Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 90

Chapter 90: All for Naught

Behind the mountain, at the Assembly Hall, six elders were present.

Aside from Su Yubai, two deputy deans, and three more elders, these six people plus the dean constituted the highest authority in the Dan Wu Academy.

Of course, the dean's authority was paramount. He could veto everything in the academy with one word.

Because he represented the Tranquil Cloud Sect!

"Deputy Deans and Elders, an Earth Rank student was utterly lawless in the academy and brutally murdered two fellow students in broad daylight. Today, I've invited everyone to hold this meeting so that we can discuss how we should deal with this student!"

Su Yubai was the one who called for everyone, so he obviously had to stir things up.

"An Earth Rank student dares to be so audacious! What's there to discuss; just kill him right away!" A deputy dean exploded after hearing that.

"That's right. According to the academy's rules, killing fellow student is the death penalty! What's the need for this meeting?" another elder echoed in approval.

"Elder Su, I wonder who is this student?" at this moment, the other deputy dean opened his mouth to ask.

Su Yubai gave him a displeased look. This fellow always does not cooperate. Seriously irritating.

There were two deputy deans in the Dan Wu Academy. One martial and one alchemy.

The deputy dean who agreed just now was called Zhang Songtao, the deputy dean who specialized in the Martial Dao. The one who asked the question was the Alchemy Dao's deputy dean, Hu Changsheng.

Hu Changsheng was Jiang Yunhe's die-hard follower and also somebody who did not like power struggles. He was someone who pursued the Alchemy Dao with all his heart. Hence, he basically had no presence all these years. Even in the Elders Council, he virtually abandoned his voting rights.

He was not deliberately finding fault today. He just instinctively wanted to find out more.

After all, students were the precious resources of the Dan Wu Academy. If they mistakenly killed a genius figure, then the loss outweighed the gain.

Although killing fellow students was essentially the death penalty, he still wanted to figure out what was going on.

Who knew if the State of Qin's Dan Wu Academy would have a second Mo Yuntian appear?

"This student's name is Ye Yuan, a complete lunatic! He already had a bad track record before entering the academy. Some days back, who knows what lucky encounter he had to have his strength suddenly soar. What's unexpected was that he brutally murdered two fellow students consecutively today. I suspect that he might have gotten some demonic path cultivation law, that's why he lost his mind and did such a cold-blooded thing!"

Su Yubai avoided the crucial points and dwelled on the trivial, describing Ye Yuan as a homicidal maniac.

The majority of the elders already stood on his side, now, there was even less to talk about.

"Since that's the case, then there's no need to discuss. After he arrives at the Assembly Hall, just directly sentence him to death," Zhang Songtao said nonchalantly.

As a deputy dean, his words held a certain weight.

These few years, Su Yubai gifted him countless treasures in secret to pull him over. The two are already of the same ilk.

As for the other elders, they did not hold as much authority as Su Yubai nor were they as strong as him. Under his coercion and persuasion, they naturally became his vassals.

"Seconded. Such a ruthless lunatic, what's the point of keeping him if we don't kill him?" an elder said.

"I agree as well."

Seeing everyone agreed in unanimity to kill Ye Yuan, whether Hu Changsheng casts his vote or not obviously did not matter, so he might as well stay mum.

Su Yubai was secretly pleased when he saw the situation. Ye Yuan that punk was simply lawless, not only did he dare to kill fellow students, he even had the nerve to scold him an old fart.

Even without the grudge between the Su and Ye Family, he would also sentence him to death today!

As for the cause, Su Yubai was actually aware of it already. It was indeed Lin Tiancheng who provoked matters first and forced Ye Yuan's maidservant until she was seriously injured and on the verge of death!

But so what? Ye Yuan was seeking death so others could not be blamed.

Just like that, the few people chorused in unison and determined the life and death of an Earth Rank student without even asking for the reason.

Except, they waited a long time, yet Ye Yuan did not arrive. Rather, it was Feng Ruoqing and Huyan Yong who came.

