Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 902

Chapter 902 Just This Price

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“Haha, sorry about that, accidentally … made too much,” Ye Yuan said with a cheerful chuckle.

Although he said he was sorry about it, the expression on his face did not seem to have any hint of embarrassment at all.

Currently, the pond water was like it was being heated, the whole pool was boiling over.

Air bubbles continuously surfaced, one after another. In a wink, what was in front of everyone were totally blocked by air bubbles.

“Hiss …”

All of the slaughter generals could not help sucking in a cold breath, being struck dumbfounded by this scene before their eyes.

“Hahaha! What a colossal joke! Long Yang, what did you say just now? If you have the capabilities, say it one more time! In the human territories, your Long Family’s dragon race bloodline is number one? This joke is really hilarious to the max!” Lu Li was the first to come back to his senses, his gaze looking at Long Yang was filled with ridicule.

Long Yang’s overweeningly arrogant appearance, Lu Li really had enough of it!

Now, Ye Yuan popping out, this face of Long Yang was really slapped resoundingly loud. Lu Li was simply elated to the extreme in his heart!

“This … This is also too fake, right? What kind of level does that brat’s dragon race bloodline have to reach to be able to summon out so many air bubbles?”

“Too inconceivable! The Long Family’s bloodline is simply a joke in front of Ye Yuan!”

“You guys, look. So many air bubbles coming out all of a sudden, the color of the pond water even became very faint!””

Seeing this scene, everyone was all unbelievably shocked.

It was all air bubbles flying everywhere in front of their eyes. Let alone fitting everyone inside, even if another few more groups of people came, there was no problem at all.

The supply of air bubbles which originally fell short of demand actually had a surplus at this time!

It was just that even though there were excess air bubbles, for whom to use was grasped in Ye Yuan’s hands.

Exalt Zhuo Yan slowly came in front of Ye Yuan and opened his mouth to say, “Ye Yuan, I heard that Demon King’s relationship with you is not bad. I wonder if you can share with us some on account of his face? Don’t worry, if there are any gains this trip, it naturally won’t miss out your share!”

Everyone was all unbelievably shocked. A dignified Exalt actually deigned himself to beg a puny little slaughter general!

But under the current circumstances, what better options were there?

Having a holier-than-thou attitude, one would have to say goodbye to the treasures inside the Dragon Sovereign Territory.

Although this Heavenly Slaughter Pit still had many buried treasure lands, in these ten years, what everyone prepared for the most was still the Dragon Sovereign Territory.

Going to other places added much more dangers without basis.

Hearing that, Ye Yuan laughed and said very generously, “That’s of course not an issue! Let your slaughter generals all stand over here. I’ll add the protective shell for them!”

On account of Nalan Chu’s face, Ye Yuan naturally would not say anything. He directly put on the protective shells for Exalt Zhuo Yan’s slaughter generals. As for Exalt Zhuo Yan’s promise, he did not even make the other party swear a Heavenly Dao Oath.

Looking at him, he seemed very easy-going.

Ye Yuan did not idle either, putting on a protective shell for himself and also suiting Exalt Si Yin’s other slaughter generals with the protective shields too.

Si Yin’s beautiful eyes swiveled around, looking at Ye Yuan with a bright grin.

She also did not expect that Ye Yuan could actually call out so many air bubbles. This time, it gained a lot of face for her.

Several other Exalts who did not have a conflict with Ye Yuan could not sit still anymore at this time either. Each and every one of them came before Ye Yuan to ask for air bubbles.

These few Exalts’ attitudes were similarly placed very low. But Ye Yuan did not squeeze them about anything either and directly put it on for their slaughter generals.

Even apart from those two dragon blood martial artists’ camps excluding Lu Li, Ye Yuan supplemented their shortfall too.

With this, apart from Exalt Blazing Fire, Exalt Heavenly Hedonist, and Exalt Coldblood, the other Exalts all obtained the qualifications to enter the Dragon Sovereign Territory.

