Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 898

Chapter 898 Weak

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In the sky of Asura City, it was a stretch of blood-red color, appearing especially sinister.

This blood-red which filled the entire sky shone until the earth became red.

A streak of red light beam fell from the skies, directly entering inside the Asura Arena.

“What happened? This look, could it be that the sky is going to fall?”

“Kicking up a fuss over nothing! This is Asura City’s freak phenomenon. It will appear once every ten years. No big deal!”

“So that’s what it is! Scared me to death! This freak phenomenon is also a bit too scary.”

The martial artists in Asura City were replaced by new ones very quickly. But there were always some wily old foxes that have stayed in this place for a very long time.

This sort of freak phenomenon happened once every ten years. They were already accustomed to the unusual.

But currently, the Asura Arena’s seventh level was very lively. A large group of martial artists was gathered here. They were all the various mighty exalts’ slaughter generals who were summoned to come to come to the seventh level, and waiting to enter the Heavenly Slaughter Pit.

The red light beam that descended from the sky actually connected straight to here.

“Wu He, ten years ago, you lost more than half of your old life in the Heavenly Slaughter Pit. You still dare to go in this time?” A martial artist wearing black martial attire said.

The expression of that person opposite darkened and he said with a cold snort, “Li Dao, don’t think I don’t know that you duped ten fellow companions at Blackfiend Mountain before walking out from there. I want to know, how many are you planning on scamming this time?”

The moment these words came out, the expressions of the few people behind Li Dao all changed. These words had somewhat of an ulterior motive.

That Li Dao’s face changed and he said furiously, “Wu He, don’t go slandering people!”

Wu He said with a cold smile, “Heh, whether it’s slandering or not, you’re aware of it yourself.”

This Wu He and Li Dao belonged to two different exalts’ camp, arguing the moment they met. The two people had the trend of going to fight at a word of disagreement.

“Huhu, the two of you talk lesser. This Heavenly Slaughter Pit is a treasure land and also a dangerous area. Wealth and opportunity come with danger. Anything happening wouldn’t make people surprised.” At this time, an old man whose hair and beard were all white spoke up to mediate.

Indeed, the moment he spoke, Li Dao and Wu He both gave a cold snort and shut their mouths, clearly deeply fearful of him.

“En? Someone else is coming. It’s Exalt Si Yin’s people .”

“Heh, in these ten years, Exalt Si Yin doesn’t have any sense of existence at all. Her strength is also the weakest among the exalts. You never know, she might perish inside this time!”

“The Heavenly Slaughter Pit is also incomparably dangerous to exalts. There would be people perishing inside virtually every time. This time, the one with the greatest likelihood is Exalt Si Yin! As long as she falls, our chance will be here.”

There was a small section of the slaughter generals whose seniority were very old; even older than exalts. Their goal was naturally to become exalts.

Inside this Asura City, exalts were invincible existences.

Even if among these slaughter generals, there were people whose cultivation realms were not weaker than exalts, it was also not possible to be a match for an exalt!

Therefore, each time the Heavenly Slaughter Pit opened, it was also the time for these veterans’ thoughts to drift.

And this time, their goal was naturally fixed on Si Yin.

The moment Ye Yuan appeared, he was locked on by several burning-hot gazes. No matter how one looked at it, these few gazes were not too friendly either.

However, Ye Yuan stood there calmly, and could not be bothered with these gazes.

Except, he was not finding trouble with others, but others wanted to find trouble with him.

“Brat, you’re Ye Yuan?” The Wu He who was arguing with Li Dao previously came in front of Ye Yuan at this time.

Ye Yuan rested with his eyes closed and did not even give a shit about this guy.

Wu He’s tone was unfriendly. He was clearly here to find trouble. Regarding this sort of guys who were blind, Ye Yuan had always been disinclined to care.

Seeing Ye Yuan’s attitude, Wu He suddenly became greatly enraged. Pointing at Ye Yuan’s nose, he said, “Brat, you think that by not talking, you’ll be fine? Entering the Heavenly Slaughter Pit, the Asura Arena’s rules won’t be able to protect you anymore! Since you kill Bai Meng, you’ll need to be mentally prepared to get killed!”

This Wu He was precisely the third slaughter general under Exalt Blazing Fire’s command. And Bai Meng’s relationship with him was not shallow, but he was killed by Ye Yuan. Therefore, he hated Ye Yuan to the core.

In the Asura Arena, the higher level could not make a move against the people below. Hence, Wu Je had no way to come find Ye Yuan.

But this time, Ye Yuan actually became a slaughter general under Exalt Si Yin’s command. This made Wu He exceptionally excited.

Ye Yuan slowly opened his eyes. Giving him a nonchalant glance, he said, “Idiot!”

Wu He’s strength was very strong; an expert in the top 200 of the Heaven Carnage Proclamation, but was ignored by a brat who just entered the Heaven Carnage Proclamation. How could he accept this?

“Brat, you’re courting death!” Wu He suddenly became furious and was about to make a move against Ye Yuan.

Right at this time, a silhouette blocked in front of him. It was precisely the great general under Exalt Si Yin’s command, Shao Kai!

“Wu He, are you bullying us for having no people?” Shao Kai said coldly.

Wu He shot Shao Kai a glance and said disdainfully, “Humph! So what if bullying you? Shao Kai, you’re also someone capable at any rate, you’re actually working under a broad. 1 I really feel ashamed for you!”

Wu He did not have any respect for Shao Kai at all. Although Exalt Blazing Fire and Exalt Si Yin were both newly ascended exalts, Exalt Blazing Fire’s ambition was very great. His development these ten years was also pretty decent.

In contrast, Exalt Si Yin’s strength was much weaker.

Therefore, Wu He was the same as the rest; holding Si Yin’s lot in complete contempt.

Shao Kai’s expression was very ugly. He was obviously aware of Exalt Si Yin’s situation. But Exalt Si Yin had saved his life before, so there was no way that Shao Kai would betray Si Yin.

And entering the Heavenly Slaughter Pit this time was the turning point for Si Yin to rise up. Shao Kai had to help Si Yin to rise up no matter what.

Right at this time, a light flashed. 12 silhouettes appeared here. They were precisely the mysterious 12 Exalts.

The Ye Yuan who had his eyes shut to recuperate all along also opened his eyes at this time, and sized up the 12 exalts.

Apart from Si Yin, the other 11 exalts, it was his first time seeing them.

With this sweep, Ye Yuan could not help being slightly amazed too. The glabellas of the 12 Exalts all had eight stars, which was also eight-star soul general!

Just in Slaughter Dao, these 12 people’s strengths were unfathomable.

“Alright, it’s almost time. Us 12 Exalts will join forces to open up the passageway. Everybody, enter the Heavenly Slaughter Pit together.” A masked exalt in the middle said.

Shao Kai scooted close to Ye Yuan’s ear and said softly, “This is the most mysterious existence among the 12 Exalts, Exalt Netherkill.”

Ye Yuan revealed a look of realization. This person was indeed too deep to fathom. He actually made Ye Yuan have a feeling of unable to figure out too.

The 12 Exalts got into position. An apprehensive killing qi suddenly erupted and shot towards that red light beam at the same time.


On the red light beam actually slowly opened up a transmission gate!

When all the martial artists saw this situation, their faces all could not help showing looks of eagerness to have a go.

“Alright, set off!”

This was a blood-colored wilderness filled with desolation and bleakness, giving people a very dangerous feeling.

“Each exalt has the coordinates of the Dragon Sovereign Territory in their hands. Three days later, we’ll meet up at the Dragon Sovereign Territory! Now, depart on your own!” Exalt Netherkill said coldly.