Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 924

Chapter 924 Sikong Shang

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“Ye Yuan, show your trump card! I want to see if you’re making an empty show of strength, or if you really have the ability to challenge this Seat!” Netherkill’s gaze stared at Ye Yuan with a glint.

Along the way, the reason why Netherkill exercised forbearance in every possible way was naturally that he could not figure out Ye Yuan’s ace-in-the-hole.

Now that he absorbed a large quantity of Slaughter Concept, his strength soared by a large margin. When facing Ye Yuan again, his confidence was also much greater.

Ye Yuan also looked at Netherkill. A hint of a smile flashed across the corners of his mouth as he said coolly, “Should I call you Netherkill, or should I call you Sikong Shang?”

The moment these words came out, the remaining three Exalts all had bewildered looks, but Exalt Netherkill’s breath clearly stifled.

“The three of you, leave for the time being!” Netherkill said calmly.

Exalt Coldblood and Exalt Heavenly Hedonist froze, but they still respectfully gave a bow towards Netherkill, saying, “Yes!”

Si Yin had already viewed Ye Yuan as her lifesaver at this time. She was naturally unwilling to let him stay in such a dangerous place.

“Ye Yuan …”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “No worries. I think that Exalt Netherkill won’t make things difficult for me, a junior, right?”

Si Yin was still worried. But Ye Yuan already said it like this, she could not very well say anymore either. She could only leave this space too.

After the three people left, Netherkill’s cold voice transmitted over, “Who are you?!”

This Ye Yuan was too mysterious. He clearly only had a strength that did not reach Phaseless Realm, but even he, this Exalt, could not see through him.

In these 30 thousand years, who knows how many martial artists had stepped into the Asura Arena. But there had never been anyone who was able to escape the Absolute Kill Token’s control.

But Ye Yuan did it!

Not only did Ye Yuan accomplish it himself, but he could also actually even help Si Yin remove the control. Such means was simply inconceivable.

Netherkill was all too clear regarding the Absolute Kill Token. Once it was planted inside the martial artist’s divine soul, it would become one with the divine soul, unable to be separated at all.

He was seriously unable to imagine how Ye Yuan did it.

Ye Yuan looked at Netherkill and said with a smile, “Who am I isn’t important. What’s important is that this Chaotic Devil Sea is indeed being controlled by the Darkness Divine King! It’s just that I’m very curious, just what kind of existence the Darkness Divine King, Sikong Shang, is!”

Darkness Divine King, he is the most mysterious one among the Ten Great Divine Kings!

In the entire Divine Realm, extremely few people had seen the Darkness Divine King before. If not for the Heaven’s Secret Tower announcing the Ten Great Divine Kings, probably only a handful of people in the world would know that there was still such an existence.

Regarding where the Darkness Divine King was located, there were many varying opinions too.

But among the Divine Realm’s upper echelons, the most popular guess was that the Darkness Divine King was the Chaotic Devil Sea’s hegemon!

Regarding Sikong Shang this name, Ye Yuan had heard it from his father, Ji Zhengyang.

There was barely anyone who knew this name in the entire Divine Realm.

Netherkill mused and only said after quite some time, “I’m not the Darkness Divine King!”

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “Of course I know that you’re not the Darkness Divine King in person. If the Darkness Divine King only had your strength, the Chaotic Devil Sea would have long been eradicated by people! How could the Chaotic Devil Sea be able to stand erect for as long as 30 thousand years in the Divine Realm? If I didn’t guess wrongly, you’re just one of Sikong Shang’s clone, managing the Asura Arena on his behalf and collecting Slaughter Concept, that’s all. What I’m curious about is that for 30 thousand years, was the Darkness Divine King Sikong Shang alone, or the name had been passed down for quite a number of generations?”

Divine King Realm powerhouses, their longevity was from 10 thousand years to 15 thousand years. Logically speaking, it was impossible for one generation of Darkness Divine King to live for 30 thousand years.

But the Chaotic Devil Sea had stood erect for 30 thousand years. During the period, people who had ideas about the Chaotic Devil Sea was probably not in the minority.

