Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 925

Chapter 925 Unexpected Chance Encounter

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After the shock, Netherkill’s heart was filled with indescribable greed!

Facing a treasure like the Vast Heaven Pagoda, nobody would be unmoved.

Even among the Ten Great Divine Kings, the weapons in their possession were at most transcendent-grade holy artifacts too. Quasi-divine artifact had never appeared before in these 100 thousand years.

Now that a quasi-divine artifact actually appeared, Netherkill’s feelings of excitement could be imagined.

“No wonder you had such confidence. Turns out that you actually have a quasi-divine artifact as your trump card! Except … a quasi-divine artifact being placed in your hands is too much of a wanton waste of God’s good gifts!”

The moment these words of Netherkill’s were said out loud, his entire person suddenly vanished. Boundless slaughter concept enveloped Ye Yuan inside.

This was also one of the reasons why Ye Yuan was not willing to attack. The appearance of a quasi-divine artifact was too conspicuous. It was bound to stir up a sensation.

When Netherkill saw the Vast Heaven Pagoda, he did not beat a retreat in the face of difficulties. Instead, it gave rise to feelings of greed, wanting to make it his own.

Ye Yuan gave a cold laugh and directly entered inside the Vast Heaven Pagoda.

With Long Teng controlling it, he was not worried that Netherkill could do anything to him.


Violent attacks smashed onto the Vast Heaven Pagoda without any blind angles. Yet, under the divine might of a quasi-divine artifact, Netherkill’s attacks were clearly somewhat falling short of his desires.

Netherkill unleashed all of his skills but was completely unable to breach the Vast Heaven Pagoda’s defense.

Although Netherkill absorbed a large amount of Slaughter Concept, the Vast Heaven Pagoda virtually had strength rivaling a Divine King under Long Teng’s control. For Netherkill to want to breach it’s defense was a totally impossible thing.

“Netherkill, try peaceful means first before resorting to force! Looks like, you’re rejecting face when it’s given!”

Inside the Vast Heaven Pagoda, Ye Yuan snorted coldly.

All of a sudden, the Vast Heaven Pagoda radiated with a brilliant splendor. The pagoda body expanded rapidly all at once, akin to a large mountain, crushing down on Netherkill.

A lofty mountain blotted out the sky and covered the sun!

When Netherkill saw this scene, his expression could not help changing drastically, wanting to shake off the Vast Heaven Pagoda’s suppression!

However, the might of the Vast Heaven Pagoda was not so easy to cast off.

He used all of the strength in his body before barely managing to shake off the Vast Heaven Pagoda’s suppression. Even so, the tremendous impact force still made him suffer heavy injuries!

“Truly asking for trouble! I already said you can’t make me stay! Now, you and I each hold a secret of the other party. Count it as evening up the scores. Like this, can I go now?” Ye Yuan revealed his figure and said coolly.


Under this suppression, Netherkill’s mask actually fragmented from it, becoming two halves and falling off.


An elegant and handsome face in front of Ye Yuan. This face was actually somewhat familiar.

But Ye Yuan who saw Netherkill’s true appearance, his brows knitted together.

“Want to go? How can it be that easy? The original body already knows the news of you possessing a quasi-divine artifact. I’m afraid it’s already impossible for you to want to escape out of this Heavenly Slaughter Pit!” Netherkill said calmly.

Regarding these words, it was as if Ye Yuan did not hear it at all. His attention was placed fully on that face.

Very few things could make Ye Yuan so shocked. However, this face really made Ye Yuan astonished!

He looked at Netherkill. His expression turned complicated to the extreme.

Ye Yuan’s face revealed a bitter smile. Shaking his head, he said with a sigh, “Really didn’t expect it! Really didn’t expect! This dogfart heaven really likes to play jokes on people!”

When Netherkill saw Ye Yuan’s appearance, he could not help having a bewildered look.

“Leave behind the quasi-divine artifact, and then maybe … the original body will give you a slim chance of survival!” Netherkill warned.

