made the power of the Void Dragon Shadow Punch have a substantial increase too. But because Ye Yuan’s Scorching Supreme True Intent still remained at a standstill, this limited the increase of Ye Yuan’s strength.

The remaining half a month, Ye Yuan was constantly cultivating the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art’s seventh layer martial technique —- Blazing Sun Heavenly Fire!

This time, Ye Yuan did not cultivate in seclusion with a one-track-mind.

He thought of a possibility, since the Vast Heaven Stele was able to help him comprehend concepts, then if he entered the Vast Heaven Stele’s space to cultivate this martial technique, would he comprehend it faster or not?

Ye Yuan visualized the Blazing Sun Heavenly Fire and entered the Vast Heaven Stele’s space. He discovered that inside the Vast Heaven Stele’s space, there was actually a transparent silhouette battling him with Blazing Sun Heavenly Fire!

Furthermore, this transparent person’s Blazing Sun Heavenly Fire was actually at minor accomplishment!

This discovery made Ye Yuan pleasantly surprised!

Such an opponent was simply tailor-made for him!

This half a month’s time, Ye Yuan was demolished by this transparent person goodness knows how many times. Finally, it made his Blazing Sun Heavenly Fire reach minor accomplishment!

This sort of cultivation speed was simply rated as horrifying!

One had to know what when Ye Yuan comprehended the Void Fire Mark back then, he spent quite a few month’s time.

But the difficulty of the Blazing Sun Heavenly Fire was god knows how many times greater than the Void Fire Mark.

Ye Yuan actually only used half a month to cultivate the Blazing Sun Heavenly Fire to minor accomplishment.

As such, his Scorching Supreme True Intent also smoothly broke through to the second-stage!

Two months later, Ye Yuan exited seclusion fully satisfied and contented.

After exiting seclusion, the first one he went to find was naturally Demon king Nalan Chu.

What made Ye Yuan surprised was that when he found Nalan Chu, that gray-robed middle-aged man, Mo Shang, actually just happened to be present.

The moment Nalan Chu saw Ye Yuan, it was like he saw his savior. He hurriedly pulled him to one side and said, “Oh my Young Lord, you finally exited seclusion! If you still don’t leave seclusion, my doorway will be trampled broken!”

Ye Yuan took a look at Nalan Chu and glanced at Mo Shang, and instantly knew what happened in this period of time.

Looks like those few exalts all did not give up!

Unable to find him, they actually set their eyes on Nalan Chu.

Looking at Nalan Chu, Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Huhu, don’t act meek after receiving benefits! These two months, accepted gifts until your hands became weak, right?”

Nalan Chu’s face involuntarily reddened when he heard that. He was just about to explain when he heard Ye Yuan say again, “Heh, if you accepted, then keep it. Since lord exalts they all are so courteous, we can’t fail to appreciate favors either!”

Ye Yuan knew that these exalts finding him one by one was definitely not taking fancy on his potential, but because he had some areas for them to exploit.

In this sort of place like the Chaotic Devil Sea, if one naively thought that their talent was regarded highly by some important figure and want to groom heavily, then the final outcome would definitely be very tragic.

Since that was the case, why not take it since there were benefits?

But Nalan Chu passed Ye Yuan a storage ring and said, “The gifts I accepted are all here. These gifts were gifted targeted at you. It should belong to you.”

But Ye Yuan smiled and pushed it back, saying, “If they gave you, just take it. Being polite for what? Could it be that you think they will still treat me shabbily?”

Finished talking, Ye Yuan circled around Nalan Chu and clasped his hands towards Mo Shang, saying with a smile, “What a nice mood Senior Mo Shang is in, to actually come here and be a guest.”

Mo Shang smiled bitterly when he heard that and said, “You, this brat, really can’t do anything about you! Don’t tell me that you don’t know my intentions for coming!”

Ye Yuan smiled and refrained from commenting.

Mo Shang could not help being somewhat gloomy about his blow landing on cotton. But he opened his mouth again, “Senior, this word, I don’t deserve it! You’re a powerhouse on the Heaven Carnage Proclamation now too! Logically speaking, we should be of the same generation. If you don’t mind, just call me Elder Brother Mo.”

Ye Yuan froze. He had yet to understand what was going on when Nalan Chu explained, “The other day, the new issue of the Heaven Carnage Proclamation and Earth Carnage Proclamation were already published. Your name appeared on the 495th place of the Heaven Carnage Proclamation! This matter has already caused a huge commotion in the Asura Arena.”

Only when Ye Yuan heard did he come to realize it.

He himself also did not think that he would actually get on the Heaven Carnage Proclamation.

But Ye Yuan estimated his strength presently a little, beating Sixth Level Phaseless martial artists shouldn’t be anything difficult. Getting on the Heaven Carnage Proclamation did not seem to be something hard to believe either.

It was just that, what made Ye Yuan surprised was that he was in closed-seclusion for two months and his strength had a tremendous increase. Such a thing actually could not hide from the Heaven’s Secret Tower’s eyes and ears.

This Heaven’s Secret Tower was seriously mysterious until it made people feel terrified.

Ye Yuan in closed-door seclusion, if he was spied on by others, it was impossible to not detect anything at all. Then how did Heaven’s Secret Tower come to know that he had the strength to leap realms and battle?

“Elder Brother Mo, even if Younger Brother, I, got on the Heaven Carnage Proclamation, compared to you, I’m afraid the disparity is still too great, right? You already said that Exalt Netherkill is extremely stringent in selecting slaughter generals, why would he pick me?” Ye Yuan asked with a smile that was not a smile.

Actually, Ye Yuan already had some guesses in his heart. It was just that he still needed to confirm it through Mo Shang’s mouth.

Although Ye Yuan gleaned considerable benefits in the Chaotic Devil Sea, he did not forget his objective of coming here.

Long Teng was still in slumber and needed Skandha Divine Stones to nourish.

And Skandha Divine Stones was the Chaotic Devil Sea’s local specialty!

This matter, very few in the outside world knew. But with Ji Qingyun’s status, he was naturally aware.

Skandha Divine Stones were inside the Heavenly Slaughter Pit!

Mo Shang did not hesitate. Opening his mouth, he said, “One month later, the Heavenly Slaughter Pit will be opening! When the time comes, the 12 Exalts will bring a large group of subordinates to enter inside! And you will play a major crucial role!”