If every generation of Darkness Divine King all had Ten Great Divine Kings’ strength, that was too terrifying.

Such a legacy was too frightening!

Netherkill mused once more and only said after quite a while again, “No comments! Just what objectives do you have for entering the Chaotic Devil Sea?!”

Very clearly, the things that Ye Yuan knew was much more than he imagined. Rather than denying it outright in front of Ye Yuan, better to remain tight-lipped.

Although Netherkill’s voice was calm, the shock in his heart could not be any greater.

The Chaotic Devil Sea had always been famous for being mysterious. Only the Divine Realm’s apex existences would know the tip of the iceberg of the Chaotic Devil Sea.

But Ye Yuan was clearly just a roughly 20 year old youth. How did he know these secrets?!

What made him even more shocked was that Ye Yuan actually said his name readily!

Therefore, he must make clear Ye Yuan’s intentions for coming!

But Ye Yuan smiled when he heard that and said, “I only came for the Skandha Divine Stone. Now, the Skandha Divine Stone has already come into my possession, I won’t stay anymore either. We’ll meet again another day!”

Ye Yuan clasped his hands and was actually going to turn around and leave.

“Humph! It’s also not out of the question if you want to leave, but you have to first prove whether you have the qualifications to leave or not!” Netherkill said at the back coldly.

Ye Yuan turned around and said helplessly, “Everybody each mind their own business. The Chaotic Devil Sea’s secret, I’ll keep my mouth tight as a jar. Why do you have to force me to make a move?”

It was not that Ye Yuan was conceited, but because Netherkill’s strength was too formidable. Once he made a move, he must flash his trumps cards.

Ye Yuan’s trump cards were too outrageous. Unless there were no other alternatives, he did not wish to take them out.

But looking at it now, Netherkill did not have the intention of letting him off.

“Humph! Only dead men will keep their mouths tight as a jar!”

Netherkill gave a cold snort. Extreme Dao Sword Kill was displayed once more! The might of Dao Profound Realm was what the present Ye Yuan could not withstand at all.

The violent, murderous air was virtually materializing, locking onto Ye Yuan firmly, not giving him the slightest bit of opportunity at all.

The reason why the Slaughter Sword Art claimed to be able to cultivate to rival the boundary of the Ten Great Divine Kings, because what one of the Ten Great Divine Kings, the Darkness Divine King used, was this martial technique!

Therefore, the power of this sword move could be imagined!

Under this sword, forget about a Heaven Enlightenment Realm martial artist like Ye Yuan, even middle-stage Dao Profound Realm martial artists had absolutely no chance of survival too!

But right at this moment, a huge pagoda suddenly appeared between the two people!


A loud noise transmitted over. The unparalleled Extreme Dao Sword Kill cleaved directly on the Vast Heaven Pagoda. The Vast Heaven Pagoda actually did not budge an inch!

“Divine artifact! No, wait, it’s a quasi-divine artifact! However, it’s only half a step away from divine artifact!” Netherkill said in fright.

Netherkill’s eyes were excellent. He discerned the Vast Heaven Pagoda’s grade with just one glance.

Although it was not a real divine artifact, the title of a quasi-divine artifact was already sufficiently shocking.

Because in the present Divine Realm, nobody could refine quasi-divine artifacts at all!

Over 100 thousand years ago, after Divine Dao dwindled to zero, only Fang Tian, this level of genius without peer in his generation, was able to refine the Vast Heaven Pagoda, such a quasi-divine artifact.

Of course, the reason why the Vast Heaven Pagoda could succeed in refining was more importantly still because of the Vast Heaven Stele.

If it was Ye Yuan controlling the Vast Heaven Pagoda, he naturally could not block Netherkill’s staggering blow. But if Long Teng was controlling, the situation was completely different.

Long Teng obtained Long Zhan’s final soul force, plus the help of the Skandha Divine Stone, he already recovered 60-70% strength.

This kind of strength, using it to block Netherkill’s attack was more than sufficient.

Ye Yuan’s confidence lay here!

“You see, I already said don’t fight, but you insist on fighting! Unless Sikong Shang comes in person, otherwise, you can’t make me stay!” Ye Yuan said coolly.