Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 919

Chapter 919 Uprooting Dark Profound Gold

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Above the tall mountain, there were scattered rocks everywhere; virtually nowhere to plant one’s foot.

This place was in destitution. Not even a blade of grass grew. No matter how one looked, it was a wasteland.

“Si Yin, this is the place you came last time? You aren’t making fun of us, right? The Myriad Devil Ridge is merely a wasteland. Who knows how many people have come here before. You actually discovered treasures here?” Blazing Fire questioned.

This place was known as the Myriad Devil Ridge, but it was just a place where not even a blade of grass grew.

Furthermore, this Myriad Devil Ridge was merely a very ordinary place within 10 miles. It was already uncertain how many people had come before.

If there were any treasures, it would have been discovered long ago.

“So what if making fun of you? You gonna bite me?”

Si Yin had not even opened her mouth to speak when Ye Yuan directly shot back at Blazing Fire.

Blazing Fire was hot-tempered to begin with. Being repeatedly provoked by Ye Yuan, he was long foaming at the mouth from anger already.

“Stinking brat, this Exalt will tear your mouth!”

“Come on then! I’ll stand right here! Come over and tear me if you have the capability!”

Both parties were ready to jump at each other’s throats, while Blackwind directly blocked in front of Ye Yuan, making Blazing Fire very gloomy.

“Alright, listen to what Si Yin has to say,” Netherkill said.

Blazing Fire gave a cold snort, but could only go to one side and stew in his anger.

He seriously could not understand why a proud Tier 9 black dragon would serve Ye Yuan, this kind of guy, as his master.

Regarding Ye Yuan’s unbridledness, Si Yin was helpless about it too.

These ten years, she had always been hiding her capabilities and bidding her time, afraid of making too many enemies. Now, things were great. The Exalts were all offended by Ye Yuan.

She also did not know where Ye Yuan’s confidence lied. With just the likes of her and that black dragon, they were absolutely not a match for the others.

But it was precisely because so that Ye Yuan appeared even more mysterious.

“Everybody, just follow me over!” Si Yin did not say much either and just continued forward.

Before long, Si Yin came in front of a slightly larger rock and said, “It’s here.”

Finished talking, she actually walked straight towards the large rock.

Right then, something inconceivable happened. Si Yin actually passed right through the large rock and vanished from sight!

“What a profound camouflage! I didn’t expect that this Myriad Devil Ridge actually had a grotto hidden away in an altogether different world!” an Exalt exclaimed in amazement.

This large rock was very inconspicuous. Even if passing by in front of it, it was also not possible to discover any abnormalities. They did not expect that it actually linked to another place.

“Let’s go in too!”

The group of Exalts entered in a single file, all passing right through the large rock.

Everyone only felt a blur before their eyes, and they actually arrived at a different world.

This place had a picturesque landscape, vibrant greenery all over the place. Mountain ridges zigzagged like a long dragon; totally different from the Heavenly Slaughter Pit’s bleakness.

“The Heavenly Slaughter Pit is an ancient battlefield. How can it have such a place?”

“The scenery here is so beautiful. Having stayed for an extended time at the Asura Arena, I’m not used to such a place anymore.”

“Screw it. As long as there are treasures, who cares what place it is.”

The scenery here made people refreshed in spirit. But what everyone was most concerned with was still the treasures.

“Ten years ago, I accidentally stumbled in here by chance. I saw the remains of a Divine King and took his storage ring to be able to have today. But later, I searched the outer-regions and also didn’t find another corpse. Instead, I discovered a cave over there. It’s just that that cave is blocked by Dark Profound Gold. I can’t open it at all with my strength, so I had no choice but to withdraw out of here.” Si Yin pointed in a direction and said.

“Dark Profound Gold!”

When everyone heard Si Yin’s words, they could not help drawing a cold breath.

Dark Profound Gold was an extremely rare metal, possessing the attribute of devouring essence energy. Once it gets refined into a holy artifact, it could greatly weaken the opponent’s attack.

Such a treasure was actually used to block a cave entrance?

Under Si Yin’s lead, everyone came to that cave. Indeed, they saw a huge chunk of Dark Profound Gold.