"What are you two doing? Where's Ye Yuan? Don't tell me you two helped him to abscond punishment?"

Feng Ruoqing and Huyan Yong did not even get to speak, and Su Yubai already judged them.

Huyan Yong looked at Su Yubai and smiled coldly as he said, "If he tried to escape punishment, wouldn't that fulfill your wish? Relax. Ye Yuan isn't that stupid!"

Initially, Huyan Yong was still oblivious to the state of affairs. Only after Feng Ruoqing pointed things out, did he become enlightened on the situation.

In reality, he also considered helping Ye Yuan to escape, and return to the academy after the dean returns. But was rejected by Ye Yuan.

If Ye Yuan ran away, the Su Family could seize this opportunity to apply pressure and ally with the Wan Family to deal with the Ye Family.

Ye Hang was currently in a seclusion and could not be disturbed. Ye Yuan wanted to take on this matter all by himself!

Huyan Yong was wholeheartedly devoted to martial arts and could not wrap his mind around these schemes.

However, Feng Ruoqing was born in the Imperial Family and was inherently sensitive to these things.

"Since he didn't run, why didn't he come? Don't tell me he still needs this elder to go invite him?" Su Yubai asked in a deep voice.

"Snort! Why should he come here? You probably already embellished the details and fooled the two deputy deans as well as the elders, and you sentenced Ye Yuan to death already. Am I right? Don't tell me he should come here and die?" Huyan Yong scoffed.

"Insolence! You dare to question the Elders Council's authority? Do you not want to be an instructor anymore?" Su Yubai flew into a rage.

"Is it the Elders Council's authority or your authority? Don't try to confound people's eyes!" Huyan Yong did not give in at all and was diametrically opposed to Su Yubai.

"Alright, alright. You two, stop arguing. The main character isn't here; what's the use of quarreling? Huyan, you said that Elder Su embellished the details. Could it be that Ye Yuan did not kill anyone?" Hu Changsheng interjected right then.

Huyan Yong still had a good favorable impression towards Hu Changsheng, so he naturally would not rebut him.

Huyan Yong respectfully saluted with his hands and said, "It's true that Ye Yuan killed someone, but there's a reason for it, not because of what demonic path fiend that Su Yubai said!"

Huyan Yong recounted how Lu-er was nearly raped and about to die, which infuriated Ye Yuan, making Hu Changsheng knitted his brows after hearing it.

Was not this incident a similar occurrence of Mo Yuntian's episode back then?

Hu Changsheng turned to Su Yubai and said, "Elder Su, looks like this General Affairs Department really needs to be properly reorganized!"

Su Yubai's position was inferior to Hu Changsheng, so he naturally did not dare refute. He replied, "Dean Hu is right. Even if Dean Hu did not say anything, I will also clean up the General Affairs Department after this case. But the pressing matter at the moment is still to deal with Ye Yuan's case. Regardless of what reason he had, killing two people successively is challenging the academy's rules. This must not become a precedent! Even if he had a reason for doing things, the speed of his improvement subverts common sense. It's very likely that he's cultivating a demonic path skill. How can we spare such a person like him?"

"That's right! The Dan Wu Academy forbids killing fellow students. The killers were already sentenced to death. Don't tell me we should make an exception for Ye Yuan? What capabilities does he have? My view is still to kill him!" Zhang Songtao said.

"I agree with Dean Zhang's opinion. This must not be encouraged!"

"I agree as well!"

Seeing the situation, Feng Ruoqing came forward and bowed towards a few people, and then she said, "Ruoqing is here not to intercede for Ye Yuan, but to inform the two deputy deans and the elders that Ye Yuan is preparing to challenge the Nine Heavens Road three days later. So he will not be attending this meeting."

"What? He wants to challenge the Nine Heavens Road? Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm taking on the Nine Heavens Road? Hahaha! Did he think that he could escape the death penalty by doing that? Since he's looking to die, then I will watch just how he dies on the Nine Heavens Road!" Su Yubai burst into laughter.