Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 918

Chapter 918 So Many Treasures

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Blazing Fire’s expression was incomparably ugly. Facing this black dragon, he did not have any certainty of winning.

Blackwind entering Tier 9 was not just as simple as breaking through a major cultivation realm.

To Blackwind, completing the transformation from a little snake to becoming a true dragon in the end, this was a qualitative transformation.

His strength would undergo a qualitative transformation too.

Blazing Fire merely entered Dao Profound 10 years ago. If he really exchanged blows with Blackwind, he was likely still not a match.

“Ye Yuan, why did only you guys come out. Where are the rest?” asked Netherkill. At this time, Netherkill finally opened his mouth.

His subordinates were all elites among elites. If Ye Yuan was able to come out, they should be able to come out too.

Ye Yuan shrugged his shoulders and said, “Other than us, they are all dead.”

When these words came out, everyone drew a cold breath.

Although they had surmises in their hearts long ago, being informed of this news from Ye Yuan’s mouth, they were still incomparably shocked.

What they were shocked at was not that everyone died, but that the others all died and Si Yin’s lot were actually completely unscathed. Furthermore … they seemed to have had a pretty good time.

“What in the world happened inside? Why didn’t a single one of you die?” Blazing Fire said with a grim expression.

Ye Yuan laughed in spite of himself and said, “Why? It’s obviously because I’m formidable! Could it be that … you don’t think so?”

Blazing Fire said with a cold smile, “Stop talking nonsense! Tier 9 martial artists can’t enter into the Dragon Sovereign Territory at all.”

“Would dealing with your subordinates, that bunch of trash, still need Blackwind to make a move? Lord Blazing Fire, you’re thinking too much.” Ye Yuan dismissed it lightly.

“Humph! Big Brother Netherkill, this brat must have concealed many things! Furthermore, since they were able to come out, the abnormal activities inside the Dragon Sovereign Territory must be related to them. Most likely, Ye Yuan has long earned a boatload already!” Blazing Fire said to Netherkill.

If it was other people, then forget it. But the eight great slaughter generals under Netherkill’s command were all Asura Arena’s apex figures.

They died inside too. How could Netherkill be willing to drop the matter?

Just a black dragon. Even counting in one Si Yin, it was also merely just two Tier 9 powerhouses. On their side had 11 people!

The moment these words were said, everyone’s gazes looked towards Netherkill.

Very clearly, his one sentence determined the development trend of the subsequent events.

Si Yin was expressionless, but her heart pounded heavily.

She never would have dreamed that her subordinates actually all came out alive. Although she did not know what happened inside, without a doubt, it had everything to do with Ye Yuan!

But Ye Yuan brought everyone out while those under the other Exalts’ command were completely wiped out. This was equivalent to offending everyone all at once.

If she was ostracized by the other 11 Exalts at the same time, how could she withstand it?

Exalt Netherkill had yet to speak, but Ye Yuan came to Si Yin’s side nonchalantly and said with a smile, “Lord Si Yin, these guys are eyeing our treasures. You have got to protect us! Come, come, come, give you all the treasures. You got to hold them properly.”

Si Yin had yet to react to it when Ye Yuan stuffed a high-grade holy artifact into Si Yin’s hands.

“This, this, also this …”

Ye Yuan stuffed treasure after treasure into Si Yin’s hands, making everyone stupefied from watching.

Did this brat break into a treasure vault?

High-grade holy artifacts, Tier 9 medicinal pills, cultivation methods, a dazzling array of beautiful exhibits, Si Yin almost could not hold them anymore.

When the other Exalts saw this scene, each and every one of their eyes turned red.

Si Yin looked at Ye Yuan blankly, her mind already unable to think.

Was Ye Yuan mad? The logic of not revealing one’s wealth, could it be that this guy did not know?

This fellow obtained so many treasures, but actually did not hide and tuck them away, and even flashed them out for so many people to see. Wasn’t this looking for a beating?

However, the astoundment in Si Yin’s heart simply reached a degree where it could not be any greater.

These treasures, they, these Exalts, could not obtain them even after several trips into the Heavenly Slaughter Pit either!

Ye Yuan just took a trip into the Dragon Sovereign Territory. Disregarding that he toppled the entire place, he even brought out such a large pile of treasures.

Si Yin naturally did not know that these treasures were actually just a portion of what Ye Yuan acquired. The other people basically all had an article in their possession.

As for himself, that went even more without saying.

“Big Brother Netherkill, this …” Blazing Fire’s gaze was incomparably scorching. If not because Ye Yuan’s side’s strength was not weak, he would have long made a move to snatch.

The other Exalts were not much better either. They were all waiting for Netherkill to give an order.

“Huh, what are all of you using those sort of eyes to look at us for? Lord Si Yin, you have to protect these things well!” Ye Yuan said with a peculiar expression.

Si Yin finally came back to her senses at this time. She winked at Ye Yuan persistently, but Ye Yuan acted like he did not see it and still carried on talking without caring about others.

Shao Kai and the rest broke into a cold sweat too. Ye Yuan was simply too rampant.

Those opposite were all Exalts!

Wasn’t playing like this seeking death?

Right at this time, Netherkill finally opened his mouth!

“Si Yin, since you obtained so many treasures, are you able to bring everybody along to the other ruin now?”

Netherkill’s words made everyone stunned.

What was the meaning of this? So many good stuff placed before their eyes, were they not snatching?

Si Yin’s brain short-circuited for an instant too, but she came back to her senses very quickly and said with a nod, “Alright, since Big Brother Netherkill opened your mouth, Si Yin will naturally comply with your wishes!”

Si Yin also did not understand why Exalt Netherkill would let her off.

So many treasures, anyone who saw it would be covetous too. She did not believe that Netherkill would be unmoved.

Si Yin could not help looking over at Ye Yuan. Seeing his completely harmless appearance, her temper immediately flared up out of nowhere.

This guy had never discussed with her when he did things, scaring people dreadfully!

Netherkill nodded and said, “En, Si Yin’s things, you guys don’t have any more ideas. Her slaughter generals obtained them, that’s their ability, and also Si Yin’s own lucky chance! Whoever has any devious ideas, don’t blame this exalt for not being courteous!”

All the Exalts had stupefied looked, looking at Netherkill in disbelief. Only Exalt Coldblood’s gaze glinted for a moment but sensibly retreated to one side.

He was not dumb. Ye Yuan definitely had some sort of reliance to dare take out so many treasures!

And Ye Yuan’s reliance was definitely not just that black dragon!

Regardless of which angle one looked at, Ye Yuan was not a brave fool lacking in wisdom.

If anyone were to make a move to go and snatch, they would definitely pay a terrible price.

Ye Yuan being able to lead Si Yin’s slaughter generals out without missing a single one was not so easily accomplished!

At least, somebody had to die in a horrifying place like the Yellow Springs Road, right?

Yet, everyone was here right now. This by itself already indicated many problems!

Netherkill was definitely wary of Ye Yuan too. That was why he would sensibly not make a move, and use this as the price to make Si Yin bring everyone to the other ruin.

This Ye Yuan was too mysterious! Clearly just a brat who was not even at the Phaseless Realm, but he made them, these Exalts, all incomparably apprehensive.