Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 910

Chapter 910 Successor

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The palm that could topple mountains and overturn the seas was as if it was a clay ox that plummeted into the sea, never to be heard of again. It did not cause much of a reaction to the light screen.

“Boss Ye, this …” An Ren said rather hesitantly.

This palm of Boss Ye’s, the power did not even look as powerful as his. Hitting onto the light screen, there was no reaction at all.

At the very least, he was even blasted flying.

But Ye Yuan smiled slightly. Lifting his leg, he walked over towards the light screen and actually passed right through the light screen.

An Ren’s mouth opened wide, his face full of disbelief.

This meant that the light screen could already be passed through?

“Come on in, what are you still in a daze for?”

Only then did An Ren abruptly startled awake and said fawningly, “Boss is the boss, really too impressive!”

Dragon wave was where the core of the dragon clan’s martial techniques was at. Inside this Dragon Sovereign Territory, it could not shake off the application of dragon wave in all aspects.

This light screen in front of them was to test the strength of the intruder’s dragon wave!

Even if the dragon clan’s geniuses were present, it was also not possible to easily burst through this light screen. Because its lowest requirement towards dragon wave was spirit rank dragon wave.

Ye Yuan was astonishingly gifted in the cultivation of dragon wave. That was how he could cultivate to the middle-stage spirit rank at such an age. If it was a dragon race’s genius, it was still impossible to reach the spirit rank at this age.

One had to know that Long Teng, that level of earth-shaking powerhouse, also spent a hundred year’s time to cultivate to heaven rank dragon wave, let alone spirit rank.

To be able to cultivate to middle-stage spirit rank, it could probably be counted on one’s fingers in the dragon clan now too.

Entering the pavilion’s second floor, An Ren and the rest immediately held their breaths, their eyes emitting a dazzling light.

“That … That is a Tier 9 medicinal pill!”

“That’s a high-grade holy artifact!”

“That’s a Tier 9 cultivation method!”

On the second floor, all of it was actually Tier 9 items! This place was simply a treasure vault!

Briefly counting it, there were actually as many as over 20 items!

Such a haul was too heaven-defying!

“Haha, Ye Yuan, really thank you so much! I didn’t expect that you actually broke this second floor’s restriction! It really took me by surprise! These treasures, I’ll help you put them away.”

Right at this time, Zhong Wubing’s voice suddenly sounded out. Over a dozen figures dashed inside all of a sudden, directly blocking the entrance leading to the first floor. Looking at how it was, they were going to catch a turtle in a jar.

Seeing these dozen over people, Shao Kai’s expression changed.

Looks like charging over from the Yellow Springs Road, there were only these dozen over people left.

But these dozen over people were all characters ranked at the top of the Heaven Carnage Proclamation. Even the lowest ranking one had top 50 strength!

Looks like these people already reached some sort of tacit understanding and wanted to join hands to deal with Ye Yuan.

These dozen over people joining hands was no trivial matter!

Although Ye Yuan crushed Wu He to death with one palm, facing the teaming up of these dozen over people, it was likely still not too optimistic.

Wu He’s strength was too far away from these people. Furthermore, it was even these dozen over people joining hands.

“Ye Yuan, you’re too arrogant! Thanks to you, the others are all dead. But this is good too. The rest are all dead, there’s nobody to snatch treasures with us.”

“Want to blame, blame your arrogance! Although I don’t know what method you used to scam Wu He to death, facing our dozen over people’s teaming up, even if you have any more tricks, it’s a straight road to hell too.”

“Haha, but this boy really have some tricks! Even Exalt Blazing Fire couldn’t open this second floor’s restrictions, he could actually open it!”

Under normal circumstances, there was no way these dozen over people would join hands. Every one of them was all incomparably conceited and were utterly disdainful to team up with others.

But Ye Yuan’s might made they put down that pride in their hearts and choose to team up.

Ye Yuan was too bizarre, bizarre until it made them, these peak experts on the Heaven Carnage Proclamation, have no choice but to put down their pride and team up to face the enemy.

Ye Yuan swept past everyone’s faces with an amused look and said smilingly, “You guys really have no idea of life or death! On the Yellow Springs Road, this Little Lord already let you guys off. I didn’t think that you all actually came to seek death again. Looks like you guys really turned a deaf ear to my words!”

Zhong Wubing said with a cold smile, “Ye Yuan, stop hanging on stubbornly already! Today, you only have one road that leads to death!”

Ye Yuan said coolly, “Since you guys came up, not one of you have to leave anymore. Can’t display it out here. Let’s change the location! Fiery!”

Ye Yuan gave a light cry. The several hundred lanterns in the corners of the pavilion-building lit up at the same time!

On Ye Yuan’s glabella, a faint dragon-shaped marking flickered with light.


Everyone only felt the scenery before their eyes change. They actually arrived inside an enormous cave!

On the stone walls of this cave were all gigantic dragons baring their fangs and brandishing their talons. These massive dragons were all vividly lifelike; it was as if they were real.

“This … Where is this place? Such a powerful dragon pressure!”

“Haha, this place should be the Dragon Sovereign Territory’s final land! This place definitely has an earth-shaking treasure! Ye Yuan, this time, I, Zhong Wubing, really have to thank you!”

Zhong Wubing seemed to have discovered something. Not only was there no shock on his face, but it also became somewhat crazed instead.

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Not bad, at least you have some insight. This place is the Dragon Sovereign Territory’s final land of inheritance! However … it doesn’t have a dime of connection with you!”

“Reckless fool! Just the likes of you, a measly little Heaven Enlightenment Realm, do you really think that you’re able to defy the heaven? I’ll let you take a look now, at the Heaven Carnage Proclamation’s number three’s true strength!” Zhong Wubing’s expression turned cold. A shocking aura billowed to the skies.

The moment the aura flared up, the faces of Shao Kai and the rest visibly changed.

This level of strength probably did not lose out in the slightest when compared to Dao Profound Realm powerhouses as well, right?

But, seeing this scene, a hint of a mocking smile just flashed across the corners of Ye Yuan’s mouth. He did not care at all.


Right then, a black spear shadow descended from the sky and actually headed straight for Zhong Wubing!

Under this spear, even heaven and earth changed colors. The speartip actually slashed out multiple fissures in space!

Zhong Wubing’s expression changed greatly. How could he still care about Ye Yuan? His figure swayed, wanting to escape.

However, he was fast, but that spear shadow was faster!


The spear shadow pierced right through Zhong Wubing’s chest, pinning him securely to the ground.

Till death, Zhong Wubing did not figure out what happened.

Seeing this scene, the other roughly dozen people could not help feeling a chill from the bottom of their hearts.

This spear shadow was completely not like an item that the Divine Realm should have. It was too terrifying!

“Those who are not of the dragon race that intruded the dragon’s lair, DEATH PENALTY!”

Pinning Zhong Wubing dead, that awe-inspiring voice sounded out once more.

When those dozen over people heard, their faces could not help changing drastically!

How could they still have time to think? They raised their speed to the limits, wanting to escape.

Yet, it was already too late.

Pierce, pierce 

Over ten black spear shadows shot out from the void. It was only to hear a series of speartips entering the figures of people. These dozen over experts instantly perished!

Thud, thud, thud 

A series of footsteps slowly transmitted over. A stalwart figure appeared in everyone’s line of sight.

This was a black shadow, unable to see the features clearly at all.

But at this moment, he faced Ye Yuan across a distance, and he slowly opened his mouth to say, “You are the successor?”