Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 922

Chapter 922 30 Thousand Year Hoax

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Netherkill was floating in mid-air. The corners of his clothing was rustling, with violent, murderous air rampaging all over the place. His aura was extremely terrifying!

The current Netherkill became like a completely different person from before and actually gave people a feeling of unrivaledness.

Even those fiend emperors also looked at Netherkill with somber expressions and actually did not dare to attack anymore.

Under the mask, that pair of eyes were seemingly able to shock people to the core, making people not dare to look him in the eye.

“Nurturing you all for so long, this Seat bestowed upon you status and glory. It’s time for you all to repay this seat!” Netherkill slowly opened his mouth, but it made all of the Exalts’ hearts tighten.

“Big Brother Netherkill, you … what do you mean?”

Blazing Fire’s expression was very ugly, and a hint of foreboding premonition birthed in his heart.

“You’ll know right away!”

Netherkill slowly lifted his two palms. A tremendous suction force enveloped everyone.

With Netherkill as the center, it formed an enormous vortex. The affected scope of this vortex virtually filled the entire space.


A slaughter general who had not been taken possession of yet exploded all of a sudden. He did not even let out a tragic cry.

A stream of black gas gushed out from within his body, and it directly entered into Netherkill’s body.

Ye Yuan saw it clearly. That mass of black gas was precisely the hallmark of the Slaughter Concept!

Puu, puu, puu 

Very soon, a series of explosion sounds rang out. Time bombs seemed to have been planted within the bodies of those slaughter generals, exploding without any warning signs!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Streams of Slaughter Concept were like many streams of small creeks, finally converging into the great river.

“Ugh …”

Si Yin suddenly moaned lightly, an anguished expression showed on her face, and she actually collapsed directly.

But right at the instant she fell over, she was pulled into someone’s arms by a broad arm. Focusing her eyes to look, who could it be if not Ye Yuan?

“Ye Yuan, you … you’re fine?”

Si Yin’s head was splitting at present. It was as if there was a burst of qi inside her body churning incessantly, her entire person on the verge of bursting. But looking at Ye Yuan’s appearance, he was actually completely fine.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Just some small trick. How can it be that easy to want to make me, Ye Yuan, fall for it?”

“This … Just what in the world … is going on?” Si Yin endured the pain and asked.

Ye Yuan’s gaze looked over towards the all-powerful Netherkill and said with a cold smile, “The Asura Arena’s Slaughter Concept is merely a hoax that has persisted for 30 thousand years. And you all, these Exalts, are merely the hosts for the Slaughter Concept than other people are farming out to. Once they raise you guys to maturity, they naturally have to butcher.”

There was no free lunch in this world. Being able to obtain Slaughter Concept without needing to comprehend, how could this sort of bargain possibly occur?

It was just that the Asura Arena did it very covertly. Outsiders had no knowledge of it all along, that was all.

Hearing Ye Yuan’s words, Si Yin could not help revealing a look of despair.

In just this short while, those slaughter generals all perished from their bodies exploding, while the Slaughter Concepts converged into Netherkill’s body.

Netherkill’s aura became increasingly stronger. But Ye Yuan knew that this was merely just the appetizer.

These Exalts were the real feast!

The Slaughter Concept in the Exalts were all eight stars. Each and every one of their strength was incomparably formidable. Absorbing these Exalts’ Slaughter Concept, Netherkill’s strength would probably reach an unfathomable degree.

“Puhwark …”

A fiend emperor finally could not endure it, and his fleshy body directly exploded.

“Ahh! Damn it! My fleshy body!”

That fiend emperor never would have thought that the fleshy body which he had just acquired would actually be gone so quickly.

But the fiend race was indeed incomparably fearsome. Although their fleshy body was gone, they still transformed into a mass of fiendish shadow.

Puu, puu, puu 

A surge of bizarre aura wandered inside the fiend emperors’ bodies. Finally, all of them exploded.

Ye Yuan took a look at Si Yin and finally still let out a sigh and said, “Si Yin, if you trust me, open up your divine soul. No matter what I do, don’t resist. Once something goes wrong, your soul will dissipate!”

Currently, Si Yin’s body was like it had swelled up. Her entire body was becoming round and plump like she was filled with air.

Very clearly, she could not sustain much longer anymore as well. Among the group of Exalts, her strength was the weakest. When it was the Exalts’ turn, she would definitely be the first to bear the brunt.

Although Si Yin did not have city-toppling peerless looks, she was also a beauty hard to come by. Her state made people feel pity and protectiveness endlessly.

Of course, the reason why Ye Yuan chose to save her was not that he had a tender heart for the fair sex, but because he felt that she still belonged to the type that could be saved among these Exalts.

Hearing Ye Yuan’s words, a glimmer of hope along with astonishment finally emerged in Si Yin’s eyes that had given up all hope.

The entire Asura Arena was a hoax, and the origin of this hoax was the Absolute Kill Token. Ye Yuan had the Absolute Kill Token on him too. Why was he totally fine?

The secrets on this guy’s body were seriously too many.

Hearing Ye Yuan’s words, Si Yin completely opened her mind. A strand of warm soul force flowed in.

Ye Yuan plunged into Si Yin’s divine soul with ease and familiarity and started searching.

Exploring other people’s divine soul this sort of thing was incomparably perilous to other martial artists. A single mishap would cause irreparable damage to other people’s divine soul.

Upon injuring the divine soul, if it was minor, their strength would be greatly diminished. If it was severe, they would become retarded, even die immediately.

But Ye Yuan’s attainments in the divine soul was the top-notch even when looking at the entire Divine Realm. His soul force wandered inside Si Yin’s divine soul with ease and familiarity, seemingly searching for something.

Not long after, a black seed appeared in front of Ye Yuan.

That seed had already germinated and actually started growing! This black seed was the main culprit!

Back then when Ye Yuan merged with the Absolute Kill Token, this black seed also attempted to grow inside his divine soul but was blotted out by Ye Yuan quietly.

Ye Yuan’s methods were extremely covert. Even Netherkill could not possibly discover a trace of an inkling either.

Seemingly noticing Ye Yuan, that seed seemed to have suffered a fright, abruptly releasing an attack at Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan gave a cold laugh. His soul force swept out, dispersing this attack to nothingness.

Sensing the difficulty to handle Ye Yuan, that seed actually transformed and became human-shaped. That appearance was actually no different from Netherkill.

“Brat, this Seat advise you to not poke your nose into other people’s affairs! Otherwise, this woman’s soul will dissipate!” Netherkill voiced a warning.

Ye Yuan’s soul force condensed and also transformed into human form and said with a cold smile, “A mere divine sense clone dares to threaten your Grandpa Ye? Want to exterminate her divine soul, you can very well give it a try!”

“Humph! Since you want to fight it out to the death, then this Seat will fulfill your wish!”

Netherkill snorted coldly. That body which materialized and formed erupted with an extremely powerful soul force. It was actually going to destroy this divine sense clone and perish together with Si Yin!

Ye Yuan gave a cold laugh, both hands firing out a hundred spells as fast as lightning. A stream of gentle force wrapped this divine sense clone up.

No matter how he exploded, he was also unable to harm Si Yin the least bit!