“What a large chunk of Dark Profound Gold! Just this large piece of Dark Profound Gold, this trip is already not in vain!” Somebody cried out.

This cavern was one-person long and wide. To be able to block such a large cave, one could imagine how large this chunk of Dark Profound Gold was.

Only now did all the Exalts understand why Si Yin wanted to get Ye Yuan over.

Although Dark Profound Gold was good, these Exalts simply did not have the ability to push it away.

Although Dao Profound Realm martial artists were strong, body-refinement martial artists were extremely, extremely rare. Even though the Exalts’ essence energy cultivation realms were very formidable, in terms of the fleshy body’s strength, they were a million miles worse than Ye Yuan.

Under the situation where essence energy was useless, clearly, only Ye Yuan could move this lump of Dark Profound Gold.

“Ye Yuan, you guys have already obtained a lot of precious treasures inside the Dragon Sovereign Territory. This Dark Profound Gold door, we’ll have to trouble you to get to work to remove it,” at this time, Netherkill opened his mouth and said.

To be able to make Exalt Netherkill use this sort of discussing tone to speak, Ye Yuan could be considered the first one.

But Ye Yuan did not have any awareness of feeling overwhelmed by flattery and honor. He said with a faint smile, “I can open the door, but this chunk of Dark Profound Gold belongs to me!”

The moment Ye Yuan opened his mouth, the other Exalts became indignant.

“Ye Yuan, don’t reach out for a yard after taking an inch! Such a large piece of Dark Profound Gold, that’s a priceless treasure! You guys have already acquired so many precious treasures, and your greed is actually still insatiable!” Exalt Heavenly Hedonist raised objections.

But Ye Yuan smiled coldly when he heard that and said, “What a joke! Listening to the meaning of your words, my treasures seem to all be picked up for free! Don’t say that the grapes are sour because you couldn’t eat them! If you’re envious, come and snatch! Want to open the door, no problem! The Dark Profound Gold is my condition! Either way, we’ve obtained quite a few treasures. It’s sufficient for us to digest for 10 years time. No big deal in missing out on this chunk of Dark Profound Gold either.”

Ye Yuan’s words put all the Exalts on the verge of vomiting blood.

This fellow simply exasperated people to death without paying for it. Yet, you just couldn’t do anything to him.

So many people but only Ye Yuan had the ability to open this Dark Profound Gold door. If he did not open, no one had any ways of entering either.

“Fine, the Dark Profound Gold belongs to you!” Netherkill opened his mouth and said.

The moment Ye Yuan heard it, he beamed widely and said, “Take a look you guys, learn a little more from Elder Brother! Even this door was stuffed up using Dark Profound Gold, can the good stuff inside still be little?”

The Exalts all looked at Ye Yuan with furious glares. But thinking carefully, it really seemed to be the case.

To be able to use Dark Profound Gold to block the doorway, there must be some incredible things inside.

Obtaining Exalt Netherkill’s approval, Ye Yuan was not long-winded either, directly arriving in front of the Dark Profound Gold.

Talk was cheap, but to really uproot this chunk of Dark Profound Gold 1 , what kind of immense strength did that require?

Dark Profound Gold was extremely heavy in the first place. Such a large chunk of Dark Profound Gold was probably several tens of millions of pounds! Furthermore, this chunk of Dark Profound Gold was embedded firmly in the cave. Wanting to extract it was much harder than lifting it up.

Ye Yuan drew a deep breath, placing both hands on the Dark Profound Gold, and suddenly exerted strength!


The moment Ye Yuan’s aura rose, his strength was overwhelming, both feet directly planting in the ground.

Sensing this immense strength, the Exalts also revealed looks of solemnness. If they did not employ essence energy protection and fought hand-to-hand combat, Ye Yuan’s abnormal strength could blow them up with one punch.

Receiving the influence of Ye Yuan’s immense strength, the entire mountain started to quake violently.

The dragon blood power within Ye Yuan’s body abruptly erupted, his arms actually transformed into two dragon claws!


Under everyone’s gaze, the Dark Profound Gold actually directly flew out!