Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 904

Chapter 904 Incense Burner

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Passing through the great hall, no more corpse guards appeared again.

At the back of the great hall was a side-hall. Ye Yuan brought everyone into the side-hall.

However, inside the side-hall was empty. There was no good stuff at all.

“The last time, they definitely had someone who came in here. Whatever things there were, was also taken away by them.”

“There’s nothing nice to look at here. We’d better hurry on to other places. Otherwise, when they rush over, it will have nothing to do with us anymore.”

While talking, everyone was about to leave.

Shao Kai was just about to leave but discovered that Ye Yuan was currently looking everywhere and did not have the intention of leaving.

“Ye Yuan, come on, this place should have long been cleaned out by them. Nothing good to look at,” Shao Kai said.

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “That might not be so!”

“En? Could it be that … you have some discovery?” Shao Kai could not help sizing up this side-hall once more. But he still did not discover anything of value.

The side-hall was not large and could be swept with one glance. There was no way to miss anything.

Ye Yuan slowly came to an incense burner table at a corner of the side-hall and picked up the incense burner placed on it.

This incense burner was damaged and old, looking not at all conspicuous. No matter who looked over, they would not think that it was a treasure either.

“This incense burner doesn’t have the slightest trace of undulation. It’s impossible to be a treasure,” Shao Kai said.

“Is that so?”

Ye Yuan smiled. Grabbing a handful of incense ash from inside the incense burner, he passed it to Shao Kai and said, “Eat it!”

Shao Kai’s expression was ugly as he said, “How to eat this thing? Ye Yuan, you aren’t joking, right?”

Ye Yuan said, “This is the incense ash of Heavenly Longevity Incense. Eating this handful of incense ash can let you extend your longevity by 500 years! If you’re not eating, I’ll save it for myself.”

“5-500 years?” Shao Kai opened his eyes wide, his eyes full of disbelief.

One had to know, the Nine-Yang Spring Restoring Pill which Ye Yuan made the Soul Martial Divine King take action to refine merely extended longevity for 300 years. This handful of incense ash could actually extend longevity for 500 years. How heaven-defying was that?

If other people said this sort of thing, Shao Kai definitely would not believe. But Ye Yuan was different. Shao Kai had seen before many miracles on him.

The credibility of Ye Yuan’s words was extremely high!

“Heavenly Longevity Incense is an ancient formula. It has already been lost presently. This furnace of incense ash is worth several cities. You’re … really not going to eat it?” Ye Yuan said with a smile.

“I’ll eat! I’ll eat!” Shao Kai carefully received the incense ash in Ye Yuan’s hand and swallowed it down in one mouthful.

What made him surprised was that this incense ash actually melted in his mouth. Furthermore, it even had a hint of sweetness. It was not disgusting at all.

Very soon, a pleasurable sensation went from the bottom of his sole straight to the top of his head, making him have a feeling of remolding himself anew. His face actually became many years younger all at once.

“This … This is really too magical! This incense ash actually really has the function of extending longevity!”

Sensing his vigorous life force, Shao Kai was exceedingly agitated.

“Big Brother Shao, is it really that amazing?” Another slaughter general could not sit still anymore when he saw Shao Kai’s astonishing transformation.

He was embarrassed to ask Ye Yuan and could only use this sort of words to approach the subject in a roundabout manner.

After all, the treasure was found by Ye Yuan. How to distribute was Ye Yuan’s matter.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “No need to worry. Everybody has a share.”

When everyone heard it, they could not help being exceptionally thrilled.

Although there was a portion of the people among them whose age was not old, nobody would complain about living longer either. To be able to extend longevity by 500 years, this was a tremendous lucky chance!

One had to know that 500 year’s time was sufficient for them to do anything.

Furthermore, the body becoming younger, their chances of breaking through would also become greater.

Ye Yuan was not stingy in the slightest, distributing to each person a portion of the Heavenly Longevity Incense’s incense ash.

