Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 91

Chapter 91: Death Zone? Life Land?

The news of Ye Yuan challenging the Nine Heavens Road caused a stir once again in the academy.

"Hey, did you hear? Ye Yuan wants to take on the Nine Heavens Road!"

"Nine Heavens Road? Is he mad? He's only at the Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm. It's certain death!"

"He's originally a madman! Defying the academy's rules, even killing two fellow disciples in succession, scolding Elder Su an old fart right to his face, and even threatened to take his head within a year. If he isn't crazy, then what is? But this time around, he has no choice but to be mad. If he doesn't challenge the Nine Heavens Road, then he absolutely can't escape death!"

"That's true. But isn't it still death if he charges into the Nine Heavens Road?"

"At least he can seize the initiative in his hands by tackling the Nine Heavens Road. If he doesn't attempt this, he would be placing himself at the mercy of others. If it were me, I would also choose to challenge the Nine Heavens Road."

"I reckon that he still possesses a trace of confidence and thinks he can make it through? If he was given more time to reach the Spirit Condensation Realm, I believe that he can definitely charge through it! But what a pity. Nobody has ever made it through as an Essence Qi Realm."

In the Dan Wu Academy, the Nine Heavens Road was a synonym for death. It had already been a whole three years since anybody challenged it.

Since the establishment of the State of Qin's Dan Wu Academy, which student who challenged the Nine Heavens Road was not an extraordinary genius?

But only a measly five of them made it through!

And these five people were all Spirit Condensation Realm without exception.

Even if Ye Yuan already had the combat power equal to a Spirit Condensation Realm now, nobody thought highly of him.

After all, his real strength was only at the Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm.

And one could not borrow the power of medicinal pills to raise strength while charging through the Nine Heavens Road!

That was to say, Ye Yuan must use the strength of a Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm to take on a death road which made Essence Qi Realms despair!

Essence Qi Realm students who challenged the Nine Heavens Road all died without exception.

The survival rate of Essence Qi Realms on the Nine Heavens Road was . . . zero!

It was the survival rate and not the passing rate!

Hence, Ye Yuan was not challenging it but committing suicide!

It seemed like Ye Yuan had been continuously creating miracles after returning from being poisoned.

But this time, nobody thinks that he could create another miracle again.

. . . . . .

Ye Yuan did not bother with the discussion outside. He adjusted his body condition and took care of Lu-er without letting her out of his sight.

Ever since Lu-er lost consciousness, she had not woken up.

Ye Yuan also did not have any solution for Lu-er's current condition. He could only use his essence energy to suppress the frost poison in her body.

Nine Yin Absolute Meridian was no joke. Once it erupted, it would be like a volcano exploding; sweeping forth with irresistible force.

If Ye Yuan were still an Alchemy Emperor right now, the Nine Yin Absolute Meridian naturally would not stump him. But his present cultivation was too low.

"Ye Yuan, Miss Lu-er, she . . . could it be that even you don't have any ideas to save her?"

Seeing the normally adorable and obedient Lu-er end up like this, Feng Ruoqing felt all sorts of emotions.

Feng Zhirou by the side was also unexpectedly quiet today and did not quarrel with Ye Yuan blindly.

Ye Yuan sighed and said, "Unless my master was here, otherwise . . . Sigh. With Lu-er's current condition, I can only help her sustain her life for half a year at best. After half a year, the frost poison will thoroughly erupt, and I won't be able to control it anymore."

"That Zhang Heng really deserved to die! If it were me, I would definitely have diced him into pieces!" Feng Zhirou gnashed her teeth bitterly.

Feng Zhirou did not feel the slightest bit of pity towards someone like Zhang Heng.

Feng Ruoqing's eyes, on the other hand, lit up. "You really have a powerful master! Where is he? Why not invite him here? As long as he comes, not only can he treat Lu-er, even your problems would go away as well!"

Ye Yuan purposely said that he had a master because he was afraid that Feng Ruoqing and co would let their imaginations run wild.

Feng Ruoqing was extremely intelligent. He was already facing imminent death, and his master did not show up, which unavoidably set off some ideas.

In reality, Ye Yuan had long seen through Feng Ruoqing who wanted to ask but kept holding back her tongue. Which was why he said this.

However, where would his powerful master come from?

Ye Yuan gave a bitter laugh. "Master is truly powerful, but he's somebody who can't sit still. After imparting all his knowledge, he left to travel the world. I also don't know where he is now."

Hearing Ye Yuan said this, Feng Ruoqing was greatly disappointed.

Somebody who could raise a monster like Ye Yuan must surely be an extremely powerful figure. He might even be an Alchemy King or even an Alchemy Sovereign from the legends!

If he was present, how would Su Yubai dare to be unbridled?

"But, the Nine Heavens Road is a death zone for Essence Qi Realms. Isn't it equivalent to going to die if you enter the Nine Heavens Road?"

Even though Feng Ruoqing and Huyan Yong had been convinced by Ye Yuan, they still did not think well of Ye Yuan.

It's not just them. Nobody in the entire Dan Wu Academy had high hopes of Ye Yuan!

"That's right. Back then when Mo Yuntian entered, it was almost certain death. You're only at the Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm! Why don't you take Lu-er and run?" Feng Zhirou also joined in from the side.

Ye Yuan shook his head and said, "You think Su Yubai is a moron? How could he give me the chance to escape? I'm afraid that he already has people stationed at every single route out of the academy. As for my residence, there are definitely many people keeping an eye on it. As long as I step out of this house, all my movements will be within his grasp."

"This . . ."

"Alright, thanks for your concern. I know what I'm doing. Even though it's not 100%, I have at least 30% confidence that I can pass through the Nine Heavens Road!" Ye Yuan said confidently.

"What? You have 30% confidence? Are you joking? The Nine Heavens Road is a death zone for Essence Qi Realm! You actually say that you have 30% confidence? Are you trying to use these words to dismiss us?" Feng Zhirou cried out.

Although Feng Ruoqing did not say anything, looking at her expression, she obviously did not buy it either.

The Nine Heavens Road was certain death for Essence Qi Realms, and Ye Yuan actually said that he had 30% confidence. This could not be regarded as anything but reassuring words.

" Haha. You can choose not to believe me, but you can't not believe my master. Master's might surpasses your imaginations, so you should also have faith in me," Ye Yuan laughed and said.

In reality, Ye Yuan's confidence level was way beyond 50%. He was just scared that it would be too insanely startling, which was why he chose to not be explicit.

The reason why Ye Yuan dared to challenge the Nine Heavens Road was that he got to understand from Huyan Yong that this Nine Heavens Road was an enormous array formation!

It was not going to be easy for a puny little Nine Heavens Road to try and kill him with his attainments in Array Dao.

If not for Ye Yuan's cultivation being too low, breaking this array would not be much different than playing house with children.

Of course, Ye Yuan was not entirely certain as well. Some array formations have incredibly powerful might, which is not something he could withstand at his current cultivation realm.

As for the specifics, it would have to wait until entering the Nine Heavens Road before knowing them.

Seeing Ye Yuan so self-assured, Feng Ruoqing and Feng Zhirou did not know why either, but they gained more confidence out of nowhere.

Perhaps Ye Yuan could really create another miracle again?