Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 913

Chapter 913 Might Of The Voice Of The Dragon God

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On the stone wall, that largest carving of a dragon actually came to life!

The entire cave instantly became dark. That gigantic dragon coiled around in the darkness, giving people an extremely strong sense of oppression!

Ye Yuans face was akin to an old well without ripples. It was as if foreign objects had no interference to him at all.

He already revolved Heart Like Monolith to the limits!

Although Ye Yuan was very disdainfully verbally, when it truly came down to this moment, he raised his spirits up 120%.

He knew that a test able to make Long Teng so solemn was absolutely extraordinary.

Ye Yuan was naturally aware that the dragon race was a terrifying race. Their power and foundation were absolutely not what outsiders could imagine.

For the Voice of the Dragon God to be able to be called the strongest martial technique, it was bound to startle the heavens and shake the earth.

A test like this, no matter how seriously one took it, it was not over the top.

Crack! Crack!

The gigantic dragon circled around in the air. The horrifying aura became more and more terrifying, and there actually started to have lightning flashed and thunder rumbled.

Drawing the bow but not discharging the arrow, just like sharp swords hanging above; it made people even more unsettled.

Ye Yuan suddenly opened both eyes. Raising his hand, it was a Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm that headed for the gigantic dragon!

Crack! Crack!

The azure dragon yet to approach when it was struck by a bolt of lightning and utterly buried in oblivion. The Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm which had been ever-victorious actually did not even stir up a wave.

"Cultivating the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm to such a level of attainment, this brat is also a genius that is hard to chance upon. Its too bad. He overestimated his own ability too much!" Long Zhan evaluated Ye Yuan when he saw this scene.

Although Long Tengs words made him unbelievably shocked, the impression Ye Yuan left on him was that it was hard for him to bear great responsibilities.

This point would not have any changes because Ye Yuan was the Vast Heaven Steles successor.

"The Voice of the Dragon God is indeed terrifying! This time, Ye Yuan was really somewhat impulsive," Long Teng said with a sigh.

The Voice of the Dragon God had long been lost in the dragon clan already. It was also Long Tengs first time seeing. He knew that the Voice of the Dragon God had yet to truly begin, and it actually had such power already. When it was unleashed fully, how terrifying would the destructive force have to be?

Long Teng unconsciously clenched his fists tightly and secretly broke out into a cold sweat for Ye Yuan.

Long Zhan said coolly, "Looks like he isnt some Son of Heavens Mandate. The Vast Heaven Stele has times where it makes an error in judgment too. Prepare to collect his corpse for him."

Long Teng gave him a glance but did not reply.

Ye Yuan curled his lips and said, "Really canthuh The dragon races strongest martial technique indeed lives up to its reputation. Looks like theres only clashing head-on!"

Ye Yuan was not arrogant to the extent of relying on one Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm to scatter the dragon races strongest martial technique.

His idea was to only interrupt the condensing tempo of the Voice of the Dragon God.

But he did not expect that this Voice of the Dragon God was actually formidable to such an extent.

However, Ye Yuan did not despair. He naturally had his own judgment to dare challenge the Voice of the Dragon God.

Since this was a land of inheritance, it should be in hopes that there would be descendants capable of inheriting the mantle. And the true Voice of the Dragon God, forget about him, Ye Yuan, even the present dragon clans clan leader probably could not withstand it. What was the point of getting it?

Therefore, while this Voice of the Dragon God was terrifying, its power would definitely be controlled within a certain boundary.

Of course, even so, for the current Ye Yuan to want to pull through, it was likely a long shot too. Otherwise, Long Zhan would not let him accept the challenge so confidently.

Crack! Crack!


The aura coming from the sky became increasingly horrifying as if the end of the world was really going to arrive.

Long Teng said that mountains and rivers would crumble, and heaven and earth would be turned upside down. It was indeed not false.

This gigantic dragon was just materialized from a stone carving. Although it was formidable, its power was limited.

