Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 912

Chapter 912 Son Of Heavens Mandate

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“You actually have a quasi-divine artifact in your hands. No wonder when you acquired the Heavenly King Bell earlier, you didn’t react much at all,” the black shadow said rather surprisedly.

In his view, Ye Yuan should be overwhelmingly excited to obtain a transcendent-grade holy artifact with his strength. But when Ye Yuan saw the Heavenly King Bell, he was like an old well without ripples.

“I-Is it Lord Long Zhan?”

A hesitant voice suddenly sounded out. Long Teng had actually woken up at no idea when and revealed his figure.

Hearing the tone of his words, he actually knew that black shadow.

“I didn’t think that there are actually still people who remember this seat in the world! Eh, you’re actually an artifact spirit. A noble dragon actually became another person’s artifact spirit. What a disgrace to yourself!” The black shadow said with a dirty look.

Ye Yuan gave a cold snort and said, “Didn’t your esteemed self became a person guarding a pass as a member of the dragon race too? How much better are you compared to Senior Long Teng?”

Ye Yuan this person was the most protective of his own. Hearing the black shadow disparage Long Teng, he was naturally very unhappy. Even the form of address was changed too.

Things that Ye Yuan were unhappy about, even if the other party was the Jade Emperor, it was impossible to make him cower and take a step back too.

“Ye Yuan, you mustn’t be rude! Lord Long Zhang, is … is a Deity Realm powerhouse! The Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm was created by Lord Long Zhan!”

Long Teng was clearly very respectful towards Long Zhan, even to a worshiping degree. Hence, he was completely unconcerned about his attitude.

Hearing Long Teng’s words, Ye Yuan was endlessly shocked too. He did not expect that this black shadow in front of him was actually a Deity Realm powerhouse!

Furthermore, the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm which Ye Yuan cultivated was actually created by this black shadow right before his eyes.

Cultivating the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm for a long time, Ye Yuan deeply experienced the might of this martial technique. Cultivating this martial technique to the limits was absolutely not inferior to the Spirit Bristle Divine King’s Nine Suns Burning Heaven!

To be able to create such a top-tier martial technique, this person was surely a character who could shake the heavens and startle the earth.

Except, even if the other party was any stronger, his attitude made Ye Yuan displeased too.

“So what if Deity Realm powerhouse? Circumstances have changed with the passage of time. Isn’t he still only left with a wisp of remnant soul?” Ye Yuan said without the least bit of politeness.

“Heh, what an arrogant brat! You think that I can’t do anything to you with just a remnant soul, right? Or do you think that by relying on the quasi-divine artifact in your possession, you can stop this Seat?” Long Zhan said with a cold smile

Ye Yuan said without showing weakness in the slightest, “Your esteemed self can come and give it a try!”

Long Teng’s cold sweat poured profusely as he listened by the side.

Ye Yuan this boy was really too unbridled!

Lord Long Zhan was a genuine Deity Realm powerhouse!

Deity Realm represented invincibility! Even if he was just a wisp of remnant soul, he was also not what emperor realm powerhouses could blaspheme, let alone Ye Yuan, a measly little Heaven Enlightenment Realm.

But Long Teng also knew that the reason why Ye Yuan was like this was all because of him. Beyond the terror, Long Teng was still endlessly warm in his heart.

Yet, Long Zhan did not fly into a violent rage like Long Teng imagined but fell silent instead.

After a moment, Long Zhan opened his mouth and said, “How would killing you need this Seat to personally take action? Don’t say that this seat doesn’t give you the opportunity; the final inheritance, do you really want to challenge it?”

Ye Yuan was slightly surprised too. He already made preparations to have a big fight. But he did not think that Long Zhan actually agreed to let him challenge the final inheritance!

Looks like Long Zhan was very confident in this final inheritance and felt that there was no way he could clear it.

“What a joke. Do you feel that this Little Lord is somebody who jokes around” Ye Yuan said.

“Conceited and arrogant brat! You’ll regret it!” Long Zhan said.

