Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 899

Chapter 899 Ethereal Blood Ginseng

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Exalt Netherkill gave Ye Yuan a profound glance, and brought the subordinates under him and left.

Exalt Blazing Fire with a head full of fire-red colored hair slowly came in front of Exalt Si Yin. Darting a glance at Ye Yuan, he cracked a wide smile and said, “Si Yin, you got to keep a close eye on your family’s little darling. This road … isn’t too peaceful! Hahaha!”

This was a blatant threat, provoking until all of the martial artists on Exalt Si Yin’s side scowled with furious glares.

Bai Meng was a figure that Exalt Blazing Fire was heavily grooming in the third level. He expended considerable resources on him but was killed by Ye Yuan. This grudge was considered sowed.

By the side, Exalt Heavenly Hedonist also looked at Si Yin with a smile that was not a smile as he said, “Si Yin, your position as an Exalt was originally in a precarious position to begin with. You actually still dared to recruit such a hot potato! Heh heh, this Heavenly Slaughter Pit trip, you got to be a little more careful.”

Si Yin’s face was cold as frost, but she did not argue.

She also did not expect that Blazing Fire and Heavenly Hedonist would actually walk together. This trip seemed to be quite troublesome.

“Lord Exalt, we should leave already. If we still don’t go, the treasures will all be snatched away by others.” Ye Yuan’s leisurely voice transmitted over. He actually already walked out far away.

Si Yin was stunned and finally came back to her senses. She could not help being somewhat surprised. Ye Yuan got into such a big trouble, but he was actually not worried at all.

Did this brat not care about anything, or did he have something to count on?

“Humph! That stretch of area nearby has long been turned over countless times already. Whatever treasures there are, they have long been picked clean by people. Would it still be your turn?” Si Yin caught up to Ye Yuan and said with a cold snort.

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “That might not be so!”

The Heavenly Slaughter Pit was huge. The area which Asura City explored was but a very small part of it.

Heading towards the depths, the danger was very high. Even these veteran exalts also did not dare to go too deep.

The vicinity area of a radius of ten thousand miles, these Exalts from the Asura Arena already came goodness knows how many times. It was impossible to leave behind anything.

Right now, places that had good stuff were virtually all outside of 10 thousand miles.

“Hey, Ye Yuan! Don’t run around. The fiendish qi in this Heavenly Slaughter Pit is extremely heavy. Even within this 10 thousand mile region, it’s very dangerous too!” Seeing Ye Yuan milling around on his own, Si Yin could not resist warning.

This guy really made people worry.

“Lord Exalt, what is this boy doing? The Heavenly Slaughter Pit is an ancient battlefield. There’s an abundance of evil stuff. If he anyhow runs around like this, he will screw us over!”

“This boy is relying on that Lord Exalt has a request for him. He’s so freaking cocky!”

“Lord Exalt, you look at that punk’s arrogant appearance, how does he look like your subordinate? Those who don’t know might even think that you’re his subordinate!”

Si Yin’s subordinates actually had a lot of resentment towards Ye Yuan. Seeing Ye Yuan run about without a break at this time, each and every one of them started to complain.

Si Yin’s face turned black too when she heard that. Ye Yuan’s actions truly thought too little of her.

Along the way, they naturally had to listen to her, this Exalt, for everything. This boy running around here and there, what did it count as?

The other exalts’ teams had already moved out goodness knows how far away, while their bunch only walked out less than 500 miles.

At the rate of this speed, they could forget about reaching the Dragon Sovereign Territory in three day’s time.

Being called out by her subordinates like this, Si Yin became embarrassed too. She questioned with a black face, “Ye Yuan, are you intentionally causing trouble?”

But it was like Ye Yuan did not hear it. He still rushed around in all directions, as if he was searching for something.

“Exalt, this brat isn’t showing you any respect at all!” When the people under her saw Si Yin lose her temper, each and every one of them could not help getting excited.

Si Yin’s expression became increasingly uglier. Finally, her figure moved, arriving at Ye Yuan’s side.

“Ye Yuan, this Heavenly Slaughter Pit isn’t a land for jokes. It’s fine if you’re courting death yourself, but don’t drag everybody into the water! If you carry on being like this, this exalt won’t be courteous anymore!” Si Yin said coldly.

Ye Yuan made a shushing hand gesture at Si Yin and said softly, “Lower your voice, don’t scare the treasure away!”

He had a secretive appearance, looking just like a huckster.

However, in Si Yin’s view, Ye Yuan was completely impervious to reason.

“Ye Yuan, you’re too much! If I don’t show you a little color, you really won’t show any respect to me, this exalt!” Si Yin said in a cold voice.

Si Yin surged with killing qi. A powerful aura spread over towards Ye Yuan.

With a whoosh, a small and exquisite figure suddenly scurried out from underground and dashed for the distance.

Si Yin froze, the killing qi on her immediately dissipating into nothing.

Ye Yuan heaved a slight sigh and shot a fierce glare at Si Yin.


That little thing’s speed was extremely fast. Even Si Yin did not see clearly what that thing was. But it did not run out very far when it slammed head-on into a light screen, tumbling over with a big somersault.

The little thing did not give up. Crawling up, it changed a direction and ran again. But it did not run far when it collided into a light screen again.

Seeing this scene, Si Yin and all the slaughter generals were all incredibly astounded.

They had clearly already noticed that a trapping formation was already laid down within this circumference of several hundred feet.

This array formation was clearly set up by Ye Yuan. But when did Ye Yuan make a move, they did not perceive it at all!

At this time, the little object was like a headless fly, dashing around randomly inside the array formation. But no matter how it ran, it could not escape the range of the array formation either.

Before long, the little thing was finally all worn out and gave up on escaping.

It slumped down and looked at Ye Yuan with a pitiable look.

That appearance was adorable to the max.

Si Yin focused her eyes to look, it was a palm-sized little child. Immediately, her maternal love overflowed, wanting to hug the little thing.

“Hey, what are you doing?!” Si Yin was just about to make a move but was berated by Ye Yuan.

Si Yin froze: “Don’t you see how pitiful he is? I’ll go hug him!”

Ye Yuan shot her another glare and said crossly, “Prodigal broad who is not good enough to accomplish anything! If I didn’t have foresight, this Ethereal Blood Ginseng would have been set free by you!”

Si Yin’s complexion turned bright red all at once. Pointing at Ye Yuan, her chest heaved up and down incessantly as she said in anger, “You! What did you say?! You actually dare to scold me … scold me …”

“Humph! What are you if not a prodigal broad? Do you know how precious this Ethereal Blood Ginseng is? Do you know how great an effort I spent in this half a day’s time in order to not startle him? Let him escape, and it will be even harder than ascending to the heavens to want to find him again!” Ye Yuan said with a displeased face, totally not caring about Si Yin’s attitude.

Si Yin was rendered speechless by Ye Yuan. She also recovered to her senses at this time. Widening her eyes, she said, “You … You’re saying that this little child is the Tier 9 spirit medicine, Ethereal Blood Ginseng?!”

Ye Yuan glared and said huffily, “What do you think?”

Si Yin had nothing to say anymore. She never would have thought that within this several hundred miles radius, there would actually be a Tier 9 spirit medicine!

“You … Why didn’t you say earlier …” Si Yin said weakly.