Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 914

Chapter 914 Need To Get It Off His Chest

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Another shot of invisible energy smashed heavily towards Ye Yuan.

This time, Ye Yuan brought out the Vast Heaven Pagoda!

Even so, the tremendous impact force still sent him flying once more.

The medicinal strength of the Creation Essence Birthing Pill was rapidly flowing away. Even the essence energy protective shield produced by the Black Tortoise Tyrant Physique Pill became much thinner too.

The Voice of the Dragon God, indeed well-deserving of being called the dragon races strongest martial technique. A defense as formidable as Ye Yuans was actually unable to withstand it too.

But at this time, Long Zhan was already struck dumb with amazement.

Because the Voice of the Dragon Gods divine soul attack actually did not have any effect on Ye Yuan at all!

Seems like apart from the initial-most brief lapse in concentration, Ye Yuan did not have a reaction after that anymore. His entire focus was used on defending his physical body.

"How is this possible? The Voice of the Dragon Gods divine soul attack is very terrifying. Even if I was at my prime, I cant withstand the Voice of the Dragon Gods divine soul attack too. How did this brat do it?" Long Zhan said in disbelief.

Long Teng smiled but did not say a word.

He knew that the divine soul attack not working was definitely because of the effect of the Soul Suppressing Pearl.

This pearl was incomparably mysterious. Even Fiendgod Jia Lan suffered a major loss at its hands. What could a measly, all washed up Voice of the Dragon God do to Ye Yuan?

Unless it was the real Voice of the Dragon God, otherwise, it was simply impossible to make Ye Yuan succumb on the divine soul.

No, maybe the real Voice of the Dragon God could not breach the Soul Suppressing Pearls defense either!

Something that even a fiendgod was fearful of, how great its power was, was simply unimaginable.

It was just that it was impossible for Long Teng to say these to Long Zhan.

Ye Yuan was the successor designated by the Vast Heaven Stele, which was also his master. Even if Long Zhan was a senior he respected, it was impossible for him to divulge Ye Yuans greatest secret either.

Immunity to divine soul attacks, the Voice of the Dragon God was equivalent to having an arm broken. Ye Yuans chances of victory increased greatly too.

Ye Yuan gave a long howl and completely mustered up the dragon blood power within his body. Coupled with the protective shield formed from essence energy, it practically outfitted him into a tortoise shell!

But even so, Ye Yuan was already on the verge of overdrawing right now too!

No wonder Long Zhan did not feel optimistic about Ye Yuan. Just this fleshy body attack was already ridiculously powerful.

"Even if divine soul attacks are useless against him, the damage of sound waves to his physical body is also lethal! Voice of the Dragon God, nine counts of prajna sounds, each echo surpassing the last! Right now, its only the fourth echo, and hes almost reaching his limits already. Do you think that he can make it through the five echoes at the back?" Someone as mighty as Long Zhan, his composure naturally surpassed the average man, calming down very quickly.

Although his words were unforgiving, he did indeed look at Ye Yuan in a different light from before.

Ye Yuans might far exceeded his expectations.

For a measly little Heaven Enlightenment Realm martial artist to be able to do it to this step, it was simply inconceivable.

Long Teng shook his head and said, "Actually, I have no assurance either. But I keep feeling that he can pull through!"

Long Zhan glanced at Long Teng and said coolly, "Ignorant!"


Nine echoes of prajna sounds. Actually, there was no sound at all. What there was, was just sound wave attacks!

The magnitude of these sound wave attacks was each more powerful than the last.

When the fifth echo arrived, it directly suppressed Ye Yuan onto the ground!

The current Ye Yuan was bathed in blood all over, his entire persons aura weakening considerably all at once.

The medicinal strengths of the medicinal pills consumed prior to this were virtually exhausted already. He already did not have essence energy left over to control the Vast Heaven Pagoda to defend.


The sixth echo was about to arrive in a flash!

Ye Yuan sprawled on the ground and already could not move a muscle. He could only forcefully endure this blow!

Yet, after this attack, Ye Yuans aura was already feeble to the extreme.

Seeing this scene, Long Tengs expression was very ugly. His heart was wracked with anxiety, but he could not do anything right now.

"Could it be that I got to use the final measure?" Long Teng sighed in his heart.

His so-called final measure was to burn the last of his lifeforce, to let the Vast Heaven Pagoda help Ye Yuan withstand the next echo.

But that way, Long Tengs soul was certain to disintegrate!

"You want to sacrifice yourself to help him achieve his aim? Not worth it! Cant save him either! In your current state, you can at most only control that quasi-divine artifact once. The eighth echo and ninth echo at the back, theres no way that he can withstand it!" Long Zhan saw through Long Tengs thoughts with one glance and said.

"So what? Hes my master. More importantly, he came to the Chaotic Devil Sea for me! Even if I die, I cant let him die in front of me either!" Long Teng said very calmly.

Living for several tens of thousands of years, Long Teng was already indifferent to some things as well.

Done talking, Long Teng drew a deep breath and was going to return inside the Vast Heaven Pagoda.

At the same time, the seventh echo descended calmly, yet terrifyingly.

Long Teng was just about to make a move, but discovered to his astonishment that Ye Yuans aura was rising at a speed visible to the naked eye!



Ye Yuan gave a fierce cry. The sound of a dragon roar emitted out. The Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm leaped up once more and clashed together with the seventh echo.

This collision knocked Ye Yuan flying out once more.

However, Ye Yuans aura was still in the midst of rising!


A bolt of heavenly tribulation descended with a howl and directly slammed onto Ye Yuans body. Yet, Ye Yuan was completely oblivious to it!

This kind of minor heavenly tribulation could not even scratch Ye Yuans itch for him now.

"He He thoroughly refined the primeval dragon bone and started bloodline evolution!" Long Teng muttered under his breath.

Long Zhan did not speak. He fell silent. He did not think that Ye Yuan could actually thoroughly refine the primeval dragon bone at the final juncture!

Ye Yuans progress rate of refining the primeval dragon gone could not hide from Long Zhans eyes at all. He knew that for Ye Yuan to want to thoroughly refine the primeval dragon bone, it still required a considerable period of time.

But right at the moment which determined life or death, Ye Yuan actually stimulated shocking potential and instantly succeeded in refining the primeval dragon bone!

This level of talent was simply unheard of!

Could it be that hes really the Son of Heavens Mandate?Long Zhan thought in his heart.

Utterly refining the primeval dragon bone, Ye Yuans fleshy body and essence energy were frenziedly growing.

"Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm!"

Ye Yuan unleashed the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm without any hesitation once more, rumbling over towards the eighth echo.

The eighth echo was too strong. Ye Yuan was blasted away once more.

But at this time, such an attack was simply unable to stop the rise of Ye Yuans momentum.

In the midst of repeated bolts of heavenly tribulation, Ye Yuan resisted the Voice of the Dragon God.

It was as if he was the true dragon god!


Before the ninth echo, Ye Yuan finished transcending the tribulation and burst right through to the Seventh Level Heaven Enlightenment!

But it did not end. His aura continued rising, surging towards the Eighth Level Heaven Enlightenment.

The horrifying energy contained inside the primeval dragon bone was much stronger compared to half-divine dragon blood. Ye Yuan could not digest it in a short time.

Hence, his essence energy cultivation realm was like floodwater that broke the dam, getting out of control.

While the current Ye Yuan felt like he was filled with explosive strength from head to toe; with a feeling of needing to get it off his chest!

He raised his right fist. A Void Dragon Shadow Punch came out with a roar!

"Screw your Voice of the Dragon God! Explode for me!" Ye Yuan shouted fiercely.