Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 900

Chapter 900 Si Yin Enraged

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“Say what say? By the time I say clearly, he would have escaped long ago!” Ye Yuan said crossly.

He circled around Si Yin and came in front of the Ethereal Blood Ginseng, and directly tapped a finger over.

That little child suddenly fled. It actually wanted to slip away.

Ye Yuan gave a cold laugh and said, “Want to run? How can it be that easy?! Lock!”

The spell in Ye Yuan’s hands pinched, several beams of light extended out within the array formation, grabbing hold of the Ethereal Blood Ginseng that was about to escape.

Ye Yuan chuckled and went up to jab randomly, laying down several restrictions on the Ethereal Blood Ginseng.

The little child looked at Ye Yuan with wide glaring eyes and unspeakable resentment in its gaze.

“Heh heh, don’t look at me like this! Following your Grandpa Ye in the future, I won’t treat you shabbily!”

Ye Yuan laughed merrily and directly threw the Ethereal Blood Ginseng into the storage ring.

Even with Ye Yuan’s eyesight, he regarded this Ethereal Blood Ginseng as a treasure. It could be seen how valuable he was.

Si Yin looked at Ye Yuan with an unfriendly face and said with a cold smile, “You’re really not polite!”

Ye Yuan said indifferently, “Just a Tier 9 spirit medicine, I won’t be courteous with Lord Exalt.”

“You really take this Exalt to not know anything? The Ethereal Blood Ginseng’s predecessor is a Polar Region Blood Ginseng. The conditions to take form are extremely harsh! Firstly, a Polar Region Blood Ginseng requires over 10 thousand years of martial artists’ fresh blood to nourish before it can initially take form. And when a Polar Region Blood Ginseng evolves to an Ethereal Blood Ginseng, the conditions are even harsher to the extreme. An item like this, you dare to pocket it alone?” Si Yin said icily.

Although she was astounded by Ye Yuan’s ability, this Ethereal Blood Ginseng was too valuable. She did not plan on giving up.

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “The Ethereal Blood Ginseng landing in Exalt’s hands, that’s covering a bright pearl in dust. But in my hands, he can unleash a heaven-defying effect! How about this, when I use him to refine medicinal pills, I’ll allocate you one!”

Si Yin was just thinking of refuting, but she suddenly recalled those medicinal pills that Ye Yuan took out at that time, and could not help hesitating a little.

Without a doubt, Ye Yuan’s alchemy strength was incomparably heaven-defying!

If it was really as Ye Yuan said, the Ethereal Blood Ginseng was indeed much more useful in his hands compared to in her hands.

“Fine! You swear a Heavenly Dao Oath, and I won’t pursue this matter anymore!” Si Yin thought about it and made up her mind.

Ye Yuan nodded and swore a Heavenly Dao Oath on the spot before this matter was considered settled. Everyone set off on the journey once more.

Those slaughter generals who were scolding Ye Yuan prior to this all kept their mouths shut sensibly at this time.

For 30 thousand years, this 10 thousand mile region had long been scoured countless times over. It was totally not possible to find any treasures. Yet, this boy actually found such a heaven-defying spirit medicine in less than half a day. What else could they still say?

This Ethereal Blood Ginseng already took human form. His intelligence was extremely high. This was also the reason why he could avoid these countless batches of people’s searching.

But no matter how clever he was, he could not escape Ye Yuan’s ‘demonic clutches’ either.

Later on, whatever bizarre behavior Ye Yuan had, they all sensibly did not speak by the sides anymore.

You have got to be kidding. Wasn’t saying any more smacking their own mouths?

Reality proved that they were right to shut their mouths. Along the way, Ye Yuan really found quite a number of good stuff.

Si Yin looked at Ye Yuan’s bustling about back view, her gaze revealing a complicated look.

How in the world did this guy discover these hidden spirit medicines?

Little did they know that Ye Yuan was actually endlessly depressed right now. He was missing White Light. If White Light was here, apart from spirit medicines, he could probably find even more good stuff.

