Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 905

Chapter 905 Battered To Death In One Palm

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“Extend longevity by 500 years!”

The moment Ye Yuan said these words, everyone drew a cold breath of air. Their eyes revealed an incomparably scorching look.

“Ye Yuan, if you’re sensible, surrender the treasure! Otherwise, I’ll make you die a horrible death!” Wu He said sternly.

Another person said, “Ye Yuan, I can give you an opportunity. As long as you surrender the treasure to me, I can ensure your safety! With me around, nobody will dare to touch you!”

This person’s name was called Zhong Wubing, the number one slaughter general under Exalt Netherkill’s command. His strength was unfathomable.

When Wu He heard that, his expression changed. But he did not make a sound tactfully.

In front of Zhong Wubing, he still did not have the capital to pick a quarrel.

Ye Yuan suddenly burst into laughter when he heard that and said, “Looking at your appearances, each and every one of you are certain that you’ve cornered this Little Lord, right?”

Zhong Wubing said with any joy nor sorrow, “Could it be that until now, you’re still hoping to get lucky?”

“You guys go find your treasures and not come to provoke this little lord, and you all can still live for a little longer. Yet, you all don’t open your eyes and seek death. I can do nothing about it either,” Ye Yuan said with a helpless look.

Everyone exchanged glances, uncertain where Ye Yuan’s sense of superiority came from.

This place had as many experts as clouds. Someone like Zhong Wubing was even at the top of the list on the Heaven Carnage Proclamation. What right did Ye Yuan have to raise a hue here?

Could it be that this brat lost his mind?

“Conceited and arrogant! Wu He, your matters, I won’t intervene. As for the treasure, you know it,” Zhong Wubing said coolly.

Wu He was secretly delighted. Zhong Wubing’s meaning was to split the treasure equally.

But he also knew that that Heavenly Longevity Incense’s effect was only one time too. Consuming again definitely would not have an effect anymore.

“Heh, rest assured, Boss Zhong, this Wu naturally understands!”

Wu He had a look like he had cornered Ye Yuan. He said smugly, “Brat, I told you long ago, don’t land in my hands. But you refused to listen! Today, I’ll let you have a taste of this Wu’s methods!”

Shao Kai’s expression fell, but he blocked in front of Ye Yuan and said, “Wu He, want to touch Ye Yuan, go through me first!”

“Heh, Shao Kai, you still haven’t come to understand until now? Just the likes of you want to stop me too?” Wu He said with a cold laugh.

Ye Yuan patted Shao Kai’s shoulder and said calmly, “This sort of trash, I’ll take care of it myself.”

Shao Kai was really speechless. Ye Yuan was too self-absorbed. This sort of tall talk, not afraid of spraining his tongue when saying it out loud.

Wu He was a powerhouse ranked in the top 100 of the Heaven Enlightenment Realm. There were really not many Phaseless Realm martial artists who were his match. Ye Yuan was merely Heaven Enlightenment Realm, even if he was any more powerful, it was impossible to be Wu He’s match too.

“Fool! I’ll let you take a look at what’s called absolute strength!”

Wu He snorted coldly. The pressure of a Ninth Level Phaseless Realm instantly erupted. The whole process from beginning to end was incomparably astonishing.

“The newly-issued Heaven Carnage Proclamation this time, Wu He advanced 30 over places all at once. His improvement speed is too astonishing!”

“Yeah! The improvement speed of those under Exalt Blazing Fire’s command is very astonishing. Given time, he is very likely to become an existence on the same level as Exalt Coldblood.”

“Ye Yuan is also grossly estimating himself too much. Even if he can enter the Heaven Carnage Proclamation, powerhouses ranked in the top 100 are also not what his cultivation can challenge.”

Wu He had the intention of showing off as well, exploding with all of his power all at once. Quite a few people were secretly alarmed when they saw this scene.

Seeing everyone reveal astonished expressions, Wu He was secretly pleased with himself too.

“Ye Yuan, do you see it! This is the disparity between you and me! A measly little Heaven Enlightenment Realm actually dares to be arrogant in front of me! Go to hell!”

A shocking punch hurled head-on at Ye Yuan.

Right at this time, Ye Yuan suddenly opened his eyes. Then, a palm smacked out!

“Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm!”

This time, there was no azure dragon galloping forward. Just a strange energy undulation transmitted out.


Under everyone’s dumbfounded gazes, Wu He was directly blasted until fresh blood spurted wildly, collapsing on the ground in a dead faint.

Seeing this scene, Zhong Wubing’s pupils constricted, his gaze when looking at Ye Yuan was incomparably sharp.

He very much wanted to see just what kind of method Ye Yuan used to defeat Wu He. However, he could not tell at all.

Zhong Wubing admitted that the power of this palm was very formidable. But to say that it could deal with Wu He, that was something impossible.

But what went wrong in-between this?

Zhong Wubing could not figure out after racking his brains!

Ye Yuan lightly swept past everyone’s eyes and slowly opened his mouth and said, “Now, who else wants to come forward and give it a shot?”

Places that Ye Yuan swept past, the people all lowered their heads, not daring to look Ye Yuan in the eye.

This palm of Ye Yuan’s directly suppressed all the people.

Finally, Ye Yuan’s gaze stopped on Zhong Wubing, and he said with a faint smile, “Boss Zhong, why not … you come and give it a try yourself? This Heavenly Longevity Incense ash can extend longevity by 500 years.”

Zhong Wubing’s expression turned black, not quite able to maintain his dignity anymore.

But Ye Yuan’s appearance with nothing to fear, he really could not quite figure it out.

This brat was too abnormal. Clearly only had Heaven Enlightenment Realm strength, but could smack Wu He to heavy injuries with one palm.

Even Zhong Wubing himself could not possibly do it to this step so easily either!

Swoosh! Swoosh!

“Not good, Wu He’s protective shell was broken and already triggered the grand array!” Someone cried out.

Right at this time, a strange white-colored flame descended from the skies, directly enveloping Wu He inside.

It only used two breaths of time, and Wu He’s entire person was burned to a pile of black charcoal before that tuft of white flames disappeared.

The high and mighty Wu He was obliterated by the grand array just like this.

Seeing this scene, everyone was even more shocked inwardly.

The power of this white flame was too horrifying. Even if Exalt-class came in, it was certain death too!

No wonder the last time actually had two Exalt-class who perished in here.

Seeing this scene, Zhong Wubing’s expression also changed. The idea of making a move immediately vanished without a trace, and he opened his mouth and said to Ye Yuan, “Looks like it was I who underestimated you! Starting from now, everybody search for treasures by relying on own skill!”

Hearing this, everyone’s hearts jolted.

What kind of person was Boss Zhong? He actually shrunk back!

Zhong Wubing’s words were equivalent to acknowledging Ye Yuan’s equal footing status as him.

Zhong Wubing had always been a man of his word in the Asura Arena. Today, he actually yielded to a brat at the bottom of the Heaven Carnage Proclamation.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Huhu, wouldn’t it be settled if you said so earlier? You had to find a person to come out and court death! You guys have an appearance like you’re bound by a common hatred for the same enemy. It’s really hilarious to the max. I have means to avoid those corpse guards, so why should I accompany you all to clash bitterly together? If it were you guys, would you do it?”

Ye Yuan’s words were incomparably arrogant, but what he said was the truth.

If other people had the means to avoid those corpse guards, it was impossible to wait for the others.

The reason why these people behaved like they were bounded by a common hatred for the same enemy, wasn’t it still because they saw that Ye Yuan’s party was easy to bully?

But they never would have thought that it would actually because of such an outcome in the end.