Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 906

Chapter 906 Blindly Copying Others And Making Oneself Looks Foolish

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“Heh, how did you do it, Ye Yuan? It’s really too liberating! Wu He that dog normally always bully us. This time, you helped us to take revenge!”

The one talking was called An Ren, a slaughter general under Si Yin’s command. His age was not young, but his strength was uncommon.

It was just that with his strength, he would normally just be bullied by Wu He as well.

Today, Ye Yuan killing Wu He with one palm awed all of the heroes, making the melancholy pent up in his chest finally get released.

Along with that, he also worshiped Ye Yuan to the max.

Si Yin’s lot was indeed normally too weak. When they were bullied normally, they felt indignant but did not dare to speak out as well.

An Ren had never felt like this. Today, he was able to straighten his back and stand proud.

Even the powerful Zhong Wubing made a concession in front of Ye Yuan’s domineeringness too.

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “You just have to know that inside this Dragon Sovereign Territory, I’m the strongest!”

Actually, when Ye Yuan saw that air bubble outside the entrance, he already had a well-thought-out plan in mind. Otherwise, how could he possibly sell these air bubbles to those exalts?

The principle of how that light-green protective shell formed was actually dragon wave’s vibrations!

Especially after entering the Dragon Sovereign Territory, Ye Yuan even confirmed his own judgment. The grand array selected its attack targets through the vibration frequency emitted from the protective shells.

Ye Yuan could feel that the grand array’s selection frequency reached the terrifying spirit rank!

But this was nothing to Ye Yuan. Which was also to say that even if he did not use this protective shell, he could also be perfectly safe and sound inside the grand array.

While to the rest of the people, although this protective shell could ensure their safety, it was equivalent to adding a shackle onto them.

Ye Yuan could transit onto their protective shells through the dragon wave’s vibrations, and from there, magnify the power of the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm by several dozen times!

Such a horrifying attack, how could Wu He withstand it?

Just one palm shattered his protective shell.

Dragon wave was the dragon clan’s undisclosed secret. It was impossible for the Sky Long Ridge’s Long Family to grasp this method of applying power too.

The Long Family’s application of dragon blood was still on developing its bloodline power to assist cultivation, that was all.

An Ren raised a thumbs up and said, “Big Brother Ye, in the future, I, An Ren, will be your little brother! If there are any instructions, feel free to send Little Brother to go do! Ouch, who kicked me?”

Shao Kai gave him a surprise kick to the butt, kicking him out far away, and said with a black face, “Look at how shameful you are! When you just entered the Heavenly Slaughter Pit, weren’t you still sowing discord in front of Exalt Si Yin?

Indeed, at that time, those people felt that Ye Yuan was deliberately dragging the time. Among the people criticizing was An Ren.

It was just that circumstances have changed with the passing of time. An Ren’s view of Ye Yuan already underwent an upheaval change.

An Ren scratched his head and said embarrassed, “At that time, wasn’t I unfamiliar with our Big Brother Ye? H-Haha.”

Ye Yuan smiled and said indifferently, “No worries. Since we came in, I can’t very well let you guys return empty-handed.”

An Ren’s eyes lit up, and he said in delight, “Thanks a lot, Big Brother Ye!”

But Shao Kai’s expression was not too good. He moved close to Ye Yuan and said, “Ye Yuan, I heard that the last time they entered the Dragon Sovereign Territory, they suffered disastrous losses on this Yellow Springs Road. We …”

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “This Yellow Springs Road, saying that it’s hard, it’s also hard. To say that it’s not hard, it’s not hard either! In a while, you all relax your whole body. Nobody is allowed to draw on the slightest bit of essence energy. Just pretend to be my puppets! Otherwise, if you trigger the array formations, don’t blame me for that!”

Hearing Ye Yuan’s words, everyone’s hearts turned cold.

If it were before, they naturally would not choose to hand their lives over to another person. But now, they already trusted Ye Yuan unconditionally.

Without Ye Yuan, they could not have even walked to the Yellow Springs Road!

At this time, the group of martial artists hesitated in front of the Yellow Springs Road. Nobody dared to be the first one to get on it.

“You guys, look. That’s the Zhao Tianxiang under Exalt Netherkill’s command the previous time. His strength was no less than Wu He’s. He actually perished on this road too.”

“This Yellow Springs Road is truly worthy of its name! With our strength, getting on it is undoubtedly seeking death!”

“But we’ve already arrived here. If we don’t go in, who is willing to be reconciled to it? Obtaining the treasures inside, maybe one will be able to reach the heavens in one bound!”

“Indeed, the last time the Dragon Sovereign Territory opened, the greatest beneficiary was Exalt Blazing Fire. He obtained a heaven-defying treasure in here. That’s how he was able to ascend to the position of Exalt in one step.”

The last time the Dragon Sovereign Territory opened, Exalt Blazing Fire was still just a slaughter general. But his luck was very good. That was how he ascended to the heavens in one step after finding a heaven-defying treasure on the Yellow Springs Road.

Furthermore, Blazing Fire was also not the strongest one among the people who entered that time, but he had the last laugh.

How could such an example not make these people envious?

Except, regarding the Yellow Springs Road’s danger, they were very clear. Even if they were not clear about it, those skeletal remains ahead were still visible before their eyes!

Even someone as powerful as Zhong Wubing did not depart at this time too.

Very clearly, on this Yellow Springs Road, the farther one walked, the more clearly one could see the exact details of the Yellow Springs Road. The assurance of passing through would naturally be the greatest as well.

“Make way, make way! Are you guys going? If you’re not going, I’m going. Don’t block other people’s path.” Ye Yuan’s careless voice sounded out, incurring a series of sidelong glances.

Unconsciously, everyone opened up a path for Ye Yuan. Ye Yuan brought Si Yin’s lot of people and came in front of the Yellow Springs Road.

Looking at this scene, Zhong Wubing’s face fell slightly. He clearly also did not expect that Ye Yuan would actually dare to be the first one to go.

However, Ye Yuan’s decisiveness without the slightest hesitation exceeded everyone’s expectations!

It was only to see him stride a step out without the least bit of hesitation, and he directly got on the Yellow Springs Road!

Following this stride, everyone’s heart involuntarily twinged fiercely, afraid that there would be something indeterminable happening.

Yet, nothing happened at all.

The Yellow Springs Road was as calm as before. Peaceful until it made people somewhat afraid!

Strands of essence energy threads twined up the whole of Si Yin’s lot. Each and every one of them relaxed their entire bodies, not daring to utilize a shred of essence energy.

At this time, their bodies were covered in threads everywhere, finally converging into a line. And the other end of the line was precisely grasped in Ye Yuan’s hands.

Ye Yuan’s casually led their group of people all onto the Yellow Springs Road!

Safe! It was still safe!

On the Yellow Springs Road, there were no happenings at all!

“Quick! Keep up!” Everyone reacted to it as well, wanting to barge onto the Yellow Springs Road with Si Yin’s lot.


A tuft of flames suddenly descended, directly burning the few martial artists who followed subsequently into ashes.

The footwork Ye Yuan’s feet followed was extremely profound. If one did not understand the profundities of array formations, there was simply no way to keep up.

They thought that it would be fine by following Ye Yuan’s footwork. But the final result was a tragedy.

When Zhong Wubing saw this scene before his eyes, the expression on his face was very ugly too. Actually, he wanted to follow Ye Yuan’s footwork onto the Yellow Springs Road just now too. But he still endured it at the final second.

Otherwise, how could it be those guys’ turn to go up?

As expected, if this Yellow Springs Road could be crossed by blindly imitating others, then it would not be called Yellow Springs Road either.