Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 903

Chapter 903 Not Keeping You Company

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Puff, puff, puff

Ye Yuan casually waved his hand. Those air bubbles emitted faint popping sounds and dissipated along with the wind.

When Heavenly Hedonist and Blazing Fire, the two Exalts, saw that Ye Yuan was really going to destroy these air bubbles, their faces could not help changing drastically.

"Ye Yuan, youre sure that you want to lose all decorum with the two of us?" Blazing Fire said with a grim face.

"Whoa,threatening me?"

Ye Yuan waved his hand again. The speed of the air bubbles popping became even faster.

Heavenly Hedonist hurriedly said, "Hold your horses! 500 then! Ill buy six!"

Ye Yuan smiled when he heard that and said, "Heh heh, its still Exalt Heavenly Hedonist who is wise. The money in one hand, the goods in the other."

Heavenly Hedonist fished out 3000 heaven essence crystals with a pained look and finally acquired six air bubbles.

Blazing Fires expression was ugly to the max. But facing Ye Yuan, he was completely powerless.

"Such a large appetite, be careful you dont get stuffed until you burst!"

Finally, Blazing Fire still pulled out 5000 heaven essence crystals extremely unwillingly.

"My, Little Lords, appetite, has always been excellent. I can digest it," Ye Yuan received the heaven essence crystals with a broad smile and said smugly.

When the Exalt Coldblood by the side saw this scene, he secretly chuckled to himself inwardly. In contrast, his ten spots were too worth it.

But he also knew that Exalt Blazing Fire would not let Ye Yuan off. He would definitely instruct his subordinates to dispose of Ye Yuan within the Dragon Sovereign Territory.

What Ye Yuan devoured, he would still have to vomit back out in the end.

Exalt Coldblood was not some saint. Regarding this sort of situation, he did not mind dropping a rock down the well.

All preparations in order, the group of slaughter generals were finally going to enter the Dragon Sovereign Territory.

Exalt Netherkill fired out a blast of essence energy at the stone gate. The enormous dragon on the stone gate became bright.


The stone gate slowly opened. A dark corridor appeared in front of the people.


The group of slaughter generals lined up in a single file and entered the passageway.

"Ye Yuan, in a while, be more careful. Wu He they all probably wont let you off. Although their people that entered are few, they are all elites. Were far from being a match," Shao Kai reminded him.

Ye Yuan smiled slightly when he heard that and said, "If he doesnt come looking for trouble with me, he can still live a while longer. If hes seeking death himself, nobody can stop it."

Shao Kai was stupefied. He did not understand where Ye Yuans confidence came from.

Ye Yuan had merely just entered the Heaven Carnage Proclamation and was too far away from these slaughter generals strength.

"Best to be a little more careful! After this passageway, inside will be very dangerous. Those corpse guards are extremely hard to tangle with. Want to obtain the treasures inside, one must first deal with those corpse guards," Shao Kai said.

Ye Yuan nodded his head, indicating that he got it.

He also heard before that inside this Dragon Sovereign Territory had many corpse guards. These corpse guards were undying and indestructible. Their fleshy bodies were incomparably powerful, very troublesome.

Very soon, everyone walked to the end of the passageway. A large hall appeared in front of everyone.

"Everyone, be more careful. When those corpse guards smell the scent of living people, they will attack over very soon."

Everyone each drew their weapons and advanced forward cautiously.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

One black shadow after another dashed out and surrounded everyone very quickly.

The number of corpse guards was extremely high. They immediately clashed together with all the slaughter generals.

These slaughter generals, many were experts ranked to the front of the Heaven Carnage Proclamation. Each and every one of their strength was very formidable.

Especially those few who were charging to the front, they struck down several corpse guards the moment they made a move.

Although these corpse guards were strong, they did not reach the level of Tier 9 either. Those Heaven Carnage Proclamation powerhouse ranked to the front were basically all peak Phaseless Realm strength. Dealing with these corpse guards was naturally nothing difficult.

Even so, casualties appeared very soon too.

"Ye Yuan, you follow behind me! Be careful yourself!" Shao Kai said.

The mission Si Yin gave to him was to protect Ye Yuan. Because Ye Yuan was too important to her.

Shao Kai was just about to charge forward to fight at close quarters with the corpse guards when Ye Yuan patted his shoulder from behind.

"These corpse guards, leave it to them to deal with it. Lets go in and search for treasures first." Ye Yuan said with a slight smile.

Shao Kai said, "Are you joking?! There are corpse guards everywhere, how do we go in?"

Ye Yuan fished out a bag of white powder and passed it to Shao Kai, saying, "Sprinkle it on our people. With it, the corpse guards wont attack us."

As he said, Ye Yuan grabbed a handful himself and sprinkled it on his own body. After that, he walked into the corpse guard horde with a swagger.

Shao Kai opened his eyes wide, looking at this scene in disbelief.

Those corpse guards were actually all like they could not see Ye Yuan, all bypassing around him.

Shao Kai reacted very quickly and scattered the powder on his body. Then he scattered it over each person on their side.

"Ye Yuan, this Just what thing is this powder? Why is it so magical?" Shao Kai asked in disbelief.

The gazes the other slaughter generals looked at Ye Yuan with were filled with worship. Other people were all fighting all out over there, but their ten over people were actually taking big strutting steps in the corpse guard horde. This was too magical.

Ye Yuan said with a smile, "This is called Corpse Powder. After sprinkling it on, our bodies will emit a smell the same as corpses. Those corpses search for targets through the smell of living people. We sprinkled Corpse Powder on our bodies, they will think that were the same species and naturally wont attack us."

Shao Kai was dazed when he heard. Raising a thumbs up, he praised in admiration, "These corpse guards are extremely troublesome. I heard that the people who entered here the last time, there were half of them who died here. I didnt expect that we dont even need to fight."

Ye Yuan said smilingly, "Fighting and killing this sort of thing, better let other people go and do it."

Since Ye Yuan wanted to enter this Dragon Sovereign Territory, he naturally had to inquire clearly about the situation inside here. Hence, before this, he already made a lot of preparations in advance.

"Ye Yuan, you guys dare to go in first?! Ill kill you!" Wu He discovered their group of peoples abnormal situation and could not refrain from snarling.

However, he could only just yell. He was surrounded by three to four corpse guards himself and was completely unable to extricate himself.

It was just that when he saw that those corpse guards actually did not even attack Ye Yuan, he was rather unhappy in his heart.

But with Wu He yelling like this, everyone all startled awake and looked at Ye Yuans group of people in astonishment.

"Shao Kai, if you all dare to go in first, youll be everybodys common enemy!"

"Ye Yuan, youll die a horrible death!"

When everyone saw this scene, they were envious and also afraid that Ye Yuan they all would seize the good stuff when they enter first, and could only use this kind of method to threaten.

It was just that their threats, Ye Yuan did not care at all.

Ye Yuan turned around and said with a smile, "Everybody, warm up your bodies first. Well go in and be the vanguard for you guys.Haha,fighting this sort of thing, this Ye wont keep you company!"

Done talking, Ye Yuan slowly carried on walking inside.

"Ye Yuan, you best pray that you dont land in my hands! Otherwise, youll die very horribly!" Wu He roared.

Except, Ye Yuan already walked far away at this time and was utterly disinclined to bother with him.

Battle cries shook the heavens inside the great hall. Although those slaughter generals strengths were very strong, wanting to charge out of the encirclement in a short time was not manageable. They could only watch Ye Yuan and the others entered inside helplessly.