Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 923

Chapter 923 Exterminating Fiend Emperors

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In the extreme recesses of the Heavenly Slaughter Pit, a handsome man dressed entirely in black clothing suddenly snapped open both eyes, his brows involuntarily furrowing.

His gaze seemed to be able to pierce through the void, looking towards the vast distance.

His face was expressionless. It radiated awe without showing anger.

After a long time, he slowly opened his mouth and said, “Forget it, this Seat has already reached the critical moment. This matter will be handed to him to do!”

Finished talking, the black-clothed man slowly shut his eyes again. A wave of heinous, murderous air crept around his body.

Looking at that strand of divine sense turning to nothing, Ye Yuan’s brows knitted slightly too.

Just a mere strand of divine sense had such power. Then how powerful was the original body’s strength?

Only he, Ye Yuan, could do this. If it was somebody else, it was absolutely impossible to eradicate the divine sense so effortlessly.

“That fellow’s strength is becoming more unfathomable!”

Ye Yuan heaved a slight sigh, his soul force retreating like tidewaters, returning into his own divine soul.

At this time, Si Yin’s body recovered to that lithe and graceful appearance. Her gaze turned to look at Ye Yuan elegantly, feelings of gratitude needed no words.

She was still leaning in Ye Yuan’s embrace, her posture indescribably ambiguous. She hurriedly straightened her body and was just about to give thanks to Ye Yuan, but her body suddenly turned stiff, feeling a prickle at her back.

Ye Yuan smiled lightly and said, “No need to care about him. He’s currently busy with retrieving the Slaughter Concepts. How would he have time to come and care about you?”

Without even guessing, one would also know that Netherkill definitely noticed something. That was why he would sweep his gaze over.

But just as Ye Yuan said, he was currently busy digesting the reclaimed Slaughter Concepts and had no time to spare for other things at all.

Puu, puu, puu 

People’s bodies exploded one by one. Netherkill’s aura became more and more terrifying.

Very soon, the fiend emperors were actually completely killed off just like this.

But Netherkill did not have the slightest intention of stopping. This time, it was the Exalts’ turn.

A tragic scream sounded over. That Exalt who was the very first to be devilized directly exploded.

Blazing Fire’s face revealed an expression of despair. His body already swelled up like a giant balloon at this time, looking on the verge of exploding.

He never would have thought that the one to kill him, in the end, was actually Exalt Netherkill!

“Y-Ye Yuan, save me! I-I know that you can save me! As long as you save me, I’ll promise you anything!” Blazing Fire barked at Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan looked at Blazing Fire calmly and said with a smile, “Save you? You wanted to kill me time and again and still want this Little Lord, me, to save you? You’re thinking too much!”

Blazing Fire knelt down with a thud and said to Ye Yuan, “I-I’m begging you! It was all me who had eyes but failed to see! I deserve death! I swear to the heaven, I absolutely won’t anymore in the future! I beg you, save …”

With a burst, the arrogant Blazing Fire exploded into minced meat just like that.

Seeing this scene, Si Yin shuddered in fear.

In these ten years, she and Blazing Fire and the rest schemed against each other. But now, he died like that in front of her. This made her unwittingly have a feeling of the fox mourning the death of the hare in her heart.

“W-Why is it like this? I’ve never heard before that the Asura Sea would actually have such a thing! Who in the world is Exalt Netherkill?” Si Yin muttered.

She was full of suspicions right now and totally did not understand everything that was happening in front of her.

But Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Then do you know why each time they entered the Heavenly Slaughter Pit, there would be Exalts dying? Don’t the Exalts get replaced by new ones a little too quickly?”

Hearing these words, Si Yin was frightened inwardly and blurted out, “Could it be that … they were all killed by Netherkill?”

Ye Yuan shook his head and said, “That might not be so. But how they die isn’t important. What’s important is that after they die, the Slaughter Concepts would definitely return to Netherkill there.”

Si Yin sucked in a cold breath. This way, wouldn’t they all be vessels for Netherkill to store and cultivate Slaughter Concept?

At this time, that enormous vortex finally came to a standstill. Netherkill slowly floated down.

The current Netherkill was already like a completely different person from before. Regardless whether was it strength or disposition, it all underwent an enormous change.

The Netherkill in the past only looked a little older compared to the other Exalts. But at this very moment, his body gave off the air of a king, making people not dare to look directly.

What made Si Yin surprised was that apart from him, there were actually still two Exalts completely unscathed.

One of them was Exalt Coldblood, while the other was the Exalt Heavenly Hedonist who was in the same boat with Blazing Fire.

Netherkill’s gaze looked at that bunch of fiend emperors coldly, his eyes had unspeakable contempt: “Are you all taking action yourselves, or making this Seat send you on your way?”

The fiend emperors had just acquired fleshy bodies but were actually ruined by this one in front of them again. This made them incredibly gloomy.

But as fiends, they would not fear humans at all.

“What a joke! You think that you’re our match by destroying our fleshy bodies? You killed your own subordinates yourself. Now … are you a match for so many of us?” a fiend emperor said with a cold sneer.

Netherkill gave a cold snort and said, “Thick-headed things! Looks like you guys won’t shed tears until you see the coffin!”

Netherkill was not seen to have any movements either. With a clink, his sword was unsheathed instantly. The piercingly cold killing intent virtually made people unable to open their eyes!

“Extreme Dao Sword Kill!” When Ye Yuan saw Netherkill’s sword slash, he could not help slightly revealing a look of surprise too.

This slash was none other than precisely the second level move in the Slaughter Sword Art which Ye Yuan acquired in the Asura Shop previously: Extreme Dao Sword Kill!

But this move unleashing from Netherkill’s hands was much, much stronger compared to Ye Yuan!

Netherkill absorbed the Slaughter Concepts of eight Exalts and so many slaughter generals. This supreme true intent’s degree of terror could be imagined.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh.

Places the longsword passed through swept away all obstacles in the way, bringing out waves of miserable wails.

Just one attack, the group of fiend emperors’ auras all dropped drastically. Although it did not kill with a single blow, they clearly suffered serious injuries.

Although the fiend race was strong, they did not have undying bodies. When the damage they received reached a certain degree, they would still die.

Those fiend shadows all cried out miserably endlessly. They clearly did not expect that Netherkill was actually powerful to such an extent.

“Run! Quickly flee! This guy is too strong! In our current states, we’re not a match at all!”

No idea who yelled out either. The group of fiend emperors turned around and wanted to flee outside.

Netherkill gave a cold laugh and said coolly, “Escape? How can it be that easy!”

Done talking, Netherkill unleashed another Extreme Dao Sword Kill!

This time, the killing intent was even greater than before!

At the same time, a surge of bizarre force suddenly descended. All of the fiend emperors’ figures all stagnated for that split second.

Just this split-second claimed their lives!


A series of tragic cries sounded over. It was just that those screams became softer and softer, and were finally gone.

The group of fiend emperor powerhouses who had once commanded the ancient era was actually jointly slain by Netherkill and Ye Yuan just like this!

Of course, if they were at their prime, forget about killing them, it was already pretty good for Netherkill to be able to escape.

But they were suppressed for as long as 100 thousand years and were long arrows at the end of their flight.

Netherkill slew a horde of fiend emperors but had no joy nor sorrow. His gaze swept towards Ye Yuan.