Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 907

Chapter 907 Redirecting The Troubled Waters

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Stepping onto the Yellow Springs Road, Ye Yuan did not dare to relax in the slightest either.

If he was all alone, fine. But on his hands were carrying over ten wooden puppets!

He needed to control each person’s footwork. There could not be the slightest degree of error.

One could say that he was currently juggling over ten things at the same time!

Only Ye Yuan’s heaven-defying soul force could sustain his present sort of manipulation.

This Yellow Springs Road absolutely lived up to its name. It was completely different from the array formations Ye Yuan encountered in the past.

On this road, there were over a dozen ancient array formations!

They interweaved between each other and were interdependent. Not only was their power extraordinary, but they were also intricate and complex, undergoing a myriad of changes in the twinkle of an eye.

The footwork Ye Yuan was manipulating the others with was changing at every second, and not identical with his own footwork.

For the other martial artists to want to pass through the Yellow Springs Road based on Ye Yuan’s footwork was simply a fool’s talk!

Facing these ancient array formations that were all extremely rarely-seen array formations, if Ye Yuan’s conjectures were right, they should all be the dragon clan’s array formation. Ye Yuan could only accomplish passing through and was unable to control freely like in the past.

Shao Kai, An Ren, and the rest were all sweating profusely being controlled in Ye Yuan’s hands. But they did not dare to have the slightest trace of their own actions.

The sound of those few people’s shrill screams earlier were still reverberating beside their ears. With their strength, once they were attacked by the array formations, then there was only a road that led to death.

But what made them even more shocked was that Ye Yuan could actually accomplish such an inconceivable thing!

One had to know, carrying over ten puppets in one’s hands while passing through such a terrifying grand array, how great a nerve did this require? How precise and subtle the soul force and essence energy, as well as how startling the Formations Dao attainments?

In their view, this was simply an impossible task.

Yet, Ye Yuan was indeed currently realizing it step by step!

“Mo Shang, let’s go!”

Right at this time, Zhong Wubing who had been silent all along finally spoke.

Mo Shang could not help turning blank and said, “Right now?”

They did not have Ye Yuan’s heaven-defying Formations Dao attainments. Charging forward at this time, they were bound to trigger the array formations!

Once the array formations were set up, Ye Yuan would surely be affected too!

Zhong Wubing suddenly mentioning to charge onto the Yellow Springs Road at this time, his goal was already understood without further explanations.

“That’s right! I want to take a look at to what extent can this brat be heaven-defying to!” Zhong Wubing said with a cold sneer.

Exalt Netherkill’s party only had eight people. But these eight people’s strengths were incomparably formidable.

Furthermore, Exalt Netherkill was bound to have already prepared for many contingencies for the sake of this trip. They probably came for the sake of forcefully rushing through the formations.

It was just that this timing of barging through the formations was a bit too vicious!

But to the people in Asura Arena, vicious this term, seemed to be somewhat overly pedestrian.

Zhong Wubing leaped and directly entered the Yellow Springs Road.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh.

He did not have Ye Yuan’s swift and fierce footwork. The moment he got on, he triggered the grand array.

The other seven people under Exalt Netherkill’s command did not hesitate in the slightest too, directly leaping up.

Fierce flames instantly engulfed the seven of them. But the others knew that there was no way Zhong Wubing would perish in the sea of fire just like that.

Exalt Netherkill was the one with the deepest foundations among all of the Exalts. Since he already knew that there was a Yellow Springs Road here, how could he possibly not leave some trump cards for Zhong Wubing and the rest?

Sure enough, rays of chilly spectral light radiated out of the fire sea and actually isolated off this fierce sea of fire!

“Profound Shallow Birdcage! My god, Exalt Netherkill actually handed this high-grade ice-attribute holy artifact to them!”

When everyone saw that treasure held in Zhong Wubing’s hands, a wave of exclamations immediately sounded out.

That pure white little pigeon cage gave off waves of profound ice-colored ghostly lights, and actually isolated off such a fierce fire sea!

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh.

The array formations on the Yellow Springs Road were all closely linked to one another. Eight experts coming up on this side all at once already set off the grand array.

Scorching flames actually spread over towards the front!

Sensing that surging fire sea at the back, Si Yin’s lot all felt waves of chills down their spines, cold sweat pouring profusely.

Seeing this scene, the corners of Zhong Wubing’s mouth showed a mocking expression.

“Brat, you’re still a little tender to be fighting with me! I want to see just how you escape this fire sea!” Zhong Wubing said with a cold smile.

Sensing everyone’s thoughts become unsteady, Ye Yuan said in a solemn voice, “Focus your mind and be unmoved! If you guys don’t wish to die, then you can only trust me!”

Hearing Ye Yuan’s words, everyone’s hearts shivered, and they hurriedly put away their thoughts. But their bodies did not dare to even have any bit of movement.

At this point, apart from choosing to believe Ye Yuan, they already had no other choices.

Rather than their minds wavering and landing in the array formation, might as well let Ye Yuan control.

Ye Yuan’s measures, they had already experienced it. Maybe he could still create a miracle now?

Ye Yuan’s fingers were like they were flying. The footwork under his feet also accelerated.

All at once, Ye Yuan’s speed increased.

However, Ye Yuan naturally had to pay a corresponding price too. The speed of his soul force and essence energy consumption was rising sharply!

“Everybody together! Whether you live or die, we each rely on our own means!”

Seeing that Zhong Wubing they all already got on the Yellow Springs Road, the rest could not endure it anymore either, all dashing onto it.

Although Zhong Wubing was powerful, the other camps’ powerhouses were not few either. Furthermore, entering the Dragon Sovereign Territory this time, everybody had ample preparations.

For some time, everyone was like the Eight Immortals crossing the sea; each displayed their divineabilities1.

One magic weapon after the other flew everywhere. The most inferior was also a low-grade holy artifact.

Seemed like in order to enter the Dragon Sovereign Territory this time, each of the Exalts poured in the blood capital.

With Exalt Blazing Fire, this example here, these Exalts were clearly no longer calm either.

But this move of employing one magic weapon after another seemed to have infuriated the entire grand array all of a sudden!


Bolts of dense lightning descended with a roar, directly bombarding onto everyone’s magic weapons.

Magic weapons that were slightly weaker were directly shattered.


For a moment, miserable cries echoed together.

The Yellow Springs Road became the human world’s AsuraArena2.

Hearing such miserable cries, Shao Kai and they all each had goosebumps all over their bodies.

They could clearly sense that Ye Yuan increased speed.

Shao Kai could not resist sneaking a glance at Ye Yuan and could not help being startled inwardly.

Not a hint of panic could be seen on Ye Yuan’s face. His entire person seemed to have entered some sort of very mysterious state.

Underneath Ye Yuan’s foot, the movement became faster and faster. The movements of his hands similarly became increasingly faster!

Shao Kai could not help shockingly discover that not only did their group of people not receive any aftershocks, they pulled apart the distance from over there instead!

Ye Yuan’s speed was actually even faster than the speed Zhong Wubing, and they all were advancing at!

This How was this possible?

One had to know that Ye Yuan was currently doing over a dozen things at the same time. And each thing placed onto other people was an impossible task.

Under such circumstances, Ye Yuan’s speed did not reduce. It increased instead. This was also too heaven-defying, right?

Zhong Wubing also felt very unpleasant right now. But when his gaze fleeted sideways at Ye Yuan, his expression instantly became incomparably ugly.