If the dragon races Deity Realm powerhouses came and displayed this move, it would likely punch a hole through the Divine Realm!

All of a sudden, the sky quietened down. The gigantic dragon stopped circling around too, stopping in the sky, its dragon eyes staring straight at Ye Yuan.

Everything seemed to have stopped.

This was the calm before the storm!

Ye Yuan knew that the true Voice of the Dragon God was about to arrive right away!

Without much hesitation, Ye Yuan grabbed a large bunch of medicinal pills and swallowed it in one mouthful.


When the medicinal pills entered his stomach, Ye Yuans internal organs felt like they were going to burn up. Cold sweat poured profusely on his forehead.

"Swallowing so many Tier 8 medicinal pills in one go. This boy has gone nuts!" Long Zhan said in shock.

For Heaven Enlightenment Realm martial artists swallowing Tier 8 medicinal pills, they completely could not withstand the violent medicinal strength of Tier 8 medicinal pills. Those whose strengths were slightly weaker would even directly explode and die.

This action was naturally incomparably insane in Long Zhans view.

Ye Yuan only dared to consume them by relying on that his fleshy body was powerful. But swallowing so many in one go still made him have a feeling that his body about to explode.

But Ye Yuans own body, he knew his limits. The medicinal pills consumed was definitely within the acceptable limits.

"Among the medicinal pills he consumed just now, there was the Creation Essence Birthing Pill and Black Tortoise Tyrant Physique Pill, right? The Creation Essence Birthing Pill can make the essence energy within the body produce unceasingly. The Black Tortoise Tyrant Physique Pill can let the martial artists essence energy protective shield increase ten times in power; very heaven-defying! These two medicinal pills are ancient recipes. The difficulty of refining them are extremely high. How did he get them?" Long Zhan said curiously.

Long Zhans knowledge and experiences were extremely vast. Although it was just a brief instant, he already saw clearly the medicinal pills that Ye Yuan swallowed.

Long Teng said, "He refined it himself."

Long Zhan could not help freezing and saying in disbelief, "Impossible! These two medicinal pills are Tier 8 medicinal pills! Even an Alchemy Venerable might not be able to refine them. How can he, a measly little Heaven Enlightenment Realm, possibly refine them?"

Lord said helplessly, "If Lord Long Zhan doesnt believe me, I cant do anything about it either. Your understanding of Ye Yuan is too little. The Vast Heaven Stele definitely has its reasons for choosing him."

Long Zhan was speechless.

Right at this time, the gigantic dragon slowly opened its mouth. An intangible energy that could destroy heaven and earth instantly struck Ye Yuan!

No sound, no energy undulation either. This attack was virtually completed in an instant. There was no process of transmitting it at all!


An enormous gong. A large bell was directly blasted flying. It was precisely the Heavenly King Bell!

This Heavenly King Bell was indeed an extremely powerful defensive holy artifact. But facing such a horrifying attack, the Heavenly King Bell was immediately blasted away.


Ye Yuan immediately vomited large mouthfuls of blood. This attack already made him suffer injuries.

At the same time, Ye Yuan revolved the Tyrant Dragon Regeneration Art frenziedly and started to recover the wounds within his body.

But right then, Ye Yuans divine soul suddenly shuddered, as if it was struck by something.


The second attack landed in succession, sending Ye Yuan flying once more.

The first attack, the Heavenly King Bell withstood it. This second attack, Ye Yuan could only forcefully withstand it himself!

Although the Black Tortoise Tyrant Physique Pill strengthened his defensive powers ten times, under this attack, Ye Yuan was still severely wounded!

"The truly horrifying aspect of the Voice of the Dragon God lies in that its a hybrid attack of dragon wave attack and divine soul attack; completely impossible to guard against! The sound wave attack formed by the dragon god can even shatter space, let alone the divine soul! This brat is dead for sure!" Long Zhan was somewhat gloating over his misfortune as he said.

Long Teng gave him a glance and said calmly, "That might not be so!"