Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 908

Chapter 908 Eating Dust

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The martial artists entering the Yellow Springs Road became more and more. The power of the array formations was also increasing continuously.

Apart from lighting and fire, these two types of attributes, several more kinds of attribute attacks landed.

For some time, the entire Yellow Springs Road was incomparably chaotic.

Zhong Wubing cursed incessantly in his heart and wished that he could kill off all of those fellows.

But at this time, his spirit was willing, but his strength was lacking as well.

Although the Profound Shallow Birdcage was a high-grade holy artifact, under such fierce attacks, it appeared rather hard-pressed to tackle all the problems too.

In the beginning, he still had some strength to spare. But later on, not just him, even the rest of the people must pull out all stops too, before they could barely hold on.

Ye Yuan’s speed became increasingly faster. His heart realm entered a kind of mysterious state, making him have an all-round increase in control in all aspects!

Ye Yuan knew that under an extreme situation, his heart realm that entered a bottleneck finally broke through.

If dividing according to cultivation realms, Ye Yuan should have entered Heart Like Monolith’s middle-stage.

After breaking through, his analytical abilities had a tremendous increase, making him have a huge increase in cracking speed when facing the ancient array formations on the one hand. On the other hand, controlling those companions also became even more skillful and accomplished with ease.

This way, Ye Yuan’s advancement speed naturally became much faster.

The Yellow Springs Road was roughly 10 thousand feet in distance from start to finish. Ye Yuan’s speed became faster the more he walked, and he reached the end very soon.

But at this point, Zhong Wubing they all merely walked half of the journey.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Ye Yuan’s figure moved, directly leaping out of the Yellow Springs Road. Then with a wave of his hand, the rest also came out safe and sound.

“Big Brother Ye, you’re too incredible! I really idolize you to death!” An Ren immediately jumped up in excitement.

Shao Kai was more reserved. But at this time, he was unbelievably agitated too: “Ye Yuan, you … did you breakthrough in heart realm?”

From Ye Yuan’s state, it was not hard to determine that Ye Yuan must have had a breakthrough in heart realm. Furthermore, to be able to accomplish it to Ye Yuan’s extent, his heart realm was inevitably terrifyingly high.

Ye Yuan’s gaze looked towards Zhong Wubing rather amusedly, and he said with a smile, “This was all thanks to our Boss Zhong. It’s impolite not to reciprocate. Shouldn’t we repay in kind too?”

Ye Yuan deliberately poured in essence energy, making his voice penetrate through the array formations, and transmit into everyone’s ears.

The moment Zhong Wubing heard, his expression could not help changing drastically.

He never would have thought that he failed to bury Ye Yuan, but let Ye Yuan had a breakthrough instead. Now, Ye Yuan was actually going to turn around and bury him in turn.

Finished talking, Ye Yuan raised his hand, and it was a palm, directly rumbling into the grand array.

Charging over this whole way, Ye Yuan was already very familiar with this set of interlinking array formations.

He only unleashed one move, but it set off the grand array’s chain reaction.

All of a sudden, the grand array’s attacks became several times fiercer!

This spreading out and affecting everyone all of a sudden, another series of tragic screams rang out again.

The various Exalts’ ten years of painstaking preparations were all gone under this blow.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

One round of attacks landing, half of the martial artists directly perished. Even Zhong Wubing’s side lost as many as three all at once too.

Those left were all elites among elites!

It was just that these elites, each and every one of their conditions were very bad as well. Apart from top-level powerhouses like Zhong Wubing, they all suffered varying degrees of injuries.

There was still less than half of the journey remaining. But it was not such an easy matter for them to want to pull through.

The present Zhong Wubing did not even have a chance to shout curses. It was only to see him teetering on his feet, exhausted from dealing with attacks from all directions.

A hint of a smile flashed across the corners of Ye Yuan’s mouth, and he said, “Let them busy away first. Let’s go search for treasures first!”

“Haha, these bunch of fellows actually dare to use an underhanded move against our Boss Ye, serves them right to follow behind our asses and eat dust!”

As An Ren laughed loudly, he followed behind Ye Yuan gleefully, the appearance of a vile character intoxicated by success.

Clearing the Yellow Springs Road, what entered their eyes was a small two-storied pavilion.

Seeing this pavilion, the group of people was all very excited.

They knew that Exalt Blazing Fire obtained the treasure here. That was how he ascended to the sky in one leap, becoming an Exalt.

“Go in then!” Ye Yuan said.

Seeing everyone’s looks of burning eagerness, Ye Yuan could not help telling them this with a smile.

The bunch of people scrambled after one another and entered into the building. Ye Yuan observed around. This place did not have any eye-catching aspects.

It was just that this building’s first floor was clearly also cleaned out by people before. The things left were already not many.

“High-grade holy artifact!” someone suddenly cried out.

Actually, there was no need for him to shout, the rest of the people also saw it.

A sword rack was placed in the corner. Displayed on it was an exquisite treasure sword. Looking at the treasure sword’s aura, it was absolutely a high-grade holy artifact without a doubt.

Seeing the treasure sword, there was someone who could not contain himself and wanted to make a move to take it.

“Stop!” Ye Yuan shouted sternly. That person’s body shuddered, and he involuntarily stopped the movements of his hands and legs.

“B-Boss Ye, what is it?” That person said quiveringly with fear.

Hearing Ye Yuan bark so sternly, that person was also somewhat quaking with fear.

Ye Yuan casually took a piece of wood and threw over. It was only to see a ghostly light flash past. With a whoosh, the wood was directly vaporized.

That person could not help shrinking back when he saw the situation. Only then did he know that he already circled one round around the gates of hell and back.

“Even a fool can see that that is a high-grade holy artifact. You think that they won’t retrieve it the last time they came over? You look, there’s still has a pile of ashes over there. It must be a martial artist who triggered the restriction and was burned to death. To be able to walk in here, they were definitely people whose strength were overwhelming. Even they could not retrieve the treasure sword, can you collect it?” Ye Yuan said softly.

That person spat out his tongue, aware that he was too careless.

He thought that going across the Yellow Springs Road, inside this pavilion-building was just like that side-hall; there was no dangers anymore. He really did not expect that danger was hidden everywhere!

But he was also groveling on all fours in admiration towards Ye Yuan already. Ye Yuan had just entered this pavilion-building too but already observed all of the subtle aspects.

“Then … Then we can only watch blankly?” the person said rather unwillingly.

To be able to be surrounded by such a powerful restriction, this treasure sword definitely had extraordinary aspects. Perhaps, it was not as simple as just a high-grade holy artifact.

Giving up just like this, how could they be willing to accept it?

High-grade holy artifact, even in the Asura Arena, it was extremely seldom-seen too.

Under normal circumstances, only Exalt-classes could possess a high-grade holy artifact. It was already very impressive for them, these slaughter generals, to be able to own a middle-grade holy artifact.

Ye Yuan smiled when he heard that, “Already came in, how can we return empty-handed?”

As he said, Ye Yuan slowly took a few steps forward, and actually directly walked over towards that treasure sword!

When everyone saw this scene, their countenance could not help changing suddenly.

“Boss Ye, that restriction …” An Ren shouted at the top of his voice, wanting to go up and pull Ye Yuan.

But the moment he made a move, Ye Yuan slipped away like a loach. He grabbed onto thin air.

Everyone’s hearts seized up, and they could not resist closing their eyes.

But when they opened their eyes, Ye Yuan already picked up that treasure sword and started playing with it in his hand.

Everyone exchanged glances, uncertain what happened.

Such a powerful restriction, how come Ye Yuan was fine when he went in?