Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 915

Chapter 915 Sacred Dragon Token

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Bursting out with a punch, Ye Yuan’s figure retreated explosively.

But this time, he was not struck flying, stabilizing himself firmly in the end.


The gigantic dragon in the air dissipated with a loud bang, turning into a cloud of tattered scraps, and finally disappeared.

This cave finally recovered to that appearance before. Except, the gigantic dragon on the stone wall already disappeared.

Ye Yuan sat cross-legged on the spot and started to digest the benefits brought by refining the dragon bone.

Currently, Ye Yuan’s essence energy cultivation realm already broke through to the Ninth Level Heaven Enlightenment Realm. His fleshy body even broke through by a great margin, and firmly stepped into the middle-stage Tier 8.

“Lord Long Zhan, it seems like … the Vast Heaven Stele’s successor isn’t as deplorable as you think!” Long Teng said, somewhat amusedly.

The black shadow could not help freezing when he heard that. This Ye Yuan’s talent had indeed far surpassed his imagination.

This impossible to complete challenge, Ye Yuan actually completed it.

According to Long Zhan’s judgment, prior to this, Long Zhan had long determined that Ye Yuan was unable to resist the Voice of the Dragon God. Even if he refined half-divine dragon blood, was carrying the primeval dragon bone, and cultivated dragon wave to the middle-stage spirit rank, it would not cut it either.

But now, Ye Yuan used his punch to ruthlessly smack his face!

This brat actually really succeeded!

The black shadow gave a cold snort but did not refute.

Long Zhan had his pride. If he was wrong, then he was wrong. He would not retort anything on this matter.

Seeing Long Zhan not speak, Long Teng had a stomach full of questions he wanted to ask though.

“Milord, back then, you left the dragon clan when you were at your prime. Why was that?” Lord asked curiously.

Around 100 thousand years ago, Long Zhan was the dragon clan’s last Deity Realm clan leader. But when he was at his prime, he left the dragon clan quietly by himself and was not heard from ever since.

Not long after, the Deity Realm powerhouses all disappeared overnight. There was no longer any news from Long Zhan.

What happened back then, nobody knew at all. Now that Long Teng ran into Long Zhan, he naturally wanted his queries answered.

“Heh, this Seat leaving the dragon clan back then, was actually because I received the summons of the Old Dragon God! You should know, our clan’s supreme treasure, the Sacred Dragon Token, was taken away by the Old Dragon God 1 !”

Long Zhan talked tirelessly like he was describing a very normal matter. But it was like dreadful waves that surged towards the skies in Long Teng’s ears.

“Sacred Dragon Token! Old Dragon God was actually still alive at that time?!” Long Teng was incredibly shocked.

The Old Dragon God from Long Zhan’s mouth was the previous clan leader before Long Zhan. It was said that his strength was immensely formidable.

Long Zhan was brought up by the old clan leader single-handedly.

“Heh, the Old Dragon God’s strength is what you’re utterly incapable of imagining at all! Even when I was at my prime, I can’t beat one of his hands either!” Long Zhan laughed mockingly.

Long Teng’s expression became slightly fearful, and immense waves billowed to the skies in his heart.

100 thousand year’s time erased too many things. Even a dragon clan concealed many secrets too.

“Milord, then … where have Deity Realm powerhouses gone? What in the world happened 100 thousand years ago?”

Long Teng asked the most critical question. At present, all of the Divine Realm’s martial artists were all concerned and searching for the answer to the question.

Long Zhan mused for a moment, but he slowly said, “Don’t ask me this question, because I don’t know as well! The current me is only a wisp of remnant soul left behind by my original body back then to use to guard the Dragon Sovereign Territory. Although I have some of the original body’s memories, the vast majority of the memories, especially memories pertaining to Deity Realm, were all wiped away already.”

Long Teng was startled. He did not think that there would actually be such a thing.

Long Teng finally managed to meet a Deity Realm powerhouse, but his memories were actually wiped away.

The mystery of Divine Dao disappearing, the more one pursued, the stranger and more confusing it was!

“Hey! I already passed the test! Where’s the reward?”

Ye Yuan already finished consolidating at god knows when and actually directly came over to ask for the reward, and did not show any respect to Long Zhan at all.

“Hold on!”

Long Zhan threw down two words, his figure moved, and he vanished from sight.

Seeing this scene, Ye Yuan could not help being speechless as he said, “This fellow, really irresponsible. He wouldn’t have run away like this, right?”

“Talking nonsense! Lord Long Zhan is a man of his words! How can he possibly run away?!” Long Teng immediately reproached.

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “Heh, don’t mind it! I’m just curious, this Voice of the Dragon God is so terrifying, what kind of thing will the final reward be? He already gave a transcendent-grade holy artifact before this. He wouldn’t directly give me a divine artifact this time, right?”

Ye Yuan’s voice had yet to fade when a rift directly opened up in the void. Countless electric light wormed out from inside the void and instantly filled the entire cave.

Boundless dragon pressure, as if it was the galaxy in the sky, poured down.

Seeing this scene, Ye Yuan could not help gasping in amazement too!

He had yet to see the true face of the final reward, and Ye Yuan already felt its power!

“Hiss … What a powerful dragon pressure! Senior Long Teng, you’re a member of the dragon clan too. Do you know what this thing is? En? Senior Long Teng?”

Ye Yuan looked over towards Long Teng but discovered that Long Teng was staring fixedly at that item which slowly appeared in the void.

“Could it be … Could it be … Impossible! How is this possible?” Long Teng murmured.

“You didn’t see wrongly. It’s the Sacred Dragon Token.”

At this time, Long Zhan’s figure slowly appeared once more.

Ye Yuan involuntarily looked towards him, and his expression could not help changing. “You …”

“The Sacred Dragon Token coming into being, my mission is also complete. I’ll naturally vanish like mist and smoke. It’s just, I don’t know if the original body is still alive or not.” Long Zhan’s gaze looked towards the endless void as if wanting to find traces of his original body.

But 100 thousand years had passed already. Where have Deity Realm powerhouses gone, nobody knew either. He, Long Zhan, naturally did not know as well.

At this time, Long Zhan, that mass of black shadow, gradually became faint and was going to disappear very soon.

“Brat, the Sacred Dragon Token is the dragon race’s supreme treasure, and also the symbol of the identity of the clan leader! Now that you’ve acquired it, you must detach yourself from the human race and become a member of my dragon race! It gives you great strength. Conversely, you have to brave fire and floodwater for the dragon race too!” Long Zhan said solemnly.

Ye Yuan froze, and he shook his head and said, “I’m a human, this won’t ever change! Using a precious treasure to kidnap my identity, not possible! What to do in the future, I have the final say, while you … don’t!”

Presently, Ye Yuan’s dragon race bloodline could virtually rival the royals already.

But no matter what, Ye Yuan had never considered himself to be a member of the dragon race. Want him to give up on his identity as a human and thoroughly become a dragon, that was something impossible.

Long Zhan mused for a moment and suddenly said, “I knew that you, this punk, won’t obey obediently! Forget it, how to act in the future, it’s your business! But you have to promise me, if the dragon clan has any needs, you must help! If you’re not around anymore one day, return the Sacred Dragon Token to the dragon clan!”

Ye Yuan mused for a moment and said with a nod, “That’s not impossible. Fine, I promise you! When the dragon clan is in trouble, I’ll take action!”

The black shadow became increasingly fainter. Long Zhan finally looked at Long Teng and said, “You, this brat, are also an arrow at the end of its flight already. Forget it, this is a Skandha Divine Stone, take it. Before leaving, I’ll gift you another good fortune!”