These three Exalts’ faces were all not looking too good. They had a feeling of being caught in the horns of a dilemma right now.

Begging Ye Yuan, they could not demean themselves. Not begging, they basically had to say goodbye to the Dragon Sovereign Territory.

The other Exalts were all entering in full force, while they only had several people. Wasn’t entering still going to prepare a wedding gown for other people?

Finally, Exalt Coldblood could not resist speaking up.

“Hey, Ye Yuan, actually … this Exalt wasn’t targeting you and Younger Sister Si Yin previously. You’re also aware, this Exalt was in urgent need of talents at that time and wanting to solicit you to join under my command, right?” Coldblood put on a smiling face and said.

Although a smile was hanging on his face, Coldblood’s intestines were actually almost green with regret already.

If he had long known that it would be like this, why would he need to waste his breath previously targeting Si Yin and Ye Yuan?

Coldblood was originally the most insidious existence among the Exalts. This sort of face-changing cheap trick could be said to be accomplished with high proficiency to him.

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “Not at all, not at all. Exalt Coldblood being the big brother among the exalts, some words that should be said still needs to be said!”

When Coldblood saw that Ye Yuan was playing along, he could not help being delighted inwardly as he said, “Then … these air bubbles, can you share some with us? Of course, I won’t let you do it for free.”

“Easily arranged! This isn’t something of a big deal! However, I don’t want the treasures after going in either. Just right now then. A fixed price, 100 heaven essence crystals per person! I think it’s not considered expensive, right?” Ye Yuan said.

Heaven essence crystals, even in the Divine Realm, was extremely rare too. The purity of the essence energy contained inside heaven essence crystals was extremely high. Basically, only Dao Profound Realm powerhouses would use them to carry out cultivation or transactions.

And one heaven essence crystal was sufficient to exchange for 100 million earth essence crystals! 100 heaven essence crystals were 10 billion earth essence crystals!

Of course, under normal circumstances, there would not be anyone silly enough to use heaven essence crystals to go exchange for earth essence crystals.

Even the corners of Exalt Coldblood’s mouth involuntarily twitched when he heard this price too.

He, as a veteran Exalt, the slaughter generals under him reached over 50 people; each of their strength was formidable.

If he were to send them all in, he would probably be reduced to bankruptcy.

Coldblood gritted his teeth and said, “Fine, I’ll send ten people in!”

Ye Yuan also did not think that Exalt Coldblood actually agreed to it without even negotiating the prices.

Of course, he was also aware that Exalt Coldblood probably already hated him to death in his heart.

Ten people were 1000 heaven essence crystals. Even for Dao Profound Realm powerhouses, this was a sum of significant expenditure too.

Of course, if he was lucky, Coldblood could definitely earn this 1000 heaven essence crystals back this trip.

Done with the transaction, Ye Yuan put on the air bubbles for the ten slaughter generals that Exalt Coldblood picked out. Plus the one protective shield acquired from Long Yang’s hands previously, Exalt Coldblood had a total of 11 people entering the Dragon Sovereign Territory this time.

“Looks like there should be nobody else who needs the air bubbles, right? I’ll make them return to their original spot right now!” Ye Yuan said finish and was about to make a move.

Blazing Fire panicked, and he hurriedly said, “Hang on!”

Ye Yuan looked at Exalt Blazing Fire with a smile that was not a smile, and had indescribable amusement: “Why? Does Exalt Blazing Fire still have something?”

Blazing Fire said with a scowl, “100 heaven essence crystals per person, I’m buying 10 spots too!”

“I want six!” Exalt Heavenly Hedonist also could not resist speaking up.

Ye Yuan grinned widely and said, “100 heaven essence crystals? When did I say that it was 100 heaven essence crystals? The two of you want to buy, sure. But … 500 heaven essence crystals per person! Don’t look at me with this sort of expression. Just this price, your call to buy or not!”