Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 897

Chapter 897 Coercing An Exalt

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Si Yin’s expression turned cold, clearly very displeased with this attitude of Ye Yuan.

She had become an exalt for close to ten years already. Who in this Asura Arena did not quake in their boots when they saw her?

But this brat still wet behind his ears before her eyes actually started shaking his tail feathers in front of her!

However, Si Yin really could not do without Ye Yuan this trip. Hence, that was why she humbled herself and bent her knee to come and see Ye Yuan personally.

Ye Yuan was very popular right now. If she did not come personally, Ye Yuan definitely would not choose her.

“Humph! The terms they offer are good, but do you have the life to take it? The last time the Heavenly Slaughter Pit opened, the several dozen Phaseless Realm experts who entered the Dragon Sovereign Territory, only a measly few people came out! Your strength is decent, but that’s also just within Heaven Enlightenment Realm! You got to know that the ones going in this time are all Heaven Carnage Proclamation martial artists, while you merely rank at the end of the Heaven Carnage Proclamation!” Si Yin said with a cold snort.

This kind of thing naturally did not need Si Yin to remind. Ye Yuan understood in his heart. Except, want to cheat him, Ye Yuan, those few guys were probably not qualified enough yet.

It was just that Ye Yuan perceived some overtones from Si Yin’s words.

“Hearing the meaning in Lord Exalt’s words, seems like you’re not planning on entering the Dragon Sovereign Territory?”

Ye Yuan was rather curious. Since all of the exalts were very interested in the Dragon Sovereign Territory, that place should have quite a bit of treasures. But this Exalt Si Yin seemed to have other plans.

“The Dragon Sovereign Territory is merely just a giant scam. Wanting to obtain treasures from inside is even harder than ascending to the heavens! You follow this exalt, this exalt will naturally ensure your safety and even give you enormous benefits!” Si Yin offered the biggest ace in the hole.

No matter how great the treasures were, one also had to have the life to take it. This promise of Si Yin’s counted as giving Ye Yuan an insurance to both get benefits and also return safely.

However, Ye Yuan did not seem to buy it and said indifferently, “Say in detail.”

Si Yin was helpless and could only control her temper and said, “The last time this exalt entered the Heavenly Slaughter Pit, I discovered a grotto in a remote area. This Exalt merely just search for a bit at the peripherals, and I found a lot of good stuff. This exalt being able to become an exalt was all thanks to this grotto. It’s just that there is a stone gate there that is completely immune to essence energy. This exalt couldn’t open it even after racking my brain.”

“So, you took fancy on that I’m a body-refinement martial artist, that’s why you would invite me to join your camp?” Ye Yuan followed up.

Si Yin did not reply, but the meaning was already very clear.

Ye Yuan did not hesitate much and said with a nod, “Okay, deal! After entering that grotto, I want half of the treasures. In addition, I have the right to have a priority pick of the treasures three times!”

Si Yin’s expression changed. She did not think that Ye Yuan would actually open his mouth to demand an exorbitant price. She said in a cold voice, “You really dare to demand for this! This Exalt waited for ten years, could it be to prepare the wedding gown for you?”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “I haven’t said finish yet! I can join your camp, but we must enter the Dragon Sovereign Territory first!”

This time, Si Yin was really enraged; “Ye Yuan, don’t reach out for a yard after taking an inch! Do you think that this Exalt really must find you?”

Ye Yuan shrugged his shoulders and said, “Since that’s the case, then there’s nothing to discuss. Lord Exalt, please find someone more capable!”

Finished talking, Ye Yuan was about to turn around and leave. Si Yin was enraged until her lovely body was trembling wildly. She really wanted to smack Ye Yuan to death with one slap.

A Heaven Enlightenment Realm brat actually dared to be so unbridled in front of her, this exalt!

But at this juncture, she could not find a second choice at all already. Si Yin’s seniority among the 12 Exalts was the most shallow. Her force was also the smallest, completely unable to compete with the other Exalts.

Encountering such a body-refinement talent was not easy to come by for her.

“Hold it!” Finally, Si Yin still caved. She opened her mouth and said, “Give you 40% of the treasures and the right to have priority pick of the treasures one time!”

Ye Yuan did not have a single trace of ripple and still carried on walking forward.

Si Yin bit her lower lip hard, her expression grim until it was almost about to drip water. Yet, she finally still opened her mouth, “Fine! I promise you! However, you must enter that grotto together with me first!”

Only then, did Ye Yuan turn around in satisfaction and said smilingly, “There’s nothing to discuss! Disregarding whether or not that grotto you mentioned have any dangers, even if it has no danger at all, by the time I enter the Dragon Sovereign Territory, the treasures would have long been divided finish by them. Going in for what then? Although the Dragon Sovereign Territory is an extremely perilous place, through these ten years of preparations, I believe that the various mighty exalts definitely prepared many ways of escape. The casualties definitely won’t be as high as the last time.”

Si Yin said with a grim face, “Can. But I have no way of escape that can guarantee that you come out safely!”

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “As for that, this Ye still have some confidence in myself. Furthermore, me representing Lord Exalt to go in, you can at least obtain some benefits, don’t you agree?”

Si Yin wanted to refute Ye Yuan very much. But under this sort of circumstances, she completely could not do anything to Ye Yuan.

If Ye Yuan joined other people’s camp, she might not even get to drink a mouthful of soup entering the Heavenly Slaughter Pit this time.

But if she could enter that grotto, she had faith that she could obtain even greater harvests! At that time, she would be the most powerful existence among the 12 Exalts.

Si Yin’s face revealed an extremely conflicted expression. Ye Yuan was in no hurry either, quietly waiting for Si Yin’s reply.

In the end, Si Yin still thoroughly compromised.

“Fine, I’ll comply with you! Swear an oath to the Absolute Kill Token then!” Si Yin said coldly.

An Absolute Kill Token Oath was different from a Heavenly Dao Oath. It was more like a sort of contract between the exalt and their subordinates.

Ye Yuan did not hesitate, swearing an oath to the Absolute Kill Token with the contents of the two people’s agreement.

Ye Yuan sensed that a surge of baffling energy entered into his divine soul from the Absolute Kill Token.

It was just that the moment this energy entered his divine soul, it was thoroughly wiped out by the Soul Suppressing Pearl!

Seems like after the last time, the Soul Suppressing Pearl was more automatic in doing things. This kind of bizarre energy seemed to be deemed harmful by the Soul Suppressing Pearl, so it was directly wiped out by it.

It was just that looking from the exterior, Si Yin could not tell the slightest bit of abnormality. Her Absolute Kill Token also received the contents of the oath.

Inside, there was Si Yin’s portion of her duties. If she violated them, she would similarly get a backlash from the Absolute Kill Token.

Existing in the Asura Arena for so many years, probably only Ye Yuan could force an exalt to accept this sort of oath.

“From now onwards, you’re a slaughter general under my, Si Yin’s, command! If anybody dares to cause you trouble, directly report this exalt’s name!” Si Yin said coldly.

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “Then many thanks, Lord Exalt! However, I still have a tiny request. I wonder if Lord Exalt can satisfy it or not?”

Si Yin thought about it and said, “You just joined this exalt’s banners, there ought to be an introduction gift!”

Ye Yuan took out a detailed list and handed it to Si Yin, saying, “I want to refine some medicinal pills. Since Lord Exalt is in charge of the Asura Shop, I wonder if you can help me gather up these spirit medicines?”

“This is a small matter. There’s naturally no issue … You … You …” As Si Yin said, she looked at the spirit medicines on the list at the same time, and could not help sucking in a cold breath.