Ye Yuan looked at this face of Netherkill’s and said despondently, “Looks like you already don’t have a shred of your own consciousness already! Yeah, you already became a clone of Sikong Shang, how can you possibly have your own consciousness?”

Netherkill said in confusion, “What on earth are you talking about? Do you think that the original body will let you off like this?”

Ye Yuan did not speak. Raising his hand, it was an extremely orthodox Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art!

When Netherkill saw this scene, he said scornfully, “A martial technique unleashed using true intent. Are you insulting me?”

Netherkill casually waved a hand and instantly turned Ye Yuan’s attack into nothing.

Ye Yuan did not show a surprised expression. Instead, he sighed and said, “Looks like you really don’t have any memories at all! You Wuya, oh, You Wuya, to think that you were a genius in your lifetime too. I didn’t expect that you were reduced to such an end! Sikong Shang, looks like our grudge is considered sowed!”

Talking towards the back, Ye Yuan actually revealed killing intent!

That’s right, this Exalt Netherkill in front of him was none other than precisely the founder of the Tranquil Cloud Sect, You Wuya!

Ye Yuan was also curious back then. Such a figure with boundless talent, why was his reputation non-existent after reaching the Divine Realm?

He never would have thought that You Wuya actually fell in the Asura Arena, and became a clone of the Darkness Divine King, Sikong Shang!

There were really no stories without coincidences. Ye Yuan never would have thought that after You Wuya ascended, he actually came to the Asura Arena and became an Exalt here.

Back then, the Tranquil Cloud Sect had the statue of Founding Ancestor You Wuya. He was completely identical with this Exalt Netherkill in front of him.

Except, although the face was the same, the person was already not the same person.

Even though Ye Yuan had not met You Wuya before, it was still thanks to You Wuya that he was able to comprehend a supreme true intent. Between the two people, there could be said to be the reality of master-apprentice.

Furthermore, Ye Yuan had very deep feelings towards the Tranquil Cloud Sect. Now that You Wuya was actually refined into a puppet by someone, the fury in his heart could be imagined.

Although it was a common occurrence for geniuses to perish, when You Wuya reached the Divine Realm, he was merely one of the most ordinary members. But this sort of thing happened to him. He could not accept it, no matter what.

“You’re not making any sense!” Netherkill said with a bemused look.

Ye Yuan gave him a glance and said with a sigh, “End it like this today! But you tell Sikong Shang, there will come a day when I’ll come and find him to settle this score!”

Done talking, Ye Yuan turned around and wanted to walk outside.

The present Ye Yuan’s strength was too weak!

Although Ye Yuan could suppress Netherkill with the Vast Heaven Pagoda, if facing the Darkness Divine King’s main body, he did not have a glimmer of probability for success.

The horror of the Ten Great Divine Kings, only the characters standing at the apex of the Divine Realm could understand!

Saying they were divine kings, actually, the Ten Great Divine Kings were already far detached from the category of divine kings!

Under the prerequisite that there were no Deity Realm powerhouses, the Ten Great Divine Kings could be rated as invincible existences.

With Ye Yuan’s current strength, facing the existence of the Ten Great Divine Kings was certain death!

Netherkill looked at Ye Yuan’s departing back view and actually did not chase after. He knew that even if he chased after, he could not keep Ye Yuan behind either.

However, the original body was already at the final juncture. Could it be that he was going to helplessly watch Ye Yuan bring the quasi-divine artifact and leave just like this?

Ye Yuan’s eyes blurred, passing through to the Myriad Devil Ridge.

Coldblood, Heavenly Hedonist, as well as Si Yin and the rest were all waiting outside.

“Haha, Big Brother, you’re indeed incredible …” An Ren boot-licking was licked halfway when he suddenly noticed that the expression on Ye Yuan’s face was not quite right.

Currently, Ye Yuan’s expression was actually not that calm and collected appearance, but a face that wanted to kill people.

Such a Ye Yuan, it was still An Ren’s first time seeing.


Right then, thick dark clouds suddenly billowed in the horizons. A gigantic black palm directly pierced through the void, surging forward towards Ye Yuan here!