Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 896

Chapter 896 Conditions

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“Heavenly Slaughter pit?” Ye Yuan intentionally pretended to not know.

Mo Shang nodded his head. Darting a glance at Nalan Chu, Nalan Chu got the meaning and left on his own accord.

After Nalan Chu left, Mo Shang explained, “This is a secret only limited to slaughter general-class to know! The Asura Arena has limitless good stuff and also a set of slaughter rules that the outside world doesn’t. And these all originate from the Heavenly Slaughter Pit!”

“The Heavenly Slaughter Pit is an ancient battlefield, and also a land where gods fall! There are inexhaustible treasures inside. Of course, it also comes with tremendous danger. The Heavenly Slaughter Pit opens once every ten years. And two months later is precisely the ten-year date.”

Ye Yuan’s face made a surprised expression at the right time, but asked, “What does that have to do with me?”

Mo Shang said, “Entering the Heavenly Slaughter Pit the last time, the exalts discovered a grotto. And opening the grotto requires dragon race bloodline.”

Ye Yuan came to a realization when he heard that. No wonder these exalts were all like flies, watching closely and not letting go.

“In that case, I’m a rare commodity in short supply right now? It’s just … ten years passed all at once, these Exalts can’t have not prepared any backup plans, right?” Ye Yuan said with a smile that was not a smile.

Although dragon race bloodline was scarce, as long as one searched seriously, they could still find some.

Since these exalts got their eyes on that grotto, it was impossible to not find martial artists carrying dragon blood in these ten years.

“That is, of course! It’s just that martial artists carrying dragon race bloodline aren’t easy to find. The ones who found dragon blood martial artists now are only four or five exalts.” Mo Shang.

“Since they already found four or five, why do they still want to come looking for me?” Ye Yuan could not help asking curiously.

“That, I’m not too sure. Maybe they took a liking to your strength. Because that grotto, exalts can’t enter! Furthermore, since it requires dragon race bloodline, the treasures inside are very likely to be related to the dragon race. People carrying dragon race bloodline naturally have a greater chance of obtaining treasures.” Mo Shang guessed.

Hearing Mo Shang’s explanation, Ye Yuan could not help frowning and say, “Looks like, there were exalts who perished in that grotto?”

This sort of thing, one would only know after testing it out personally.

Mo Shang nodded and said, “The last time the Heavenly Slaughter Pit opened up, everyone accidentally stumbled upon and barged into the Dragon Sovereign Territory. As a result, two Exalts were directly obliterated by the rules inside! Exalt Si Yin and Exalt Blazing Fire were supplemented in after that.”

This Asura Arena had operated for several tens of thousands of years. But there had always been just 12 Exalts. Only after one of the exalts died, would the people below have a chance to fill in the vacancy to become an exalt.

However, even if there wasn’t the Dragon Sovereign Territory incident, the replacing of the 12 Exalts was also very frequent.

Virtually every time the Heavenly Slaughter Pit opened, there would be several exalts who die inside.

However, there were too many good stuff inside the Heavenly Slaughter Pit. Each time it opened, the exalts would advance and fill the gaps left by fallen comrades, and enter the Heavenly Slaughter Pit to seek treasures.

“Huhu, actually, It doesn’t matter to me. It’s just that since the exalts are unable to enter, how would he know how many treasures I annex inside?” Ye Yuan said with an indifferent look.

Mo Shang said, “Joining under the command of an exalt is not a verbal agreement, but swearing upon one’s own Absolute Kill Token! After swearing, the exalt and the slaughter general will reach a kind of agreement. Once the slaughter general violates the oath, his life and death will be up to the exalt to control. Of course, as long as you don’t go against the oath, the exalt won’t erase you either.”

Ye Yuan thought about it and said, “It seems like that I have no choice.”

Mo Shang nodded his head and said, “Under this sort of circumstances now, you indeed don’t have a choice anymore! If you reject all of the exalts, you’ll probably become their common enemy!”

Becoming the common enemy of the 12 Exalts, this did not sound like a fun thing no matter what.

But his life and death being controlled by others was clearly not Ye Yuan’s style.

“Then … speaking of which, why should I join under Exalt Netherkill’s command?” Ye Yuan said with a smile that was not a smile.

Mo Shang was clearly long prepared and said with a smile, “Lord Exalt has already promised, as long as you agree, entering the Dragon Sovereign Territory this time, all of the things you acquire will belong to Younger Brother Ye yourself. Lord Exalt he only wants one thing inside! I think that this promise, the other exalts are all unable to do it! Younger Brother Ye, you have just exited seclusion. I believe the other exalts will also come and look for you. At that time, Younger Brother Ye can do a comparison.”

Mo Shang was very confident. Because when Exalt Netherkill stated this condition, even he was taken aback too.

Who knew that Ye Yuan did not show a surprised expression and said with a smile, “Sounds pretty good! Then just as Elder Brother Mo says, this Ye will make a decision again after shopping around.”

Sending away Mo Shang, Ye Yuan could not help pondering.

Looks like the competition between the 12 Exalts was also quite fierce. Whatever fishy activities were going on in-between this, probably only they themselves would know.

Ye Yuan’s objective this trip was the Skandha Divine Stone. But hearing Mo Shang say so, he also became interested in this Dragon Sovereign Territory.

As for the Absolute Kill Token oath that Mo Shang talked about, Ye Yuan did not take it to heart. Some things, he would only do for Mo Shang to see.

With Ye Yuan’s tricks, how could wanting to control him be easy?

Indeed as Mo Shang predicted, a full day’s time, apart from Exalt Heavenly Hedonist, Exalt Blazing Fire, and Exalt Si Yin, the other nine Exalts all sent people over.

It was just that the terms these exalts offered were all not as generous as Exalt Netherkill.

Comparing them, it seemed like Ye Yuan could only agree to Exalt Netherkill.

What made Ye Yuan somewhat surprised was that Exalt Si Yin actually did not come over.

Looking at her behavior that day, she should regard Ye Yuan very highly. In the end, apart from Exalt Heavenly Hedonist and Exalt Blazing Fire, only Exalt Si Yin did not come.

Just as Ye Yuan thought that she would not come, at midnight, Si Yin actually came over personally.

“Exalt Si Yin gracing me with your grand presence, I’m truly honored by your visit!” Ye Yuan said with a smile.

Si Yin said expressionlessly, “Ye Yuan, you should know this exalt’s intention for coming, right? State your conditions. As long as you swear fealty to this exalt, this exalt can promise you any terms!”

But Ye Yuan smiled when he heard that and said, “Exalt Si Yin coming to find this Ye, isn’t it in order to catch up on old times?”

Si Yin’s expression changed, and she said with a cold snort, “Ye Yuan, this Exalt came personally and the conditions are up to you to state. Could it be that this sincerity is still not enough?”

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “Lord Exalt’s attitude isn’t right! If you want to talk about sincerity, Lord Exalt stating clearly your request this trip seems to have more sincerity, right?”

Ye Yuan was not some easy to hoodwink person. Si Yin, as an Exalt, lowered her attitude to come to find Ye Yuan personally, she definitely had considerable motives.

At least, Ye Yuan’s function to Si Yin was indispensable.

The more Ye Yuan obtained, the more he naturally had to pay as well. Maybe he kicks the bucket inside, then all of the promises would naturally vanish like mist and smoke too.

Including that Exalt Netherkill, he only wanted one thing inside. That thing was definitely not that easy to get.

These things, Ye Yuan had a score in his heart.

If he must pick an exalt, Ye Yuan actually leaned more towards Exalt Si Yin.