Three days later, Ye Yuan’s party finally arrived outside the Dragon Sovereign Territory. Except, they were the last group.

The other exalts had been waiting here long ago.

“Heh, Si Yin, your attitude is so haughty! To actually make Netherkill, Coldblood, these few elder brothers, wait for the greater part of a day! Don’t you know that your group of people already overshot the time?” Blazing Fire said with a cold smile.

Si Yin’s expression changed when she heard that. This fellow had malicious motives. It was the intention of sowing dissension!

“Huhu, finally managed to take a trip inside, we naturally got to be a little more attentive on the way. If there are any fine treasures, what a waste it would be to miss it,” Si Yin had yet to open her mouth, but Ye Yuan spoke up.

Wu He smiled coldly when he heard that and said, “What a joke! Inside this 10 thousand mile region, what treasures are there still? Moreover, with just the likes of you, what treasures can you obtain? In my view, you guys are deliberately not giving face to Exalt Netherkill they all, and were late on purpose!”

These two people sang in chorus. They were clearly sowing discord.

Netherkill did not say anything, but Coldblood was somewhat unhappy and spoke up, “Younger Sister Si Yin, we only have half a year’s time. Every second is very valuable. Everybody agreed on a time, but you were late. Not giving a reason, isn’t it somewhat unjustifiable?”

Si Yin also understood that this Coldblood was still finding trouble for the matter of vying for Ye Yuan the last time, that was why he intentionally dropped a rock down the well.

Exalt Coldblood was the most insidious among the 12 Exalts. Other people were all very scared of him.

These few years, he had swindled who knows how many Exalts inside this Heavenly Slaughter Pit.

It was just that being targeted at by so many people, Si Yin became enraged at all once.

“Elder Brother Coldblood wants a reason, right? I’ll give you a reason right away!”

Finished talking, Si Yin extended a hand and drew a line. Over ten stalks of spirit medicines were propped up by essence energy, suspending in midair.

Seeing this scene, even Exalt Netherkill’s imposing momentum also choked up slightly, let alone the rest.

Especially Blazing Fire’s and Wu He’s faces, they turned burning red.

These ten over stalks of spirit medicines, the vast majority were all Tier 9 spirit medicines that were extremely hard to see in the outside world. Furthermore, thick sinister qi faintly emitted from within the spirit medicines. They clearly came from inside the Heavenly Slaughter Pit.

Don’t look at how Si Yin took out so many in one breath, Tier 9 spirit medicines were not that easy to find.

The value of one stalk of Tier 9 spirit medicine was even more valuable than a thousand strains of Tier 8 spirit medicines. More importantly, Tier 9 spirit medicines could not be seen everywhere. Each stalk was incomparably precious.

The moment Si Yin made a move, even those Exalts lost composure.

But they did not know that the spirit medicines Ye Yuan found were more than just this.

“We entered this Heavenly Slaughter Pit in order to hunt for treasures. This Exalt can’t disregard all of these spirit medicines when I see them, right? While everybody agreed to gather here, I also never said that I must go in together with everybody! If Elder Brothers can’t wait, just feel free to enter yourselves!” Si Yin was clearly really enraged and said coldly.

When Coldblood saw the situation, he could not help coughing dryly twice. But his eyes revealed a heated look as he said, “Cough cough, Young Sister Si Yin was mistaken. We didn’t mean that. These spirit medicines … were all obtained by you guys on the way?”

The 12 Exalts appeared united outwardly but were actually divided. The relationships between each other were very complicated. But there was one point, there was no way they would make a move to snatch stuff in front of others. Otherwise, they would become the common enemy of the rest.

As for privately, nobody knew the answer either.

“Elder Brother Coldblood must really be joking. Could it be that I added the fiendish qi on these spirit medicines myself?” Si Yin said coldly.

The Netherkill who did not speak the entire time voiced out at this time: “Alright, since Younger Sister Si Yin obtained treasures on the way, it’s naturally justifiable. This matter brooks no delay, we’d better enter the Dragon Sovereign Territory first.”