Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 92

Chapter 92: Im Inferior to Him

Three days later, at the foot of the Nine Heavens Peak.

Students swarmed so heavily around the area that even water could not flow through.

Challenging the Nine Heavens Road was something rarely seen throughout the years. Naturally, they did not wish to miss out on this grand occasion.

The entire Dan Wu Academy was virtually a ghost town as everyone wanted to come and join in the fun.

If not for the foreshadowing from earlier events, there might not be such a huge occasion today.

A Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm challenging the Nine Heavens Road was just seeking death. What was there to watch?

Nonetheless, the incident that Ye Yuan caused earlier gave rise to much debate, and practically everyone knew about it in the academy already. Now, everyone knew that the degree of Ye Yuan's genius had surpassed their imagination. Could he create another miracle?

Even though nobody believed it from the bottom of their heart, there was still this faint trace of anticipation!

On another mountain facing the Nine Heavens Peak, there was a pavilion.

This was the ideal spot to watch the Nine Heavens Road!

Several people sat around a table in the pavilion. They were precisely Su Yubai and several elders.

Many people were crowding around outside the pavilion. Aside from the academy's instructors, they were mainly genius students on the Martial and Alchemy Rolls of Honor. Their status was naturally different from ordinary students.

Long Tang, Zuo Bugui, Su Yishan, and others shockingly were there too.

"Hey, Old Long. Why don't we negotiate a bit? How about you return that Sharp Horned Beast inner core to me? That matter previously was just a joke, no need to take it seriously right?"

Zuo Bugui pestered Long Tang incessantly, wanting to take back the Sharp Horned Beast inner core that he lost the previous time.

Long Tang did not even look at him and minded his own business as he rested with closed eyes, patiently waiting for Ye Yuan's arrival.

"I say, why are you so unreasonable? You're already so powerful; what do you need an inner core for? It's better if you return it to me!"

"Old Long, say something!"

"Ye Yuan's here!"

Long Tang's eyelids quivered, but he quickly recovered his composure.

"Stop pretending alright? We don't talk about that; let's talk about Ye Yuan. Do you think he has a chance of making it through?"

"Don't know."

Zuo Bugui was utterly amazed when he heard that. Because Long Tang's reply was "don't know," instead of "can't make it."

Long Tang actually had such confidence in Ye Yuan?

Even though he and Long Tang had conflicting opinions previously, the result proved that Long Tang was right. But this time around, Zuo Bugui did not think well of Ye Yuan at all.

Nine Heavens Road. Even Long Tang did not dare to try it!

Although Long Tang thought highly of himself, he was aware that he did not reach that sort of monstrous degree like Mo Yuntian after examining himself.

Even Mo Yuntian nearly died before charging through it. How could he make it through?

"You mean that he might make it? How's that possible?"

"Didn't you say that he couldn't kill Lin Tiancheng before? And the result?"

"Oh please. This and that aren't the same things, okay? Even a hundred Lin Tianchengs together can't make it past the Nine Heavens Road!"

"A hundred Lin Tianchengs added up is also not as monstrous as Ye Yuan!"

". . ."

Zuo Bugui had no words to retort with because what Long Tang said was true.

Zuo Bugui suddenly discovered that Long Tang who had always been arrogant actually had signs of acknowledging his inferiority to Ye Yuan.

Long Tang was an existence that all the students looked up to in the academy. He had always overlooked all, including him, Zuo Bugui.

Yet, this existence actually lifted his gaze now, and looked at another student at eye-level, even looking up!

This was simply inconceivable!

"Old Long, this isn't like you!" Zuo Bugui suddenly felt like a fox mourning the death of a rabbit and said earnestly.

Long Tang did not react heavily to it, and only said coolly, "Did you forget the phrase that has been passed down in the academy? Geniuses were meant to be surpassed!"

Long Tang sucked in deeply, and he slowly said, "I . . . I'm inferior to him."

"Sigh. Even though I don't want to admit it, but what you said is the truth." Zuo Bugui also gave a long sigh.

"However, most likely he doesn't have the chance to surpass you and me anymore! He can't make it past the Nine Heavens Road!" Zuo Bugui suddenly added.

". . ."

This time around, Long Tang did not retort. Truthfully speaking, he did not have much confidence as well.

A survival rate of zero!

This number was as difficult to surmount as a massive mountain. Could Ye Yuan make it across?

. . . . . .

"Humph! This Ye Yuan is putting on airs to actually make so many people wait for him!" Su Yubai was a little impatient and grumbled.

"Yeah. Indeed, a brat who doesn't know the rules. He deserves to be killed!" another elder said in agreement.

Looks like he had already become Su Yubai's lackey.

Hu Changsheng on the other hand smiled and said, "Nine Heavens Road isn't a joke. He naturally has to make meticulous preparations."

"What's there to prepare? Don't tell me that he, an Essence Qi Realm, can make it through? He has to die anyway, yet he's delaying so many people's time. Simply outrageous!" That elder was very displeased. It was clear that he was already tired of waiting.

When he said this, nobody refuted it.

Preparations indeed did not hold much meaning for Ye Yuan.

The way they saw it, Ye Yuan just chose to end it himself, instead of letting them sentenced him to death. But the result was the same.

As for whether Ye Yuan could survive, nobody had ever believed that.

Those students down there have only heard hearsay about the horrors of the Nine Heavens Peak. But these elders and instructors had seen fresh waves of students filling in the gaps as they fell in the Nine Heavens Peak over many years.

Even when many of them were still students, the peak talents of their generation had challenged the Nine Heavens Road. But nobody succeeded.

As for the five who made it, they are already existences that they could only look up to now.

No one doubted that Ye Yuan had the potential to pass through the Nine Heavens Road. But that was just potential. Ye Yuan was only at the Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm. He had not even stepped into the last minor stage of the Essence Qi Realm, so how could he pass?

Who among those Essence Qi Realm students that dared to challenge the Nine Heavens Peak before were not peerless geniuses?

And those Essence Qi Realm students who went to challenge the Nine Heavens Peak, who among them were not at the Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm or even the peak of the Essence Qi Realm?

All of them died. Could Ye Yuan make it?

The answer was obvious that he could not!

Right then, the crowd at the foot of the mountain stirred.

Ye Yuan came!

Behind Ye Yuan trailed the two girls, Feng Ruoqing and Feng Zhirou, as well as a black-faced Huyan Yong.

Everyone directly ignored Huyan Yong and stared at the Feng Family aunt and niece behind Ye Yuan with absolute envy.

Who did not want this sort of treatment!

With these two girls escorting the road, they would even willingly die!

Ye Yuan naturally was not pretending to be some big-shot coming late on purpose. He had to settle Lu-er down properly.

Early morning, Ye Yuan transmitted essence energy once more to help Lu-er suppress the frost poison. After adjusting for some time, he let Feng Ruoqing arrange for someone to take good care of Lu-er before he could set his mind at ease and come to the Nine Heavens Peak. So naturally, he was a little late.

Gazing into the distance, a road of green pebbles led straight up past the clouds, all the way to the Nine Heavens Peak.

What looked like the road leading to the land of the immortals, was actually the forbidden land for martial artists.

"Such superlative craftsmanship! Looks like I can't look down on the experts of this world. This Nine Heavens Road isn't simple!" Ye Yuan secretly gave his appraisal.

Now that Ye Yuan arrived, the crowd automatically gave a wide berth.

In front of the Nine Heavens Road, a stone tablet was erected there. On it, wrote a line of words.

A martial artist blocked Ye Yuan. "Before entering the Nine Heavens Road, swear a Heavenly Dao Oath according to the stone tablet first!"