Either way, there was a furnace full of incense ash. He did not mind at all.

Ye Yuan naturally would not tell them that actually, this incense burner was the most valuable treasure!

Other people could not recognize, but Ye Yuan knew the origins of this incense burner.

As the Divine Realm’s pinnacle-most alchemist, Ye Yuan had extremely deep research into medicinal cauldrons.

In the ancient era, the dragon clan had once produced an extremely gifted alchemist before. That dragon race alchemist later affirmed his Dao to become an Alchemy God.

And the medicinal cauldron he used before becoming an Alchemy God was called the Dragon Sovereign Cauldron.

The Dragon Sovereign Cauldron had a distinguishing trait, that was that each refinement would require one to drip in a drop of dragon blood before it could activate the medicinal cauldron’s power.

And after refining, the Dragon Sovereign Cauldron would become a tiny little incense burner.

This tiny little incense burner in Ye Yuan’s hand was precisely the Dragon Sovereign Cauldron!

This Dragon Sovereign Cauldron, legends said that it was continuously sanctified by that alchemist, reaching the stage of top-grade holy artifact. But due to material quality issues, that alchemist ultimately still did not sanctify it to become a divine artifact.

Even so, the Dragon Sovereign Cauldron was also a first-rate medicinal cauldron.

Ye Yuan never thought that he could actually acquire the Dragon Sovereign Cauldron in this place. The guys who came in the past plundered this place all around, but they left behind the most valuable thing.

But apart from Ye Yuan, one really could not find more than a few people able to recognize the Dragon Sovereign Cauldron and Heavenly Longevity Incense in the Divine Realm.

Ye Yuan put away the Dragon Sovereign Cauldron without batting an eyelid, and the rest were also still immersed in the joy of extending their longevity.

As for the Heavenly Longevity Incense’s incense ash, Ye Yuan planned on researching it properly later on, to see if he could restore the formula or not.

This formula was exceedingly valuable.

Going out from the side-hall, it was a stretch of open area. Not walking far, a road appeared in front of everyone.

A stone tablet was erected at the roadside. On the stone tablet, there were three words: ‘Yellow Springs Road 1 !’

“Ye Yuan, this …” Shao Kai’s expression was solemn as he said.

Just hearing this name, this road was not that easy to cross.

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “There are many ancient array formations on this road. It’s probably not that easy to cross.”

Right at this time, a large group of people suddenly scurried out from behind. It was precisely all the people who were trapped by the corpse guards.

Ye Yuan’s party had delayed some time in the side-hall. It was precisely this period of time that allowed those people to breach the corpse guards’ blockade.

“Hahaha! Ye Yuan, this time, I see where you can still run to! This time, let’s settle the old scores and new ones together!” Wu He’s impudent voice sounded out, and he arrived in front of Ye Yuan in a blink of an eye.

The rest of the people also looked at Ye Yuan with unfriendly expressions. Very clearly, leaving on their own made all of the people very displeased with them.

Ye Yuan swept a glance over and discovered that quite a number of people probably perished inside the great hall.

“Ye Yuan, you’re too much! This time, nobody can save you!” Even Mo Shang voiced out too.

Ye Yuan’s actions prior to this actually incurred the wrath of everyone.

Everyone surrounded Ye Yuan’s group in the center all at once. They were actually planning on catching the whole lot at once.

At this time, Wu He suddenly noticed Shao Kai’s transformation and questioned, “Shao Kai, what good stuff did you guys obtain? Why do you seem to be much younger all of a sudden?!”

Wu He’s words startled everyone.

They looked towards Si Yin’s lot and discovered that each and every one of them was substantially younger, and could not help being incomparably astonished.

Without a doubt, during this period of the time that both sides separated, Ye Yuan’s group obtained some incredible thing.

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “It’s also nothing much. I just obtained some Heavenly Longevity Incense’s ashes and let Shao Kai they all extend their longevity by 500 years, that’s all.”