“Probably, the one regretting at the end will be you!” Ye Yuan went tit-for-tat as he said.

“Wait a minute!” Long Teng suddenly interrupted the two people’s conversation and opened his mouth to say, “Lord Long Zhan, could it be that the final inheritance you’re talking about is the Voice of the Dragon God?”

“Looks like you know quite a few things! That’s right, it’s precisely the Voice of the Dragon God! Why, regretting now?” Long Zhan said with a slight scoff.

When Ye Yuan heard that, he said disdainfully, “This sort of low-grade goading technique, do you think that I’ll fall for it? There is no ‘regret,’ this word, in this Little Lord’s dictionary!”

“No way! Ye Yuan, you can’t challenge the Voice of the Dragon God!” Long Teng directly interrupted Ye Yuan’s words and urged, “The Voice of the Dragon God is one of the dragon race’s strongest martial technique! Once the Voice of the Dragon God is unleashed, mountains and rivers will crumble, and heaven and earth will be turned upside down! It virtually has the power to destroy the world! With your current strength, there’s simply no way to pull through!”

Long Zhan said with a smile, “Relax, now in this world, there’s already nobody able to cultivate Voice of the Dragon God to that sort of degree anymore. The Voice of the Dragon God here doesn’t even have one-millionth of that power.”

A martial technique possessing the power to destroy the world. How formidable was that? Even if it was one-millionth of the power, it was also not what a puny little Heaven Enlightenment Realm martial artist could withstand.

Since Long Teng knew about the Voice of the Dragon God and spoke up about its power, Long Zhan felt that it was impossible for Ye Yuan to accept this test.

Yet, he was wrong!

“Heh, the dragon race’s strongest martial technique, is it? This Little Lord, I, am very interested with it! I want to take a look at just how powerful is this Voice of the Dragon God’s might!” Ye Yuan said with a light smile.

Long Teng’s expression changed, and he knew that Ye Yuan’s stubborn temper had flared up.

He had spent a long time with Ye Yuan and was still quite familiar with Ye Yuan’s temperament.

Once Ye Yuan’s stubborn temper flared up, even nine dragons could not pull him back! But speaking of which, without this kind of pressing forward with indomitable will kind of momentum, how could geniuses grow to become a true powerhouse?

“What a gutsy lad. I hope that you can still smile in a while!” Long Zhan said coolly.

The might of the Voice of the Dragon God, no one was clearer than him. A Heaven Enlightenment Realm brat, even if he defied the heavens, it was also impossible to withstand it.

Could the dragon race’s strongest martial technique be a joke?

Long Zhan turned towards Long Teng and said, “Boy, it’s fine if you yourself were reduced to become other people’s artifact spirit, this foresight of finding a successor also makes people dare not sing praises to compliment it! This kind of fool, you actually took a liking to him too!”

But Long Teng shook his head and said, “He wasn’t the successor I chose, but the successor the Vast Heaven Stele chose! Although the Voice of the Dragon God is powerful, in my view, he’s not totally without chances of survival!”

“Vast Heaven Stele! This brat, could he be the Son of Heaven’s Mandate? This … How is this possible?” Hearing this name, Long Zhan was finally visibly moved.

Long Teng nodded and said, “The function of the Vast Heaven Pagoda is merely used for concealing the Vast Heaven Stele! Who it chooses to be the successor, how can it be what I, a puny little artifact spirit, am able to influence?”

Long Zhan fell silent and did not speak for some time.

The shock that this information gave him was too intense.

The Vast Heaven Stele, this name which startled the heavens and shook the earth in human history appeared once more. And this youth before his eyes was actually the successor designated by the Vast Heaven Stele!

Each Vast Heaven Stele successor would ultimately mature into an earth-shaking powerhouse.

Each time the Vast Heaven Stele appeared, it would also be followed by the arrival of troubled times.

The Vast Heaven Stele’s successor would always play a decisive role each time turbulent days arrived.

Therefore, they were called the Son of Heaven’s Mandate!

And now, the Voice of the Dragon God already mobilized …