Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 911

Chapter 911 Final Inheritance

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That dragon-shaped marking on Ye Yuan’s glabella lit up once more, appearing especially dazzling.

“I think I should have obtained some sort of acknowledgment,” facing this terrifying black shadow, Ye Yuan replied calmly.

The moment he passed through the light screen, some additional information appeared in his sea of consciousness and seemed to have activated his bloodline, as if he had obtained some kind of recognition.

A dragon-shaped imprint also appeared on his glabella. Hence, that was why he could open up this final land.

The black shadow did not speak, but his gaze turned towards Shao Kai and the rest.

Shao Kai and the others were frightened inwardly. Cold sweat already drenched their clothes unknowingly.

“They are all my companions. Senior, please send them back,” Ye Yuan said.

That black shadow nodded slightly. Casually waving a hand, he actually shattered the space and directly sent their group of people out.

Shao Kai and the others only saw a blur before their eyes, and they actually returned back to the pavilion building’s second floor.

“My God, that was truly dangerous! Killing Zhong Wubing they all in a flash, that black shadow is too powerful! Big Brother Shao, my heart almost leaped out just now!” An Ren patted his chest, a look of lingering fear after the event on his face as he said.

How was Shao Kai any better than An Ren? He merely hung in there desperately and not show it. He nodded his head right away and said, “That black shadow’s strength was indeed too powerful! If not for Ye Yuan, we’d definitely be hard-pressed to escape death too!”

Everyone exchanged glances, all not quite recovering to their senses.

How did Ye Yuan actually become a successor in a twinkle of an eye?

They played supporting roles when they entered the final land, then circled one round and returned again. But they all understood that this Dragon Sovereign Territory’s truly good treasures were probably in that final land!

“Big Brother Shao, what should we do now? This place …” An Ren swept the surroundings once, his gaze revealing a greedy look.

The surroundings were all treasures!

Shao Kai’s expression changed, and he said sternly, “Don’t have any ideas! Everything will wait for Ye Yuan to come back before deciding! Don’t blame me for not reminding you. Did you forget that pile of ashes on the first floor?”

An Ren’s heart pounded, and the expression of greed was swept away. He said embarrassedly, “Haha, I was just saying. Of course we have to wait for Boss Ye to return before deciding. Without him, even if we obtained the treasures, we might not be able to leave either!”

“Humph! Good that you know! Everyone, meditate on the spot and don’t do anything. Quietly wait for Ye Yuan’s return. If these treasures belong to you, it won’t run away. But if anybody wants to court death themselves, I won’t stop either!” Shao Kai said with a cold snort.

Everyone’s expressions became fearful when they heard that. Recalling Ye Yuan’s formidable aspects, they were all endlessly terrified.

When they just entered, there were over a hundred people in mighty ranks. Probably no one would feel optimistic about Ye Yuan either. But walking this whole way, all of the people died, leaving behind just their lot of people where not a single one actually died!

This was something that they did not even dare to think about before entering the Dragon Sovereign Territory.

Ye Yuan virtually brought them to this place by relying on his strength alone!

How to choose seemed to not need any more words as well.

“You, a human, actually cultivated dragon wave to middle-stage spirit rank!”

The black shadow was sizing Ye Yuan up. Although his voice was calm, that hint of surprise could not be concealed.

Ye Yuan’s cultivation talent in dragon wave, even he himself felt astonished, let alone the others.

Back then, when Ye Yuan had just cultivated dragon wave, it made Long Teng very depressed.

Talking about cultivating dragon wave in front of Ye Yuan seemed to be asking for a beating.

“Uh, as I cultivated, I reached middle-stage spirit rank.” Ye Yuan told a big, honest truth very helplessly.

The black shadow distinctly froze. This way of saying things was seriously too irresponsible.

But to Ye Yuan, it was indeed like so.

“Half-divine dragon blood, primeval dragon bone! Boy, your good fortunes were not small! Looks like these few drops of dragon blood won’t have much effect on you as well.”

The black shadow fished out a small bottle. Inside the small bottle was several drops of fresh blood, but he directly threw it to Ye Yuan.

“Heh heh, dragon blood is good stuff. I won’t complain about having too much!” Ye Yuan hurriedly put away the dragon blood.

The black shadow fished out another small and exquisite bell, and directly threw it to Ye Yuan too, and said, “This is the Heavenly King Bell, a transcendent-grade holy artifact! These two items are your rewards for reaching the middle-stage spirit rank dragon wave.”

Transcendent-grade holy artifact, even in the Divine Realm, it was extremely rare. Ye Yuan’s Starmoon Sword was also a transcendent-grade holy artifact.

In the era where Divine Dao dwindled to zero, divine artifacts disappeared along with it too. Transcendent-grade holy artifacts became the Divine Realm’s pinnacle-most existence.

Of course, quasi-divine artifacts like the Vast Heaven Pagoda naturally towered above transcendent-grade holy artifacts.

However, Ye Yuan had yet to hear before of any faction that had quasi-divine artifacts existing.

After Ye Yuan put away the Heavenly King Bell properly, the black shadow said again, “Right now, you have two options! The first, take these two items, and then I’ll send you out of the Dragon Sovereign Territory. The second, challenge the final inheritance. However … your life will be at risk! With your strength, it’s impossible to succeed in challenging.”

Ye Yuan answered without even thinking about it, “What else is there to consider here? Facing such a lucky chance, anyone would also be unable to refuse, right?

The black shadow shook his head and said, “The final inheritance is incomparably perilous. You’re too weak and lacking! Take 10 thousand steps back, even if you really obtained the final inheritance’s rewards, you’d be unable to operate it too. Furthermore …”

Talking until here, the black shadow hesitated.

“Furthermore, I’m not a member of the dragon race, and am not worthy of getting the final inheritance, is it?” Ye Yuan said with a smile that was not a smile.

The black shadow did not reply. But he clearly already silently acknowledged this fact.

A human obtaining the dragon race’s final inheritance was not justifiable.

Ye Yuan said coolly, “Senior, when I refine the primeval dragon bone, I’ll be able to evolve to the royal bloodline. No matter what my origin is, this bloodline cannot be faked at all. If even royal bloodline is not qualified to obtain an item of the dragon race, then who else is worthy of getting it? Moreover, hearing the meaning in your words, this final inheritance doesn’t seem to stipulate that humans can’t receive it. Your misgivings … are merely just your own misgivings!”

Ye Yuan’s words were not uttered politely at all. This black shadow in front of him was clearly the guardian of the final inheritance. He was not the setter of the rules, just the executor of the rules.

“Humph! A brat actually dares to comment about this Seat recklessly, ignorant of the immensity of heaven and earth!”

The black shadow gave a cold snort, and actually attacked at a word of disagreement!

A black dragon appeared with a roar. That imposing momentum was simply like it was going to devour heaven and earth!

“Divine Rank Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm!” Seeing this palm, Ye Yuan drew a cold breath.

He could feel that this Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm absolutely surpassed the limits of spirit rank and reached the legendary divine rank!

This black shadow in front of him was simply powerful until it made people’s hair stand on end!

Just what kind of existence was this guy?

But at this time, it did not allow him to think too much. At the moment of life and death hanging by a thread, he could only revolve the essence energy in his entire body to deploy the Vast Heaven Pagoda with all his power!

Facing such an earth-shaking palm, only the Vast Heaven Pagoda could block it.

The black shadow made a slight sound of surprise. The black dragon instantly vanished into thin air, as if it had never appeared before.