Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 920

Chapter 920 Gotten Into A Big Trouble

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A huge noise transmitted over. The Dark Profound Gold smashed out a huge crater on the ground, shaking until everyone’s feet trembled.

When everyone saw this scene, they could not help shuddering with fear. This Ye Yuan was simply a human-shaped monster. Such a large chunk of Dark Profound Gold, he actually really uprooted it!

Yet, everyone did not have time to be shocked when an abnormality occurred!

The moment the cave opened, clouds of black gas surged out from inside the cave as if it burst through.

“Damn, seemed to have gotten into big trouble!” Ye Yuan said with an innocent face.

The expressions of all the Exalts changed drastically too. Each and every one of them was still looking forward to entering the cave to search for treasures. Who knew that such an abnormality would arise all of a sudden?

“Quickly run! The Dark Profound Gold was used to seal demonic things! The Dark Profound Gold being plucked out, the demonic things are already no longer under control!” Blazing Fire immediately ran when he saw that things were not going well.

“Hahaha! We have been trapped here for 100 thousand years! We finally see the light of day once more!”

At this time, masses of black shadows poured out from inside the cave, instantly surrounding everyone, sealing off all of the escape routes.

When Ye Yuan saw this sort of situation, how could he still not get it? This was not some treasure land at all, but a place where the ancient era’s powerhouses sealed the fiend race!

These black shadows had the same aura as Jia Lan. Except, the fiendish qi magnitude on these guys’ bodies were much weaker compared to Jia Lan.

Recalling Si Yin’s statement from before, a trace of understanding was produced in Ye Yuan’s heart.

Looks like that corpse was the powerhouse who sealed these fiends. Except, after sealing, he already reached the point where the oil gave out, and the lamp was expiring too. That was why he died here.

“Je je, boy, were you the one who let us out? As a reward, you shall become my new fleshy body!”

A black shadow floated in front of Ye Yuan and was actually going to seize possession directly.

The moment Ye Yuan heard, he immediately said excitedly, “Hurray, hurray! I’m so honored to become your fleshy body!”

That fiendish shadow distinctly froze. He did not expect that Ye Yuan would actually have such a reply. But he did not think too much either, tunneling into Ye Yuan’s body swiftly.

“Je je, turns out that this boy is a moron. Mu Luo seizing possession of him is also considered helping to exonerate him!”

“Mu Luo already found a fleshy body. We also got to hurry up and find our own fleshy bodies. This state will make our strength be greatly discounted!”

“There are actually quite a few Dao Profound experts. Letting them become our fiend slaves is very suitable!”

These fiendish shadows were all incomparably unbridled and thought nothing of the group of Exalts at all.

One fiendish shadow after another stood in the air. There were roughly around several dozen.

Although these fiendish shadows’ imposing manner could not compare to Fiendgod Jia Lan, it was much stronger compared to those Exalts. Plus, the numbers were many. Thinking nothing of them could be predicted.

“Alright, Mu Luo, since you’ve already finished seizing possession, hurry up and take care of those trash. It’s our turn to go and seize possession!” a fiend shadow said to Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan’s eyes were originally somewhat blank. But at this time, he grinned widely and said, “You’re calling me?”

The fiend shadow could not help pausing when he heard that and blurted out, “You … You … How is that possible? Where’s Mu Luo?!”

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Even Jia Lan couldn’t seize possession of my fleshy body. Just the likes of trash like you guys want to seize possession of your Grandpa Ye’s body too? Fools who overestimate your own abilities!”

“Impossible! You … You’ve actually met Lord Jia Lan before? No way! Lord Jia Lan is an invincible existence! You could still survive until now when you’ve met him?” The fiend shadow’s words were full of shock.

Ye Yuan pursed his mouth and said with a look of disdain, “Invincible? Is your fiend race all so arrogant? Posturing got to have a limit too, alright? Jia Lan that guy was beaten by this Little Lord, me, until he wet his pants in terror! He’s healing his wounds at god knows which corner right now!”

That fiend shadow clearly did not believe Ye Yuan’s words. Although Fiendgod Jia Lan was not from the same era as them, these fiends, he was a fiendgod with strikingly high renown among the fiend race.

Even separated by several hundred thousand years, the awe-inspiring reputation of Fiendgod Jia Lan was still commended among the fiend race.

Such an existence would be beaten until he wet his pants in terror by this brat in front of him who was not even at Phaseless Realm?

Wasn’t this rubbish?!

But Fiendgod Jia Lan had already been sealed for close to a million years. Forget about the human race, even the low-level fiends did not know Fiendgod Jia Lan this name either. How did this brat know?

The Exalts were also endlessly shocked at this time. They clearly saw that fiendish shadow take possession of Ye Yuan. But it was gone without even letting out a fart.

Ye Yuan this brat was simply too terrifying!

“Boy, don’t be insolent! This Seat will come and take care of you shortly!” A fiend shadow’s figure moved and sped towards the group of slaughter generals.

Very clearly, there were risks for them to seize possession of Dao Profound Realm powerhouses too. But Phaseless Realm martial artists, the fiend shadow did not have any misgivings.

Although the slaughter generals under the Exalts’ command practically all died inside the Dragon Sovereign Territory, Coldblood, Heavenly Hedonist, and Blazing Fire’s slaughter generals still had quite a few. There were enough for them to seize possession.

For a moment, the fiend shadows’ howls pervaded the entire space.

“Want to seize possession? How can it be that easy?!”

Ye Yuan gave a cold laugh and suddenly unleashed a Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm.


The group of fiend shadows was clearly very formidable too. Fiendish qi suddenly erupted, blocking Ye Yuan’s palm.

“Heh heh, brat, your this bit of ability still can’t hurt us!” The fiend shadow said with a laugh.

But Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Is that so?”

The fiend shadow was currently flying in the air, but his figure suddenly plummeted down, like he had suffered substantial injuries.

“Ahh, ahh! Damn brat actually hid lightning-attribute in his attack!” the fiend shadow cried out miserably.

Lightning-attribute was the jinx of all fiendish things under the heavens. Although the lightning-attribute Ye Yuan’s Origin Magnetism Spirit Wood was carrying could not kill these fiend shadows, making them suffer some hardships was still achievable.

“What are you still stoning there for? These guys are all fiend emperors! Once you let them succeed in seizing possession, not a single one of you can escape!” Ye Yuan shouted loudly.

Only then did the group of Exalts come back to their senses, and collectively making a move to attack those fiend shadows.

Ye Yuan arrived in front of Shao Kai and the others with a flash and said in a solemn voice, I’ll cover you guys. Hurry up and retreat out of this space. Those Exalts probably can’t stop those fiend emperors!”

These people all had not fought with the fiend race before and were completely unaware of the fiend race’s terror. The fiend race was like cockroaches that could not be killed. Without heaven-defying means, they simply could not be killed.

Although Ye Yuan could restrain them with the Origin Magnetism Spirit Wood, his strength was too weak after all. Wanting to kill so many fiend emperors, that was something virtually impossible.

This battle, victory or defeat was really hard to say.

The moment the group of Exalts attacked, it was indeed great and momentous, suppressing most of the fiend emperors instantaneously.

But the fiend emperors’ numbers greatly surpassed the Exalts. There would always be that few fishes that slipped through the net, rushing towards those slaughter generals wanting to seize possession.




Wretched screams transmitted over repeatedly. Those slaughter generals succumbed one by one, releasing a final scream.

But these fiend emperors were all very wary of Ye Yuan. Nobody dared to approach his side.